Lose Man Boobs With Nature’s Intended Fitness Regimen

As time goes by, I'm getting more and more guys telling me they want help getting rid of man boobs.

Man boobs are more common now than they ever were before. According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, gynecomastia reduction surgery is now the fourth most common cosmetic surgery in men in the U.S. (after #1 Nose reshaping, #2 Eyelid surgery, #3 Liposuction).

There's no doubt that the vast majority of cases of man boobs we are seeing today, are caused by exposure to man-made chemicals and also as a result of living an artificial lifestyle. Why else would we have more man boobs today than just a few decades ago?

The key to losing man boobs then, is to align ourselves with nature, by getting away from exposure to artificial chemicals that disrupt our hormones, and getting away from an artificial lifestyle that is no longer signaling our bodies that we are still men.

Studies show that when you move the way your body was DESIGNED to move, your testosterone levels go up, you lose fat, grow muscle, and experience a wide range of different health benefits, including increased mental alertness, reduced risk of cancer, increased heart and lung capacity and much more.

If on the other hand, you DON'T move the way your body was designed to move (or you're a couch potato and don't move at all), your testosterone levels go down and estrogen increases, as do stress hormones like cortisol. Your body holds onto fat, you grow man boobs, and become prone to a myriad different diseases.

We Humans Are The Only Creature On Earth That Gets It Wrong

By definition, we humans are the cause of everything in this world that is not natural.

Our minds have developed way beyond our body's ability to keep up. Where our bodies yearn to be natural, our minds go and give it a lifestyle that's far from natural.

The human mind is the only mind in the world that's capable of critical thought. We are the only species on earth who can live and behave in ways that we were not DESIGNED to live or behave.

Where a human being can decide to suddenly start walking on all fours, a four-legged animal would never walk on two legs unless a human came along and trained it to.

Young preadolescent kids are a lot like animals, in that they also act and behave in the way nature intended. The part of the brain responsible for critical thought, the cerebral cortex, doesn't fully develop until during adolescence.

So the best thing to do when trying to figure out how our bodies are DESIGNED to exercise, is to look at kids and to look at the animal kingdom.

Let's Start With The Animal Kingdom…

Have you ever been to a safari park? I remember always wanting to go as a kid. I was excited by the thought of watching ferocious lions and tigers tearing each other apart, chasing and tearing apart their prey, fighting to defend their territory, stalking you in your car, maybe even attacking your car and trying to find a way inside, chasing your car as you drove off at full speed…

When I eventually went, I was totally disappointed. The lions and tigers were nowhere to be seen. When I did see a lion, all I could see was its butt and tail, sticking out from behind a large rock. It was lying down, and it wouldn’t even move its tail to show me it was alive.

I later discovered that this is what these ripped, muscular creatures do all day long – they lounge around and do nothing. The only time they DO move is when they are hunting, and even during the hunt, they spend most of it creeping around, hiding behind some bush or long blades of grass.

However, when they DO move, they sprint as fast as their legs can take them.

Ripped, muscular predators like lions, tigers, leopards and cheetahs, don’t get ripped and muscular by being active all day. They do so from short bursts of high intensity sprints. Even nature's best long distance runners, horses and dogs for example, don't ever run long distances unless forced to do so by humans. You don't EVER see an animal doing a long distance run for 30 minutes or more in nature.

If you watch any documentary on wild horses in nature, you'll see they're always either walking to get to where they want to go, or sprinting away from some predator or a rival horse.

Children Train Like This Too

Some weeks ago I took my 3 year old niece to the park. I watched her play with the other kids, and I was shocked to see that at no point did any of the kids decide to start running around the play area at a slow constant speed for 30-60 minutes.

Ok, so maybe I wasn't all THAT shocked.

What I DID see is a lot of start-stop training. These kids were always either running like crazy, or catching their breath while stopping, pointing and shouting or screaming at something.

And I’m not the only one to have witnessed this! There was a whole observational study published in the journal, Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise, where there were a bunch of adults observing 15 children in play. In the end, the authors concluded that,

“Children engaged in very short bursts of intense physical activity interspersed with varying intervals of low and moderate intensity”.


So what I'm trying to get at here is that your body was designed to SPRINT. The human body is an animal body, you have to train it like an animal. Animals don't do long distance, steady state cardio.

Animals sprint because sprinting is useful, it helps animals catch their food, and run away from danger. Long distance running on the other hand, is too resource intensive for it to be useful for anything. When animals need to cover long distances, they WALK, because walking conserves energy.

You might then argue, since long distance running is resource intensive, it must be the best way to burn calories, and hence to lose body fat and lose man boobs, right?

Well the thing is it's so resource intensive that it throws your body's entire hormonal system out of balance. Testosterone levels plummet and stress hormones go up. Your body does everything it can to hold onto its fatty tissues, sacrificing your muscles in the process. Your immune system weakens and your body becomes prone to disease.

Your body just wasn't designed to move at a tough pace for long periods of time. When you force yourself to move in this unnatural way, your health deteriorates.

You may be able to lose some weight with this method, but your body FIGHTS you every step of the way. And if you manage to WIN the battle and lose some weight, you do so at the expense of your own health.

Whether you can make it work or not, long distance cardio is an extremely inefficient way to lose weight, and an even MORE inefficient way to lose man boobs, since your hormones are working against you.

If on the other hand, you exercise by aligning yourself WITH nature rather than AGAINST it, you'll find that both losing weight and losing man boobs becomes easier and easier as you progress.

When you move the way nature intended you to move, not only will you transform your physique more efficiently, but your health will improve at the same time.

You will have more energy, you will delay aging and live longer, and you will be less prone to major diseases like cancer, diabetes, and heart disease. You will also become stronger, faster, and more athletic.

One of the best types of exercise that aligns your body WITH nature, so you naturally and easily lose those man boobs and get a lean athletic physique that looks great in the bathroom mirror, is Paleolithic HIIT.

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