My Low Carb Man-Boob-Busting Breakfast

Today I had this awesome low carb man boob-busting breakfast that was easy to prepare, and tasted great!

Here's what it looked like:

Preparation time: less than 10 mins

I keep my fridge stocked up with mostly low-carb stuff and ingredients that help get rid of man boobs (as I discuss in my advanced program for losing man boobs, going low carb is one of the most important steps you can take for getting rid of man boobs).

You should defo do the same – keep your fridge and kitchen cupboards stocked up with the good stuff, so you don't need to look for something healthy when you get hungry.

Here's a break-down of the ingredients:

1. Organic free-range egg fried in butter

Organic free-range eggs contain a better omega 3 to omega 6 ratio than eggs from non-organic cage hens. High omega 3 and low omega 6 levels in your body help reduce inflammation, which in turn helps you lose weight, grow muscle, and improves your hormonal profile, thereby helping you to lose man boobs.

Don't worry if you can't get organic free-range eggs, eggs from cage hens are still good for you, since they contain cholesterol, which helps in testosterone production (yes, most sources of dietary cholesterol are GOOD for you, and won't clog up your arteries).

I ran out of coconut oil, so I fried my stuff in butter this morning. Butter is better than most other fats for frying, but being a dairy product, it still contains estrogens, and it's better to use coconut oil where you can.

2. Green pepper

Once I was done with the egg, I cut up a green pepper and put it on the same frying pan.

Cook it just a little so it goes a little soft. Don't cook it till it goes soggy, or you'll lose most of its micronutrient goodness.

Green peppers are a good source of vitamins, including B-vitamins, vitamin A and K, and a good source of minerals such as magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, and calcium. Also a good source of fiber.

3. Grated carrots

I got these ready while waiting for the peppers to finish frying.

Carrots are an excellent source of fiber. They are also an excellent source of micronutrients that will help stabilize your hormonal profile, helping you to lose weight and lose those man boobs.

4. Minced chicken leg

I'm lucky that my local grocers sells ready-minced chicken leg/thigh. I had a couple kilos frozen for later use. I always divide my frozen meat it into meal-sized portions so I can defrost it in the microwave when I need it.

Don't worry if you don't have access to minced chicken leg/thigh. You can use minced chicken breast, or minced lamb.

This was absolutely delicious, and went SO nicely with the yolk in my egg.

I greased a pan with butter, threw the mince on there, then dazzled some of this soy sauce onto it, and cooked for just a couple minutes.

With soy sauce, only get the stuff that's naturally brewed, avoid the stuff that's chemically prepared.


So there you have it, a nice simple low-carb breakfast. It has a nice mix of protein, fat, and good carbs from veggies.

I really didn't have to plan this breakfast, or know any “recipes” to cook it. I simply took out some random ingredients from my fridge, and put them together. There was plenty of broccoli, spinach, and other super-healthy food in my fridge, but this is what I felt like putting together today, and it turned out great!

To start eating healthy, you really don't need to get dozens of recipe books and learn how to cook fancy meals, all you need to do is learn what's healthy, stock up your kitchen with it, and experiment with putting things together.

Over time, you'll get good at knowing what works best. The chicken in my above meal was super-easy and super-quick to prepare, and yet it tasted DELICIOUS, because I know from experience that minced meat doesn't take long to cook, and that soy sauce provides plenty of flavor without having to add salt, pepper, or any marinades or rubs.

It's crucial though, that you know what's good for losing man boobs, and what's not. The vast majority of people will tell you for example, that brown rice is good for losing weight. If you believed this to be true, you might prepare a nice meal of chicken breast and brown rice for lunch, and maybe have a serving of brown rice every day, not knowing that rice being a grain-based carb, will not only prevent weight loss, but will also prevent you from losing man boobs, regardless of whether it's brown or white.

So if you want to eat in a way to help you lose your man boobs, the first thing you must do is to learn what kind of foods help you lose your man boobs. The best place to do this is here:



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