Blast Away Man Boobs With These Powerful Bodyweight Chest Exercises

Hi I'm Josh

I've been suffering from man boobs for 23 years now, and I've tried every method under the sun to try and get rid of them.

For the past 11 years I've been doing weight training, because weight training gets me some decent results.

But the trouble is I could never get rid of my man boobs fully with weight training. Every time I came close to getting a half-decent body, I would cut down on my training, and let go of my diet.

In the end, I discovered something that would finally get rid of my man boobs once and for all, and help me build the kind of body that makes me feel proud and 100% comfortable in my own skin when I walk along the beach topless in the summer sun.

The thing that finally helped me get rid of my man boobs was bodyweight training.

The one thing that makes bodyweight training the most powerful form of exercise for losing man boobs and getting in shape, is the fact that with bodyweight training, your body is moving through space.

Why Is This Important?

Because when your body moves through space, you have to contract every muscle in your body in order to maintain your form. The more advanced the exercise, the more whole-body involvement there is.

The L-sit is NOT considered a “chest exercise”, and yet look at how the chest muscles are contracted. Heck, look at how every muscle in the whole body is contracted and working hard to hold the position.

But why is whole body involvement important?

Because by involving your entire body with every exercise, you increase metabolic demand, burn more calories, get higher testosterone boosts, have greater whole-body muscle growth, and enjoy more fat loss. All of these changes will make sure you lose your man boobs super quick. You'll also enjoy the side-benefits of rock hard abs, thick arms, a wide back, and big strong legs.

Even if all you want to do is lose your man boobs, bodyweight training will train your entire body, so you get a great all-round physique.

Blast Away Man Boobs With These Powerful Synchronized Muscular Contractions All Over Your Body

When you move your own body through space, your entire body has to work as a unit. It's these synchronized muscular contractions all over your body that stimulates powerful physical transformations, the kind that will leave behind a man boob-free chest, and the naturally lean muscular physique that nature intended for you to have.

See, losing man boobs is all about bringing your body back to its natural state, and what better way to bring your body back in-line with nature, than to train the way nature intended you to train?

Sure, before agriculture, the industrial revolution, supermarkets, and free home delivery came in and took away our natural way of living, man had to OCCASIONALLY lift heavy things, but the one thing he was doing literally ALL THE TIME, was moving his own body, and bodyweight training is all about moving your own body.

When you shift your focus from moving external loads to moving your own body the way nature intended you to move it, you'll be shocked by how quickly your body transforms. It won't be long before your chest takes on just enough of a manly shape so you look normal in a t-shirt. Your friends will stop making comments about your “moobs”, and you'll no longer have to worry about what you wear when you go out.

Look Normal In A T-Shirt
When my chest started to look normal in a t-shirt, people stopped teasing me and my life started to get back to normal.

But this blissful flat-chested, man boob-free future will only come true when you know about…

The Big Man Boob Paradox: Movement Before Man Boobs

Here's the big man boob paradox: if you go to the gym with the sole purpose of losing your man boobs, you're going to fail.

The key to success with losing man boobs is to focus on movement first, not man boobs.

Even if all you want is a man boob free body that LOOKS great on the beach, MOVEMENT should always come first.

99.9% of people who exercise because they want to improve the way they LOOK, by losing weight or losing man boobs, FAIL because they're putting the cart before the horse.

Nature never intended for us to exercise because we want to LOOK good.

It was nature's intention that we MOVE in order to survive–to catch and hunt down that wild boar, to forage, to escape saber tooth tigers, to climb trees, to fight the guy who wants to take your food and bag your pretty woman.

The great looking body comes as a SIDE EFFECT of these survival movements. Everyone finds this great looking body attractive, because it hints that this guy can MOVE, he can survive.

Prehistoric man had to MOVE to survive. He didn't give a damn about LOOKING great. The great look was a side-effect of his ability to MOVE to survive, and therein lies the key to losing man boobs.

The Big Fitness LIE, And The Best Way To Get Rid Of Your Man Boobs

Nowadays, everyone's trying to SHORTCUT the process in the gym, by making movements that are totally USELESS in their everyday lives.

Rather than focus on being able to make survival-based movements, and building that great body as a SIDE EFFECT of that ability, everyone at the gym today, is basically saying, “To hell with movement, I just want that great body”.

Shortcuts are great if they work, I'm all for shortcuts if they take you from A to B faster, but the big fitness shortcut everyone's trying to take at the gym does not work.

How do we know?

Because 99.9% of people who go to the gym because they want to LOOK better using useless weight training exercises or cardio, FAIL.

99.9% of people in the gym are living the big fitness lie, which says that you can build a great body by throwing a bunch of weights around with a bunch of useless movements, or doing some other useless non-survival based movements, like running on a treadmill for 60 minutes.

The secret to losing man boobs and building that great body, is to focus on movement first, to focus on making useful survival-based movements with your training. When you do this, the appearance you want will follow–the fat on your chest will melt away, and the glands behind your nipples will shrink. Your friends and family will tell you you've lost weight, and people will keep commenting on how good you look.

With bodyweight training, it won't be long before you start getting that comment we all love to hear… “Hey, you look great!”

Sure, a well-structured weight training program can help you get rid of man boobs and build a great body, but there are many reasons why most people who set out to build a great body with this approach, fail. Here's one:

One BIG Reason Why Bodyweight Training Blows Every Other Training Method Out Of The Water When It Comes To Losing Man Boobs

For most of my life I was doing weight training to try and get rid of my man boobs. It was fun at first, doing all these new powerful movements, the likes of barbell squats, deadlifts, bench presses and rows. But after a while, it got seriously boring. Month after month, year after year, I was doing EXACTLY THE SAME exercises. The only difference was I was lifting more weight.

As I lifted heaver and heavier weights, I started to get injured more, my exercise sessions became exhausting, and I stopped looking forward to my workouts. Heck, I was DREADING every Monday, Wednesday and Friday when I had to work out. I kept looking for excuses NOT to work out, and eventually I found those excuses and it came to a point where I stopped training altogether.

With bodyweight training, it's different.

Bodyweight training has a much more interesting progression model than weight training, one that motivates you to keep at it until you reach an advanced level, where not only do you no longer have man boobs, but you're donning that perfect beach physique that gets everyone turning their heads to check you out as you walk by.

What guy doesn't want that perfect beach body? I remember when I watched that James Bond movie, and Daniel Craig came walking out of the water topless, I told myself I want to get ripped just like that, and now, thanks to bodyweight training, I am!

As you get better with bodyweight training, you move onto more challenging and more satisfying exercises. Unlocking new skills adds a fun, playful challenge to bodyweight training that's missing in the numbers game of weight training. Whether you're working on the freestanding handstand or the human flag, there are always new goals and dreams to keep your attention and interest.

Your body is with you everywhere you go. Being able to move your body is so much more fun and satisfying than just being able to lift heavier and heavier weights with weight training, or endure longer distances with cardio.

I can't describe to you how good it feels when you can finally, after all that hard work, execute an advanced bodyweight exercise like the human flag, planche, or iron cross, and at the same time benefit from all those gains in man boob reduction, body fat reduction, muscle growth, strength, balance, joint stability, and whole-body structural integrity.

That very first day you're able to do a new move, say the freestanding handstand, you feel like you've just UPGRADED your body. Now you can do something you could never do before. You're now able stand on your hands, and soon you'll be walking on them, jumping on them, and building a rock hard set of shoulders by doing freestanding handstand push-ups.

The more advanced the bodyweight movement, the more whole-body muscle involvement there is, which means greater metabolic demand, bigger testosterone boosts, hitting those chest muscles harder, and more and more man boob busting goodness.

So the better you get at bodyweight training, the better you get at getting rid of man boobs.

As a beginner, no matter how hard it FEELS like you're pushing yourself, you can only push your body so hard, and you'll experience minimal body transformations from your workouts. It's like having a car with a small 1 liter engine, no matter how hard you push down on that pedal, or how hard you work that engine, you'll neither burn much fuel nor go very fast.

When you're able to do the more advanced bodyweight exercises, you'll be able to push your body MUCH harder than you ever could before. Your body will be like the 8 liter engine of a Dodge Viper, where you push the pedal and experience some SERIOUS transformation.

And what's REALLY cool is there's no end to how advanced you can get with bodyweight training. Once you can do each one of the advanced moves on its own, you can COMBINE them! This gives you LIMITLESS possibilities with bodyweight training.

When you start combining advanced bodyweight moves and positions, that's when people will look at you and it will seem to them that you're defying gravity!

When you start to combine advanced bodyweight movements and positions, you'll realize how limitless bodyweight training really is.

At this point you can start to create a FLOW between different body positions that gives you a crazy workout, while at the same time you're getting into that flow state that relaxes and heals your mind and body–kind of like a physically demanding form of yoga.

But Not All Forms Of Bodyweight Training Will Get Rid Of Your Man Boobs

If you want to lose man boobs with bodyweight training, you need a proper bodyweight training system that's designed to get rid of your man boobs.

That's where man boobs coach Garry Davidson comes in.

After 11 years as a personal trainer helping guys lose man boobs, Garry has discovered the kind of movements that help get rid of man boobs and sculpt a great physique. With Garry's new program, called Bodyweight Chest Exercises For Losing Man Boobs, all you do is focus on the fun process of learning to move your body in new and different ways, and the transformation of your body with a man boob free chest will follow.

Imagine getting caught up in the fun and challenge of getting good at something you really enjoy, and having your man boobs disappear and your body transform as a pleasant side-benefit of this awesome new hobby.

You'll never be frustrated with your workouts again.

Your man boobs will melt off, and you won't even realize you were trying. You'll be lying under the sun on that beautiful white sand beach with turquoise water, feeling the warmth of the sun penetrating the skin on your bare chest and abs, and wondering how easy it was to get rid of those man boobs and build such a great body.

Imagine lying there, relaxing, feeling the sun on your skin, no longer giving a damn about what other people think about the way you look… because you know you look great!

When I got into bodyweight training, I built a great body, but I still couldn't lose my man boobs.

Garry showed me what I was doing wrong.

After just a few tweaks to my training regimen, my man boobs were gone in a few short weeks.

Once Garry helped me get rid of my man boobs through bodyweight training, I convinced him to write a book and make some videos on bodyweight training to help other guys with man boobs get a flat chest, a body they can be proud of, and a body that FEELS great.

Garry was reluctant, because it takes too much time and effort to create new fitness programs from scratch. In the end however, I managed to convince him to create a bodyweight training course JUST for the chest.

I told him if he created a bodyweight CHEST training program, he would only have to create bodyweight training programs for the shoulders, back, legs, and core, if the chest training program really took off.

Garry has now completed his bodyweight chest training program, and I can tell you it's the best bodyweight training program I've seen.

With Garry's new program, you can be doing some advanced moves and blasting away your man boobs in a few short weeks from now.

In Garry's new program, he shows you how to do the most basic chest exercises for beginners, like the standard push-up, and from there, how to progress to advanced bodyweight chest exercises like the clapping push-up, one arm push-up, and various advanced forms of the all-powerful dip.

But Just Knowing How To Do These Exercises Isn't Enough

At a time when I was able to do the most advanced bodyweight exercises around, I still had man boobs. It was only when Garry showed me his man boob busting training ROUTINES, that I finally managed to get rid of my man boobs.

Garry's new program comes with multiple chest training routines that are designed to help you blast away your man boobs in the shortest time possible.

With this new program for losing man boobs, you'll finally be able to get out of that rut you've been stuck in your whole life, with a body you're ashamed of. Within a few weeks, you'll quickly be able to build a body you can be proud of. Garry's performance focused training will make sure your muscles tie together in a functional way, giving you a body that looks unstoppable.

It's the physiques with the most development across a spectrum of physical qualities that are most attractive, as opposed to those that have limited usefulness. It is diversity in physical ability that is most useful and functional, not to mention beautiful.

With Garry's new program, you'll be learning a wide range of different chest exercises that develop your ability to MOVE your body, thereby developing the kind of chest you never could with weight training, kettlebells, or any other form of exercise.

Bodyweight training will make you look and feel UNSTOPPABLE. Your body won't just LOOK great, it will also PERFORM just as well as it looks, and you will FEEL great too, thanks to the added functionality, flexibility, and whole-body joint integrity.

Losing your man boobs is just one of many benefits you'll gain from doing bodyweight training. When you can do 50 push-ups with ease, over a dozen one-arm push-ups, over a dozen pull-ups, several pistol squats, and full depth handstand push-ups, believe me, you will feel like you can take on the world.

That feeling of being stronger, more agile, and more in control of your body than you’ve ever been before, more-so than anyone around you, is ADDICTIVE, and will take you beyond just losing your man boobs. With bodyweight training, you're far more likely to cut down on body fat all over, so you look stunning with your top off in the summer, at the beach, or at the pool.

Be warned, girls will be chasing you around the beach (or at least checking you out), and guys will get jealous (but don't worry, you'll be stronger than any of them).

Bodyweight training forces you to lean down, because the less body fat you have weighing you down, the better you can manipulate your body against gravity. With weight training on the other hand, there's no such added incentive to reduce body fat.

Here's What's Inside This Breakthrough Man Boob Busting Program

With Garry's Bodyweight Chest Exercise Program For Losing Man Boobs, you'll get your hands on the following:

1. Garry's Bodyweight Chest Exercises For Losing Man Boobs Book.

This book gives you all the details on how to go from a novice to a pro in bodyweight chest training, while quickly losing your man boobs along the way.

It leaves no stone unturned, giving you all the details on how many sets and reps to do, how long to rest in-between sets, how fast to do each rep, how many days a week to train, what body parts to train on what day, whether to train to failure or not, and more. You'll find these crucial details that make the difference between failure and success on pages 9 to 15.

One huge problem with bodyweight training is some of the exercises are so difficult that most people can't even do a single rep. With conventional methods, it can take many months or even years before you can do a full depth dip or full depth handstand push-up. From pages 16 to 19, Garry shows you 3 different methods you can use to break into these tough exercises within a few short weeks.

Once you can do these tougher exercises, all you need to do is pump out the right number of sets and reps just 3 days a week, and your body will transform in ways you never imagined was possible.

At this stage you will no longer feel like you have a genetic disadvantage, where no matter how hard you try, you can't get rid of your man boobs, can't burn fat, and can't grow muscle. Instead, it will feel like you're genetically GIFTED, where you can blast away man boobs, obliterate body fat, and grow muscle, faster than anyone you know.

Garry shows you how to break into doing tough bodyweight exercises like full-depth dips, within a few short weeks. Once you can pump out multiple reps of a tough exercise like this, you'll not only develop a great-looking chest, you'll also develop phenomenal strength to boot. Be warned though, Garry's dips are different from the kind of dips you see most other people performing in the gym or at the park on calisthenics bars. They're at least twice as difficult, and far more effective at developing your chest.

From pages 27 to 29, you'll discover Garry's Two-Step Approach For Losing Man Boobs With Bodyweight Training. This is something no-one else will teach you.

With the first step, you build up your body's ABILITY to get rid of man boobs. Once your body is bursting with man boob busting POTENTIAL, then it's time to move to Step 2, where you use that potential to blast away your man boobs.

When you get to Step 2, you'll be surprised at how quickly your man boobs disappear. Your body will get so good at burning chest fat, that it will feel like some genetic switch has been flipped in your body that just makes everything easier.

With Garry's Two-Step Approach For Losing Man Boobs With Bodyweight Training, the more you build up your man boob busting potential in Step 1, the easier it is to blast away your man boobs in Step 2.

The mistake most guys with man boobs make, is they jump right into Step 2, but without the man boob busting potential from Step 1, they train for hours on end for months and months, and see little or no results from their efforts.

Not building man boob busting potential in Step 1 is the reason guys who can do 100 push-ups or more in one go, still can't lose their man boobs.

From pages 32 to 88, Garry unveils 21 different bodyweight chest exercises that will help you get rid of your man boobs, starting from beginner exercises to more advanced exercises, with detailed pictures and annotations to show you how to do each exercise with proper form.

From pages 89 to 93, you'll discover three different bodyweight exercise ROUTINES for losing man boobs. You need only follow ONE of these routines exactly as it is, and you'll soon be doing some advanced bodyweight chest exercises and be well on your way to losing your man boobs FOREVER.

From pages 97 to 99, Garry explains how to combine bodyweight chest exercises with exercises for other parts of your body to further boost testosterone levels, so you burn more fat, grow more muscle, and lose your man boobs QUICKER.

A whole-body bodyweight training routine is so effective at boosting your metabolisms and boosting your hormones, that a lot of guys feel a change in their chest from their very first workout. After just a few workouts, you might find your chest looking flat enough that you look decent with your top off. When this happens, you'll feel more comfortable going to the beach and going to the pool, and feel more confident in the bedroom.

When I still had my man boobs, I never would have considered going to a pool party. Now however, I can do whatever the hell I want. The sky's the limit.

2. Garry's Bodyweight Chest Exercises For Losing Man Boobs HD Videos.

These are professionally created computer generated videos that show you every detail on every bodyweight chest exercise you need to get rid of your man boobs.

These crystal-clear videos zoom in, they zoom out, and take you 360 degrees, all the way around the subject, so you don't miss a single detail on how EXACTLY to perform each exercise.

The videos also come with detailed written annotations and clear vocal descriptions so you're never left in the dark and you always know what you're doing. It's the closest thing to having Garry himself come into your home and show you how to do each man boob busting, body transforming exercise.

When you know how to do just SOME of the exercises in this video series, and you combine this with the training parameters and routines Garry sets out in the book, I promise you, you, your friends, family and coworkers will all be SHOCKED at how quickly your chest transforms.

When you do these exercises with proper form the way Garry shows you in these videos, you'll lose your man boobs and develop the kind of body that gets you more attention from the ladies.

I'm not a good looking guy, no girl ever checked me out when I was fat with man boobs. But since I lost my man boobs and developed a bodyweight trainee's physique with Garry's help, I keep noticing girls looking at me from afar. I don't say this to show off, it's just a fact, when you transform your body with this program, hot women will notice you more, they'll laugh at your jokes, and be a lot more open to talking to you.

You won't get that look from the ladies when you've got man boobs. But when you've flattened out that chest, widened up your upper back, trimmed down your waistline, and shrunk down your butt and thighs, expect to catch women in the act all the time.

Do More Than Just Lose Your Man Boobs. Upgrade Your Body And Upgrade Your Life With Bodyweight Training

By the time you're done with Garry's program, you won't just be celebrating a great looking body with zero man boobs and a lean, manly, muscular frame, but just as importantly, you'll be gaining this powerful athletic ability to move your body around.

You'll be better at sports, stronger, faster, with better balance, coordination, and agility, you will feel better in yourself–like your body just got an upgrade, you'll be better able to defend yourself, and more.

When you get good at bodyweight training, you'll feel like your body just got an upgrade, with improved athletic ability. Improved athletic ability–being able to do more with my body–is what motivated me to continue training to the point where I lost my man boobs and built my dream body.

Build A Body That Looks Better Than Anything You Can Build With Weight Training

With bodyweight training, your body will look better than someone who trains with weights in the gym, even if they have bigger muscles and are more shredded than you–because you have FUNCTIONAL muscles and they do not. Functional muscles tie together in a way that makes you look truly powerful, manly, and attractive.

You'll also FEEL better in yourself knowing that the other guy (the typical gym rat) is a fraud who HAS muscle, but can't DO anything with his muscle. You on the other hand, have muscle that you can do some amazing stunts with. Unlike the other guy, you won't have to walk around feeling like a fraud with big muscles that don't do anything. YOU will have muscles that you can actually USE to fight, climb, crawl, push, pull, lift heavy things, show off, and protect your loved ones.

I've built muscles with weight training and I've built muscles with bodyweight training. Believe me when I tell you that it's infinitely better to have muscles you can do stuff with, as opposed to the useless muscles you build with weight training.

Imagine for a moment that you were given a body that was different from 99.9% of people. So different, that you were a different species altogether–you were not even human. People recognize your species by your muscularity and physical abilities, with superior strength, speed, agility, flexibility, balance and coordination. You're like a superhero, and everywhere you go, people stare in wide open wonder. Girls want to be with you, and men want to be you.

How much better would life be, just by having a body that not only looks better than 99.9% of people out there, but also performs better than 99.9% of people out there? All your problems wouldn't just disappear overnight, but you've got to agree–life's problems would seem a hell of a lot smaller with you in a more capable and better-looking body. And think of all the FUN you could have with a body that was just plain BETTER than everyone else's.

Life is so much more FUN when you get better at MOVING YOUR BODY. I'm not talking about slow boring cardio, where you slowly drag your body around the perimeter of a park. I'm talking about body movements that require strength, power, EXPLOSION, agility, coordination, balance, and skill.

Ever since I lost my man boobs on Garry's bodyweight training system for losing man boobs, I've felt unstoppable. I feel so good in myself now that I feel like I can achieve anything. This new, better looking, man boob free and more capable body has opened new doors for me in life.

If you're looking to lose your man boobs and change your life for the better, then Garry's Bodyweight Chest Exercises For Losing Man Boobs could be just what you need.

I'm not saying I'm 100% sure Garry's new program will transform your body and COMPLETELY get rid of your man boobs. I'm saying there's a BIG chance it will, that of all the training methods out there, this is the one that's MOST likely to transform your body for the better.

And when you do transform your body with Garry's program, think of how much your life will change. When the people you know go from laughing at you and making jokes about your man boobs, to respecting you and wishing they looked more like you, how will your life be different?

Will you have more fun? Will you get out more and have more adventure and more experiences in your life? Will you have more companionship, more freedom, more peace and more joy?

And it gets better…

You Can Get Started On This Program 100% Risk Free

Garry is so confident his new program will transform your body and your life, that he is throwing in a 60-day Hassle-Free, Iron-Clad, Money Back Guarantee.

If at any point in the first 60 days, you feel like this program isn't the best thing there is for blasting away your man boobs, then just drop Garry an email and he'll happily refund every single penny, no questions asked.

The Big Question: How Much Does It Cost?

Imagine yourself just 12 weeks from now, in a lean man boob-free body. The sun feels great on your face and on your topless body as you stroll along the waterline, the small foamy waves lapping up against your ankles. You notice how for the first time, you feel 100% comfortable in your own skin, you no longer care what people think about the way you look–because, well, you look great!

Looking back from that ideal moment in your life, you remember how it all started when you started doing bodyweight training the way Garry showed you in his program.

At that point, how much value would you place on Garry's program?

I've lost my man boobs now, and I feel great. I no longer have to hide behind thick sweaters, I no longer have to avoid the beach in the summer, I no longer have to cower away from girls. Looking back, I would gladly pay $2,000 or more for the program that changed my life.

And I know, if you're reading this page, you probably haven't lost your man boobs yet, and I'd forgive you for being a little skeptical about whether this program will work for you or not.

But Garry's bodyweight training program worked for me. It's worked for others, and there's a chance it will work for you. What amount of cash is too much for a chance at losing your man boobs and changing your life, keeping in mind that it comes with a totally reliable 100% money back guarantee?

If not $2,000, how about $250? That's about the price of a Nintendo Wii, or just 5 sessions with a personal trainer. Is a Nintendo Wii console more important than getting rid of your man boobs?

But don't worry, Garry won't be charging you $250 for his program. He won't even be charging $100, nor will he be charging $50. Heck, he won't even be charging the $37 he charges for his other big programs.

Since Garry wants to get his new bodyweight training program into the hands of as many people as possible, he has lowered the price all the way down to just $27. Yes, that's right, not $2,000, but just $27. That's around 0.01% of what I'd be willing to pay.

But hurry and order today. If demand is high, or increases in the future, Garry is likely to put up the price. Order right away and you get the entire program–both book and HD video series–for the low price of just $27.

So what are you waiting for?

Forget about the money dammit, Garry's giving you a chance to lose your man boobs, take it! I took that chance and I don't regret it one bit. Looking back, I would KICK MYSELF if I had let that chance pass me by.

Click the button below and get started on bodyweight chest training to start losing your man boobs from today. When you click the button, you'll be taken to a page where you can review your order before you make your purchase.

Click the button below and let's burn off those man boobs!

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