Medical Student Loses Man Boobs With Apple Cider Vinegar

I watched this video where a medical student, Mike Diamonds, who is also a bodybuilder, loses quite a bit of chest fat by using apple cider vinegar (ACV).

The funny thing is, he doesn't talk about his chest in the video, but as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words (so I guess a video is worth a million words?)

Check out the transformation of his CHEST in the video:


Did you notice how he's got slight man boobs on Day 1? And there's vast improvement by Day 6, with a much firmer looking chest.

In terms of weight loss, he sure looks more shredded by Day 6, and he mentions having lost 5 lbs.

He then posts a follow-up video where he shows his transformation after 70 days on ACV:


So by Day 69, his chest is totally shredded, and there's no sign whatsoever of any form of chest fat or man boobs:

Overall, Mike looks a lot more shredded on Day 70
Man boobs on Day 1, shredded chest & no man boobs on Day 70

It's important to keep in mind that Mike in the video is also dieting and exercising while taking ACV.

He doesn't attribute his results to ACV alone.

Though some people online do mention having lost weight on nothing but ACV, if you want to see any BIG changes in your physique, then you've got to combine ACV with a good diet and training regimen.

Saying that, ACV has done a LOT for Mike. He's already a seasoned competitive bodybuilder, he mentions not changing his diet or training in any way, yet he loses 5 lbs in 6 days, with the only change in his regimen being the ACV.

Mike mentions that ACV is good for your health, it helps you lose weight, it isn't expensive, so why not take it?

What's The Best Way To Take Apple Cider Vinegar For Fat Loss?

In the first video, Mike takes ACV straight. He later learns that this will damage your teeth, so in the second video he makes a drink with water, vitamin C, lemon juice, and 30 ml of ACV, and drinks this once a day.

You'd get better results however, if you made the same drink but added 15 ml of ACV, and drank this twice a day.

You'll find more ideas on the best ways to take ACV for fat loss here:

By far the easiest way to take ACV is in capsule form.

With the capsule, you get to bypass the horrid sour taste of ACV, and you don't have to waste time preparing special drinks with lemon, ginger, honey, and all the other stuff people add to mask the sour taste of ACV.

But the trouble with capsules is they often contain artificial fillers and additives. They're often also made from a cheap form of ACV that never would have worked in the first place.

I've tried a bunch of different capsules with amazing reviews on Amazon, and the only one that worked for me was the one by my favorite supplement company, Hewis & Selby Supplements, you can grab a bottle by clicking the link below, or search “hewis acv” on Amazon:

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