Meal Idea: Chicken, Beetroot and Halloumi Fries

So here's what I had for dinner last night:

Losing man boobs doesn't have to be difficult, the above meal was super-simple and super easy to prepare. It was real tasty, and I didn't feel one bit deprived.

One thing big I've decided to do lately is to keep it simple. Rather than have multiple different veggies on my plate, I've decided to have just the ONE veggie per meal. So I'll still have variety by using a different veggie every meal, but having only ONE veggie per meal means I save a whole bunch of time and effort by not having to chop up a whole loada different stuff and cook them on separate pans, and have to do all that extra washing up.

It's one type of flesh, and one type of veggie, and that's it. The halloumi fries are an extra.

Now here's a breakdown of each ingredient:


If you want to lose man boobs, make sure you get the right source of chicken. Chicken is so adulterated these days (they're bred to grow larger breasts, hence likely to give you larger breasts when you eat them), that it's the worst form of meat to eat, unless you get it from the right source. I wrote about this here:

Use whatever low carb sugar-free marinade you like for your chicken. I used a whole buncha random sauces, garlic granules, etc. I marinade a whole bunch of chicken in one go and freeze it, so I can just take it out and throw it in the oven when I'm hungry.

If you wanna keep it simple, you can just add salt'n pepper, or a good traditionally brewed soy sauce.


I absolutely loooove beetroot. The deep red color means it's chocked fulla healthful vitamins that will help raise your testosterone levels, so help you lose man boobs. Beetroot is particularly good at boosting nitric oxide levels, which means it could help boost your libido and boost your exercise performance.

What I love most about beetroot is it tastes great and it's easy to cook. All you do is peel it then shred it, add some salt, put just a touch of a healthy fat (e.g. coconut oil, tallow, grass fed ghee) on the pan, put the lid on, and cook it in its own steam on low heat until it's tender.

It's important that the temperature is low and it's covered. If the temperature is too high or you leave it uncovered, then you'll just fry it rather than steam it, it'll go tough and crispy and won't be any good.

Halloumi Fries

And the halloumi fries are a new thing I've discovered. They're an awesome low-carb alternative to traditional fries, and unlike other alternatives to fries, these actually taste GREAT! All you do is shallow-fry them on a pan (I used a griddle pan), until they go crispy on the outside.

What's cool about halloumi is unlike with other cheeses, it doesn't melt when you heat it.

So what'dya think? If you give this meal a go, please do let me know how you get on. You can email me or leave a comment below.

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