New Study Shows Ginko Vinegar Helps Prevent Fat Gain in Mice

Ginko Vinegar

So I came across this new 2020 Japanese study today that could help you in your fat loss and man boob reduction goals.

In this study, researchers took 25 mice and divided them into 5 groups.

One group was put on a standard chow diet, while the other 4 groups were put on a high fat diet.

Unlike humans, mice, who are adapted to thrive on carbs, don’t do well on a high fat diet, and quickly gain weight.

The 4 high fat diet groups were given water that contained 0%, 2.5%, 5.0%, or 7.5% ginkgo vinegar.

The researchers discovered that ginko vinegar suppressed weight gain in a concentration dependent manner, where the highest concentration of vinegar suppressed weight gain the most.

But even the highest concentration of ginko vinegar (7.5%) didn’t prevent weight gain completely, since by the end of the 10 week study, the mice on a standard chow diet had a lower bodyweight than the high fat diet mice on 7.5% vinegar.

What this tells us is that taking vinegar isn’t a substitute for a good diet. If you want to reduce body fat with vinegar, you still have to watch what you eat.

The good news though, is if you watch what you eat, adding vinegar to the mix will supercharge the results you see in your waistline.

What’s really interesting about this study though, is the profound effect ginko vinegar had on the SIZE of fat cells.

Where a high fat diet alone more than DOUBLED the size of fat cells in these mice, mice on a high fat diet with 5% vinegar had fat cells that were the SAME SIZE as mice on a standard chow diet. 

So in this study, 5% vinegar COMPLETELY halted the growth of fat cells from a high fat diet.

Two things happen when we get fat: the fat cells we already have get bigger, and new fat cells form.

The vinegar completely prevented fat cells from getting bigger, but the high fat diet vinegar-fed mice still got a little fatter. This is likely because of an increase in the number of fat cells.

Though the researchers found that vinegar suppressed the formation of new fat cells, it must not have halted this completely, the way it halted the growth of fat cell size.

The thing is though, that this particular study used C57BL mice, which are obesity prone mice that are known to gain weight from an abnormally high increase in fat cell number. However, in adult humans, weight gain happens predominantly due to an increase in fat cell size.

What this means, is that vinegar will likely be better at stopping fat gain in humans than in the particular strain of obesogenic mice used in this study.

What Makes Ginko Vinegar (And Other Vinegars) So Good At Reducing Body Fat?

We know from previous animal studies that ginko biloba extract reduces fatty liver disease, obesity, and diabetes. When you take a food that already helps burn fat, converting it into a vinegar BOOSTS its fat burning potential.

This is because converting a food into a vinegar involves the process of fermentation. Fermentation produces short-chain fatty acids like acetic acid. Acetic acid is known to help reduce body fat by increasing energy expenditure. 

But there’s more to vinegar than just acetic acid, because studies like the one above show that vinegar is more effective at reducing body fat than acetic acid on its own. 

Another thing that gives vinegar its extra fat burning kick, is that the process of fermentation takes the fat burning polyphenols that are already present in a fat burning food like ginko biloba, and creates active metabolites of these polyphenols, which are even more active and more powerful at burning fat.

So what this all means, is that turning a fat burning food into a vinegar supercharges the fat burning effect of that food.

Now, I don’t know where you can get ginko vinegar, but thankfully, there’s no need to search far and wide for this particular vinegar to enjoy accelerated fat loss.

See, there’s nothing to say that ginko vinegar is any more effective than other popular vinegars that are more widely known and studied for their fat busting effects.

By far the most widely-celebrated vinegar for its fat reducing ability, is apple cider vinegar (ACV), which was rated on Earth Clinic as the #1 natural fat burner.

Apple cider vinegar is made from apples, and like ginko biloba, apples are full of polyphenols that help burn fat. Like with ginko vinegar, turning apples into vinegar results in the formation of acetic acid and powerful active fat burning polyphenol metabolites.

But what I like MOST about apple cider vinegar, is…

What Makes Apple Cider Vinegar Particularly Good At Getting Rid Of Man Boobs

See, man boobs are made entirely from subcutaneous fat – the fat under your skin that you can pinch.

A big belly on the other hand, is made from both subcutaneous fat and visceral fat, which is fat surrounding your internal organs.

Big bellies are caused by both visceral and subcutaneous fat, while man boobs are caused by just subcutaneous fat.

Studies show that diet and exercise are particularly good at reducing visceral fat, but not so good at reducing the subcutaneous fat under you skin.

That’s why through diet and exercise, we often see that our belly goes down, but our man boobs stay the same.

Since visceral fat is more harmful to your HEALTH than subcutaneous fat, diet and exercise by reducing visceral fat, do wonders for your health, but it can be a real struggle to get rid of those dreaded man boobs.

That’s where apple cider vinegar comes in.

Studies have found that apple cider vinegar is just as good at burning both visceral AND subcutaneous fat.

Since man boobs are comprised entirely of subcutaneous fat, then apple cider vinegar could be just the thing to give you that man boob shrinking boost that you could never achieve with diet and exercise alone.

Now, like the mice in the study, a great way to include ACV in your diet, is by adding it to your water.

The trouble here though, is it makes your water tangy, so you’ll end up not drinking water as much.

In fact, the researchers of the above 2020 study found that as the vinegar concentration in the water increased, the mice drank less and less of the water.

A better way to add vinegar to your diet, is as a vinaigrette in your salads, with one part vinegar and one part extra virgin olive oil (which is a man boob busting super food in its own right).

An even better way is to take apple cider vinegar in capsule form.


Because it’s the only method that requires zero effort, meaning it’s more likely you will take it for long enough to see results.

See, the mice in the above study didn’t start to see significant results with vinegar until 31 days into the study, which means the most successful method of taking ACV is one that you can maintain in the long-run, and in my experience that means you’re best off taking an ACV supplement.

Not all ACV supplements are created equal though, you have to make sure it’s raw, unfiltered, and “with the mother”, to ensure it has the highest levels of fat burning components.

Here’s a good one that meets these criteria, I’ve tried it and know that it works:

Send for a bottle today, when you receive it, weigh yourself and measure your waist circumference. If you have a skin caliper, measure the skinfold thickness of your waist and your man boobs.

Then take these ACV capsules for a month and do those measurements again. If there’s even the slightest improvement, then keep taking these long term, and you’re likely to benefit more and more over time.

Click here to send for a bottle of my favorite ACV capsules, and see for yourself, how good ACV it as at shrinking both your belly and man boobs

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