Lose Your Man Boobs Faster By Training Your Body As A UNIT

Did you know that your body can’t help but work as a unit? Every time you move, every part of your body plays a role, whether you’re walking, standing up from a seated position, waving goodbye to someone, or turning over in your sleep.

So why then do we go to the gym and work isolated body parts with weights?

If you’re trying to transform your body back to its natural state where you are lean and free of man boobs, why would you try to achieve it by doing something that’s UNnatural?

The worst of the isolation exercises are the likes of biceps curls where you only target just the biceps muscle in the arms; leg raises, where you target just the quadriceps in the legs; and triceps extensions, where you target just the triceps in your arms.

Compound exercises like the bench press, rows, and shoulder press, are a lot better, but though you may be targeting multiple muscle groups with these exercises, you’re still only targeting two or three body areas, not your whole body.

The bench press for example, may hit your chest and triceps, but that’s about it. The rest of your body is slouched on that bench and doing NOTHING.

But Bodyweight Exercises Are Different

When you look at the equivalent bodyweight exercise—the push-up—you’re still mostly working your chest and triceps, but the difference is while with the bench press your body stays still and you move the weight up and down, with the push-up, your entire body is moving through space.

When your body moves through space, you have to tense muscles throughout your whole body, just to maintain your posture—your abs and hip flexors have to contract to keep your hips from sagging and touching the floor, the quadriceps in your legs have to contract to keep your knees from bending, your calf muscles have to contract to keep your feet in place, your neck muscles have to contract to keep your neck up.

There’s more whole-body stimulation with bodyweight training, because with bodyweight training, you are moving your whole body through space. There are several important benefits to doing this, some of which I will list for you below.

Benefit #1: More metabolic stimulation

By working your whole body more, you’ll benefit from greater metabolic stimulation, which means more calories burned, bigger testosterone boosts, more fat loss, and better man boob reduction.

Benefit #2: Reduced chances of injury

In the history of gyms, no single exercise has caused more injuries than the bench press.

By isolating the shoulders, the bench press puts too much strain on the shoulders, and people end up with torn pecs and other shoulder problems.

The equivalent bodyweight exercise is the push-up. In all my days, I've never heard of someone getting injured from doing push-ups.

With the push-up, much of the tension in your shoulders is shared throughout your body for two reasons: (1) because your feet are on the ground, and (2) because your body is tense in order to maintain your posture, and a tense body is better at transmitting force from your shoulders to your core and legs.

So with bodyweight exercises like the push-up, no single body part is too prone to injury.

Benefit #3: You get better at moving your body around in real life

When you move your body in real life situations, whether it’s the small things like walking, running for the bus, getting out of bed, or big stuff like climbing a tree/fence to get away from an angry dog, or defending yourself in a fight, your entire body works as a unit. So when you train your body as a unit with bodyweight training, you’ll find you can more easily move your body in whatever way life demands.

Bodyweight training gives you so much more of an opportunity to make use of your skills in everyday life, whether you want to show off by climbing onto a tree, or just have fun.

With weight training, no matter how strong you get, or how big your muscles, since you’re only training isolated body parts, you’re not getting much better at doing anything in real life (because real-life movements require that your whole body works together).

Some weight training exercises are pretty good I admit, the barbell squat makes you better at carrying heavy things, the deadlift makes you better at picking heavy things off the floor, but the bench press doesn’t make you much better at pushing yourself off the floor or bracing yourself for a fall, the lat pull-down doesn’t make you any better at pulling your body up onto a tree branch. With bodyweight training on the other hand, EVERY exercise makes you better at performing EVERY movement you make in your life.

Benefit #4: You save time

Every bodyweight exercise hits your core pretty hard, because your core plays a big role in holding your posture. The core includes your abs, hip flexors, and lower back muscles. Hence with bodyweight training, you can develop a solid set of abs without ever having to train your abs directly.

Benefit #5: Makes you FEEL better

By involving your whole body, bodyweight training requires more coordination, agility, flexibility, balance, and skill than does weight training. With weight training, your muscles feel tight, and you’re full of niggling pains here and there from past injuries. With bodyweight training, your body feels loose and light, your joints have better ranges of motion, you’re more agile, you can move your body around more easily, and generally you just FEEL a hell of a lot better in your body.


One reason it’s easier to develop a passion for bodyweight training than it is for weight training, is that with bodyweight training, you’re improving your body’s ability to function in real life.

When you do bodyweight training, you feel the benefits in every waking hour of every day. With weight training on the other hand, you may feel better from the health benefits and increased strength, but too frequently I hear people complaining of pains from injuries, muscle tightness and inflexibility, and feeling overworked and sore.

On top of this, weight training doesn’t help nearly as much with developing useful, functional, real-world strength. What use is there in being able to pull the equivalent of your bodyweight on a pulley machine, when you can’t pull yourself up onto a tree branch or climb a wall or fence to save your life?

Upgrade Your Body

Remember, your body is with you everywhere you go. When you get good at bodyweight training, you're giving your body an upgrade, so you can do more with your body. Life becomes more fun and full of possibilities that never existed before.

As you get better at bodyweight training, you not only develop a great body, but you also get to enjoy the benefits in your everyday life. It’s like your body gets an upgrade, you’re stronger, lighter, more flexible, more agile, you can jump higher, climb, fight, run faster, and more. It’s easy to get addicted to upgrading your body more and more, and on the side, as a pleasant side-benefit, you end up losing your man boobs and building a body that turns heads on the beach.

So, when you’re ready to start training your whole body to get rid of man boobs faster and give your body an upgrade, then do consider taking up bodyweight training like I have. What's really cool, is you can get started today on a system of bodyweight training that I've tested on dozens of my clients. Having tested it, I've found that it works very well. If it has helped me and so many of my clients lose man boobs, then I'm sure it can help you too.

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  1. Would you have anything to say about swimming and testosterone or fat loss I have given myself slight elbow issues tennis elbow a number of times.

    • Hi Robert

      You can use swimming to get rid of man boobs, but you’ll never lose man boobs if you swim the way you see most people doing at the pool. There are a lot of fat people at the pool I sometimes go to, who can do lap after lap seemingly forever, yet they’re just as fat today as when I first saw them 3 years ago.

      The key is to swim using high intensity bursts. I go more into detail about how to use swimming (and other cardiovascular exercises) to lose man boobs in my program, Paleolithic HIIT, which you can learn more about here:



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