Man Boobs: Infinity War

I watched the new Avengers movie with my brothers last week, and boy was I impressed!

I did sometimes ask myself though, why doesn't Dr Strange just open a portal under Thanos's feet, then close the portal when his body is half way through? Or just leave Thanos trapped in some other dimension he can't get out of?

I loved that teenage Groot was finally moved enough to do something.

Tony Stark's new nano-tech is freakin' awesome!

Oh, and the new spiderman suit… wow!

And the humor was totally on point, just like in Thor Ragnarock, which was even funnier. The scrotal sack chin, the reference to Flash Gordon, invisible Drax who's just standing there…

One thing that hit me about Avengers Infinity War, was how there was a massive team of good guys facing off against a massive team of bad guys.

No one person is strong enough to stand off against the entire opposite side. Not even the Hulk. Heck, not even Thanos could have beaten the entire Avengers team on his own.

The thing about having man boobs, is you've got an entire team of foes teaming up to grow your man boobs and ensure your man boobs stay on you forever. And this team of foes is growing in number and growing stronger by the day.

I talked recently about how in the modern day, chemicals in our environment are responsible for the sudden explosion in the number of cases of man boobs, and the sudden explosion in the number of cases of other estrogen-related conditions like breast cancer, obesity, prostate cancer, benign prostatic hyperplasia, reduced fertility, reduced testosterone, and an untold number of conditions in women, including fibroids, menorrhagia, and premenstrual syndrome.

  • When you eat fruit & veg, you are exposed to estrogens from pesticides
  • When you eat meat, you are exposed to estrogens that build up in the fat of the animals who ate pesticide-infested food, and to estrogens they are injected with to enhance meat production
  • When you drink milk, you are exposed to estrogens pumped into cattle to boost milk production
  • When you eat processed food, you are exposed to a countless number of chemicals that disrupt your hormones in favor of estrogen.
  • When you drink unfiltered water, you are exposed to enough estrogen that can cause male fish to morph into female fish
  • When you breathe in the city, you are exposed to estrogenic diesel exhaust particles
  • When you apply cosmetics on your skin, they contain chemicals like parabens, which are estrogenic and can seep through your skin and into your blood

I could write a list that takes you ALL DAY to read, but you get the picture.

The bottom line is, there's a HUGE list of foes that are out there to keep your man boobs growing.

No WONDER it's so difficult to get rid of your man boobs.

The mistake a lot of guys make is they think they just need to do ONE THING to get rid of their man boobs.

They think they can get Captain America to face off ALONE against Thanos and his foes and win.

They think they can lose their man boobs by just doing dips, or just eating one man boob reducing food like broccoli, or just taking one good supplement like turmeric, or just doing intermittent fasting.

What often happens is they try one of these methods, and if it's a GOOD method, they see a small marginal result. It's a slight improvement, but they never really get round to fully losing their man boobs. They never get to win the war.

In the same way, if you put a powerful good guy like the Hulk to face off against Thanos and his crew, the Hulk will do some damage, but he'll never win.

But let's say that while Hulk is in the fight, you throw in Captain America, you throw in Thor, you throw in the Black Panther, you throw in Iron Man, you throw in Spiderman… the more of these superheroes you throw in, the bigger the fight you put up, and the bigger your chances of winning.

That's what you need to do in your fight against man boobs.

There are already a countless number of foes in your battle against man boobs.

You need to recruit as many superheroes as you can to beat those foes.

Do a whole body weight training regimen; fix your diet; do intermittent fasting; avoid as many estrogens as you can in your environment–in the food you eat, in the cosmetics you use on your skin, in the water you drink; use as many testosterone boosting methods as you can; use powerful man boob busting supplements like turmeric and progesterone.

Supplements are one very common area where guys think they can just take a supplement and their man boobs will go away.

That's because supplements are EASY, you just pop a pill and get on with your day.

But EASY never won any wars.

I'm watching a documentary about the American Civil War at the moment, and there was nothing EASY about this war. War is tough, and in the war against man boobs, you have to be ready to get your hands dirty, you have to be willing to GIVE SOMETHING UP to win this war, you have to be willing to get up off your couch and PUT IN THE WORK to lose your man boobs.

Sure, USE a progesterone cream, I highly recommend it. I've been writing about progesterone a lot lately, because I've seen it do some amazing things for my clients with man boobs. There's this one guy, Raven, whom nothing was working for. He applied this progesterone cream and his man boobs started to shrink within days. They were gone within a month.

But that's the exception rather than the rule. The vast majority of guys will have to combine progesterone WITH multiple other lifestyle methods for losing man boobs.

Read around my website and you will discover other methods you can use to get rid of your man boobs. If you prefer a more step-by-step approach with more detailed guidance on the various different superheroes you can recruit on your war against man boobs, then take a look at How To Lose Man Boobs Naturally.

And if you like EASY, if you like getting HUGE results with very little effort, then do get yourself a good men's progesterone cream, but do also combine it with other methods for best results.

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