Lose Your Man Boobs With The Most Delicious Food In The World

Chicken Curry

Do you like a good curry?

If you do, you’re in luck, because a good curry, cooked in the right way, is a cocktail of one man boob fighting ingredient after another, with literally EVERY ingredient in that curry having some man boob busting effect.

Not only that, but a good authentic Indian curry will fill your mouth with flavors that are out of this world. When you take a bite of this stuff, it’s like your taste buds are dancing in harmony with a tune constructed by Mozart himself.

You're always going to still occasionally want a pizza, steak, or burger with fries, nothing can replace those foods. But in a shear flavor to flavor comparison, an authentic home-cooked Indian curry will beat ALL of these foods hands down!

Now I’m not talking about the usual curry you might eat at an Indian restaurant or take-out. I’m talking about little-known Indian household curries that taste 100 times better, are 10 times healthier, and rather than make you fat, can help you get lean AND help get rid of your man boobs.

Most curries these days are full of ingredients that will grow your man boobs–the likes of chemically extracted pro-inflammatory vegetable oils, sugar, grain-based thickeners like flour, obesity inducing flavor enhancers, and estrogenic food coloring.

Thankfully, I happen to be a curry fanatic and a man boobs expert. Over the last decade, I’ve been experimenting with cooking curries that not only taste OUT OF THIS WORLD, but also contain only ingredients that reduce man boobs.

This picture isn't as colorful as the professionally shot and heavily photoshopped pictures of pizza, steak, and burgers in the above picture. I took it with my iPhone camera. The colors are more red and more intense in real life, and trust me, the flavor of this chicken curry is out of this world.

Here are some of the ingredients in my curries that will help you get rid of your man boobs:


I’ve written about turmeric before, because it’s one of the most powerful man boob fighting ingredients around. It blocks the female hormone estrogen on a cellular level, reduces inflammation, improves insulin sensitivity, and induces programmed cell death in fat cells. All of these properties of turmeric will help you lose your man boobs.


Studies have shown that ginger boosts testosterone, as well as increase sperm count, improve sperm motility and viability, improve ejaculate volume, and increase testicular weight. Basically, ginger makes you more manly. Since ginger and turmeric both originate from the rhizome family, countless studies have shown that they have a synergistic effect, where one rhizome enhances the effects of the other.

Black Pepper

Piperine in black pepper is known to boost testosterone, which can help get rid of man boobs. At the same time, studies have shown that piperine can enhance the bioavailability of turmeric by 2,000%.


Allicin in garlic is known to boost testosterone. Like turmeric, garlic is also able to cause programmed cell death of fat cells (makes fat cells commit suicide!). Garlic is also known to have a synergistic effect with both turmeric and ginger.


In a 2012 study on male rats, onion was found to boost testosterone levels more than even ginger. Onions also contain quercetin, which has its own health benefits (they even make supplements out of this stuff), and like black pepper, is a bio-enhancer that increases the bioavailability of curcumin.

Healthy Fats

The right type of fats can actually help you reduce body fat and boost testosterone so you lose man boobs. But unfortunately, these days most curries are cooked with cheap convenient oils that increase inflammation in your body and encourage weight gain. After much experimentation, I’ve discovered the kind of fats that are both healthy and really bring out the flavor in a curry.

If you are into your food like I am, then you’ll know that a tasty, fulfilling, warm meal does more than just satisfy your tastebuds and fill your belly. It affects your whole body and affects your mind. It fills you with energy, lifts your mood, makes you feel alive, and brings joy to your life.

These man boob busting curries will fill your belly with warmth and leave you feeling happy and fulfilled, as opposed to most diet food, the likes of broccoli, salads, and boiled chicken breast, which leave you feeling cold, hungry and unsatisfied.

The five chicken curries I want to tell you about today, are pictured above. They all contain powerful man boob busting ingredients. Each is so tasty, and so different and unique from the others, that if all you did was live on these 5 different curries for the rest of your life, you would not get bored.

Where most diet food has the same bland taste, the curries I’d like to tell you about today are each so unique and different from one another, that if your diet consisted of nothing but these curries, you would never get bored, each meal would be a wonder and delight of its own, as though a different Michelin star chef was cooking for you every meal.

Seriously, I can’t describe to you how delicious this stuff is. It tastes better than any fast food I’ve ever had, and at the same time it helps you LOSE your man boobs! It really doesn’t get much better than this.

Most people never manage to get rid of their man boos because they think they have to stick to a boring restrictive “weight loss” diet where they have to avoid anything they enjoy the taste of.

But I’m here to tell you today that your days of restriction and deprivation at the dinner table are OVER! With my bursting-with-flavor man boob busting curries, you can ENJOY the journey to a man-boob-free you.

The time everything changed for me, the time I started to lose my own man boobs rapidly, was when I discovered that I no longer had to deprive myself of good tasting, fulfilling food in order to lose my man boobs,

With my man boob busting curries, you can both lose weight and lose man boobs, without ever feeling deprived at the dinner table again.

You won’t have to watch your friends and family eat delicious hot food at the dinner table while you chew on bland, cold, demoralizing rabbit-food.

Instead, when you cook one of these delicious curries, the aroma of the food will fill the kitchen (and your whole house if you leave the kitchen door open), and everyone at home will want to have what you’re having.

Think about it.

If you could truly ENJOY your journey to losing your man boobs, how soon do you think it will be before your man boobs are gone?

I may not have found a way to make exercise more enjoyable and effortless than no-exercise, but when it comes to diet, with these tantalizing, mouth-watering man boob busting curries, I’ve cracked the code and made eating to lose man boobs more tasty and more enjoyable than the tastiest junk food diet you can think of.

The catch?

You’re going to have to cook these curries yourself.

You can’t buy these curries in a curry house. They are unique and tailored to help you lose man boobs. And trust me, the cooking style used in these curries come from traditional Indian home cooking, which makes these curries 10x more delicious than anything you can buy in an Indian restaurant or take-out.

And don’t worry, these curries are very easy to cook. The only “skills” you’ll need is the ability to slice an onion. And heck, even if you’ve never sliced an onion before, or even boiled an egg, these curries taste SO good, they’re worth learning to cook for.

You don’t need to take any cooking lessons, just pick up a copy of my latest book, “5 Man Boob Busting Chicken Curries”, and I’ll walk you through, step-by-step, everything you need to do to put together THE MOST DELICIOUS FOOD IN THE WORLD, which also happens to help you get rid of man boobs.

Click here to get your hands on these delicious man boob busting curry recipes.

2 thoughts on “Lose Your Man Boobs With The Most Delicious Food In The World”

  1. Sir
    These foods are in my meals daily.I am from Kerala.these foods are common and plenty here.but we always have rice three times.our oil is home made coconut oil.still I have gyno

    • Hi Minto, thanks for your comment, I’m glad you mention this.

      Man boobs and gynecomastia are on the rise in India, despite widespread consumption of curries with turmeric. This is because India has picked up on the use of industrial chemicals in India’s food industry, and being a developing country, the government hasn’t quite caught up with making government regulations that limit the use of such chemicals.

      I’ve heard stories of people in India and neighboring countries like Pakistan and Bangladesh, dying soon after they consume fruit and vegetables treated with dangerous chemicals. There’s no telling what kind of hormones are being used to make livestock grow faster and yield more meat and more milk.

      In order for my curries to help you lose man boobs, you have to make sure the ingredients you use are either organic, or otherwise reared/grown/prepared without the use of any chemicals or hormones. You also have to look at chemical exposure in other parts of your life–e.g. in the water you drink and the cosmetics you apply on your skin. Due to lack of almost ANY government regulation, you’re likely exposed to far more dangerous chemicals than we are exposed to here in the West, which is why people in India are suffering from man boobs nowadays, despite their consumption of otherwise healthful curries and man boob fighting ingredients like turmeric.

      For anyone in the West who is reading this, good man boob busting curries can help you lose man boobs, but you also have to look at other lifestyle factors, and other places in your diet and lifestyle where you may be exposed to estrogenic and anti-androgenic influences. You’ll find more details about this in my program, How To Lose Man Boobs Naturally, here:



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