Marc’s Man Boobs Success Story

Marc's Man Boobs Success Story

Today I want to show you a testimonial I received from a Marc S (real name hidden by request) from the UK who has seen some impressive results training Paleolithic HIIT style.

I've been getting back to doing HIIT again myself these past few days, and I'm always astonished by how much this form of training benefits me.

Not only does it burn chest fat fast, it also leaves you bursting with energy and alertness, making it the perfect way to start your day.

See, studies have shown that high intensity cardio increases blood-flow to your brain like CRAZY, which is why you feel so alert after a HIIT workout.

This is the perfect thing for these dark gloomy winter days in COVID lockdown.

So here's what Mark said.

He first got in touch with me asking for access to his Paleolithic HIIT purchase, which he had lost. He said:

“It was the paleolithic training book I wanted to see again as I had followed it before with great success. The content is brilliant, well written and to the point.”

I then asked him for some more detail, to which he responded with:

“Piss off you scammy piece of shit.”

No, lol here's what he really said:

“The main theme for Garry’s information and programs are losing man boobs and this is the primary reason that many buy the products of course, but this is really is just a small part of it all.”

I’ve bought and seen many high profile diet programs, with different methods to lose fat and man boobs, but nothing is as detailed as the documents which Garry has put together. Other programs just tell you what to do, but this gives you all the reasoning and science behind it, so you have that complete knowledge. This understanding of the why you’re doing something is so important, as it gives confidence in the system and process.

When implemented correctly and as Garry suggests, these programs are very powerful and more importantly, work! It’s common sense! The Paeolithic HIIT Training being a favourite of mine. My fitness levels and body shape changed dramatically after doing this alone.

The level of knowledge he has is second to none. He should really be charging far more for this. It not only applies to men but all people trying to get fit and lose weight.

It's true, though Paleolithic HIIT is designed to help lose your man boobs, it will also do so much more. It will help…

  • get rid of belly fat
  • get rid of fat in every other unwanted body area
  • grow muscle
  • change your body SHAPE into something more manly
  • increase your energy levels
  • increase your alertness, mood, memory, and overall brain function
  • increase your heart & lung capacity
  • boost your lifespan
  • delay aging
  • enhance your libido
  • and more and more and more

You just have to get into that lifestyle of adding some HIIT into your life – at least once a week, better twice a week, even better thrice a week – and you'll know what I'm talking about.

And shoot, we're mid-way through Feb, Spring is in March, I know it's all dark, gloomy, and locked down, but Spring & Summer are just around the corner, and if you wanna be in shape for it, then you'd best get started right NOW!

You can pick up Paleolithic HIIT here

Also, one thing I'm going to start recommending in every email (since it's so important), is turmeric.

Like Paleolithic HIIT, turmeric not only has a powerful man boob shrinking effect, it also benefits you in countless OTHER ways – it reduces pain, enhances post workout recovery, helps you lose weight, fights countless diseases, and more.

Many of us guys dream/aspire to have superhuman abilities like Captain America from the Avengers. Sure, none of us will ever be like Captain America, but if there's anything that can take us anywhere NEAR superhuman status (and make us SEEM superhuman to those around us) it's Paleolithic HIIT and turmeric.

Anyways, more about turmeric here

And my fav turmeric supplement here

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