Maximize Chest Reduction With This Clever Training Tweak

I was just at my cousin's the other day. He lives about 10 miles away. I cycled there and it took me around 45 minutes. I did it using high intensity sprints followed by very low intensity peddling.

That's how you turn a long distance journey into a HIIT experience, something I discuss in my new HIIT book.

If I had done that journey at a moderate tour-de-france pace, I might have reached my destination sooner, but I would not have benefited from much of any hormonal boosts that can help a guy lose man boobs, shed significant body fat and grow muscle.

Those short bursts of very high intensity sprints with very high power output, would have signaled my leg muscles to get bigger, and signaled my body to shed fat in the days to follow, to help replenish the energy stores in my muscles, and help grow the size of my muscles.

Lactate accumulation from these high power bursts would have also signaled the release of anabolic hormones like growth hormone – which helps burn fat and grow muscle – and testosterone, which helps burn fat, grow muscle and get rid of man boobs.

The beauty of cycling is that the fact you have wheels, means you can really use all that momentum you gain from your high intensity sprint bursts, to help keep you going pretty fast during your low intensity periods.

During the low intensity periods, you are going at a pace that gets you no more breathless than walking does. You do this so you can fully recover for your next high intensity burst.

Thanks to how efficient WHEELS are at maintaining momentum, you're never really going at a snail's pace, unless you're going up a very long hill.

It's not the same with running, since your legs aren't nearly as efficient at maintaining momentum. If you were running down a very long and steep hill, how long after you reach the bottom of the hill do you think it would be before you lost all of that extra momentum? 8-10 meters?

What if you were on a bicycle on that same hill? You could exert zero effort – by just sitting there and not peddling at all – from the very start at the top of the hill, to the bottom of the hill and beyond. Those wheels could take you on for up to half a mile beyond the bottom of the hill! The exact distance depending of course, on the terrain, how good a bicycle you have, your weight, wind resistance, etc.

So, the bottom line is that HIIT training on an outdoor bicycle is awesome! And you can totally use it for long distance cycling to get you to a destination, say if you cycle to work for example.

You CAN still of course, use this method with running. It won't be nearly as efficient at getting you to your destination as cycling would be, but you'll still get in a hell of a HIIT work out.

Rather than run at a moderate intensity to a distant location, do high intensity sprints separated by slow walks.

Till next time,
Garry Davidson

P.S. To you cycling enthusiasts out there, I know that 45 minutes to cover 10 miles ain't much, but this particular route seemed to have traffic lights almost every other meter! Plus I was doing high intensity bursts followed by low intensity cycling. You can reach your destination a lot sooner with one long moderate intensity bout, just like they do in the tour de france.

P.P.S. HIIT is awesome. If you do it properly, it can get you shredded and flat-chested in just a few weeks!

The trouble with HIIT though, is that unlike with weight training, there are no standardized protocols out there that are known to get results. The few that are known to work (e.g. the Tabata protocol) are designed for elite athletes – they are brutal, only work in the short term, and designed to increase performance rather than to help you lose fat and grow muscle.

After a lot of experimentation with dozens of personal clients, I have finally come across a HIIT program that helps guys lose fat and keep it off for good. Not only that, it also helps grow muscle, and boost performance. It's called Paleolithic HIIT, and you can get your hands on it here:

In my Paleolithic HIIT book, I have a detailed section on resistance training, as well as a revolutionary Paleolithic Weight Training DVD Series – because I really believe resistance training is the ultimate form of training for losing man boobs.

Resistance training also helps improve your performance in HIIT. It's well-known for example, that Olympic sprinters use resistance training to enhance their sprint performance.

The greater the power output you can develop in your muscles during your HIIT training, the greater the hormonal boosts, and hence the better the fat loss, muscle growth and breast reduction you get from your training.

This program is not the typical HIIT book, so if HIIT is something you are interested in, then prepare to be blown away when you get yourself a copy of Paleolithic HIIT.

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