Chest Sculpting Blueprint Salesletter 23 April 2015 – Non Buyers

How To Lose Man Boobs And Add 10″ Of Steel-Like Muscles To Your Chest With These Unique Training Secrets From The Backstreets Of Cairo

Hey, Garry here

I remember being on holiday in Mauritius not long ago. We were having a lot of fun on the first day, taking lots of pictures, meeting new people, climbing mountains and riding horses… Later that day my friends and I went back to the hotel and decided to look at all the photos we had taken. When I saw my own pictures wearing that tight white t-shirt, in proud poses on mountain-tops with the sun shining on me, I was totally shocked.

I was having so much fun in Mauritius that I had forgotten I had man boobs. The pictures on my digital camera instantly brought me back to reality. I had man boobs and a weak, scrawny frame. How could I have worn a tight white t-shirt? How could I have stood there with my chest confidently sticking out and my man boobs showing?

The rest of my days in Mauritius weren’t nearly as fun. I was constantly self-conscious about my man boobs, especially when the camera came out. I had only packed light-colored t-shirts, so I couldn't wear anything dark, thick or baggy, and it was too hot for jackets and sweaters. I would hunch my back and shoulders forward everywhere I went, and especially when getting into photos. Eventually I stopped getting into photos altogether.

I felt exposed and embarrassed in the sun and heat of Mauritius, and I didn’t feel confident meeting new people. What was meant to be a fun holiday, soon became a nightmare, and all because I had man boobs and looked weak.

Man boobs and a weak physique can really zap the joy out of life. How can life be fun if you can't enjoy a holiday in the sun with your mates? How can you be happy if you dread the summer each year, can never enjoy the beach, and are afraid to get intimate with women?

Soon after that holiday in Mauritius, I decided I would do everything it takes to lose my man boobs and build the kind of trim, muscular physique I could be proud of. That was the best decision I ever made…

I now have a great body, and I'm not afraid to take my top off anywhere – whether on the beach, at the pool, or in the bedroom. I have broad shoulders, with deep and powerful pecs, a slim waist, and thick arms. Most important of all, I NO LONGER HAVE MAN BOOBS! I look great in a t-shirt, girls frequently ask me out, and people keep asking me how I train.

It's amazing how just changing the appearance of your body can impact everything else in your life.

Guys who I train, don't just benefit from the joys of having a great body and better health, they also end up with better relationships: they get better at meeting new people and making new friends; they have more fun with their friends, and being happier means they can have better relationships with their family; and most of all, they have better relationships with women.

They also often end up with better and higher paid jobs, because with a manly body they can be proud of, they suddenly gain the confidence to deal with leadership roles at work. The short bursts of intense testosterone-boosting training I show my clients, also leaves them feeling energized after their workouts, energized throughout the day, and energized throughout the week. Imagine what kinds of leaps and bounds you can make in your life if you had TWICE the energy levels you have today.

How will your life transform when you lose your man boobs, build a powerful physique, and finally feel comfortable being topless or wearing a thin t-shirt in the summer? How will things change in your life when you have unlimited confidence because no-one can tease you about the way you look?

So What Methods Will Help You Lose Your Man Boobs And Build A Body You Can Be Proud Of?

In my first program, How To Lose Man Boobs Naturally, I reveal the secrets of losing man boobs. I show you how to eat, how to train, and how to use different lifestyle tactics to program your body to melt the fat off your chest.

I talk about special hormonal diets, weight training, high intensity interval training, and other powerful hormone-manipulating lifestyle tactics that have nothing to do with diet and exercise.

After I wrote How To Lose Man Boobs Naturally, quite by accident, I stumbled upon a new method of training with weights, that helped me build a broader, more powerful chest than I ever thought possible.

Training Secrets From The Backstreets Of Cairo

It all happened when I decided to take a break and travel the globe for a few years. During my travels, I had this experience in a gym in the backstreets of Cairo, Egypt, that blew my mind. It changed the way I look at training, and changed the way I train my clients. I now no longer help them to only lose their man boobs, but I also help them grow the kind of muscular bodies that make women gasp when they see them topless.

Here's what happened.

I was staying in a cheap hotel in downtown Cairo, Egypt. As I was walking through the backstreets, I saw what looked like a gym, and decided to walk in. The whole place stank of sweat, it was the most horrible, nasty little gym I had ever seen. They didn't have any of the machines you see in the modern western health club. All they had were barbells, dumbbells, benches, and a few other basic-looking contraptions. What shocked me most however, was how amazingly RIPPED and muscular some of these guys were. Despite not having access to supplements, steroids, or expensive equipment, the guys in this gym had some of the most amazing physiques I had ever seen.

And it wasn't just the amount of muscle that was impressive. You might have seen the typical professional bodybuilding line-up with a bunch of steroid-pumped guys who look too muscular for their own good. This is not the kind of body I'm talking about.

These guys were doing something else with their training, something that shaped their bodies differently.

They had slim waists, with sweeping wide chests and shoulders. Their bodies had this powerful V-shape that made them look athletic, like WARRIORS instead of mere bodybuilders.

Over the weeks that followed, I got to know most of the guys in that gym. I learned that a good number of them used to have man boobs (the incidence of man boobs in Egypt is VERY high, because of unregulated farming practices, and the use of chemicals in food). The guys in this gym used these unusual training techniques not just to lose man boobs, but also to develop physiques that go beyond what I thought was possible.

The owner of that gym, Mostafa, was an old man who had studied health and fitness his entire life. In Mostafa's early days, he used the same modern training techniques we use today in the West, and found them to be ineffective.

Being a keen student of physical therapy, he discovered these dusty old scripts that detailed the training routines of athletes that have long since been forgotten.

These are little-known training secrets that most people have never heard of.

Mostafa has been using these training principles on himself, and to this day, he is the healthiest, fittest, strongest, most muscular 87 year old I have ever met.

The guys going to Mostafa's gym weren't the same kind of gym trainees you see here in the West. These guys were Mostafa's disciples, much like the disciples of a martial arts master. They were all training under Mostafa's instruction, and each and every guy was ripped and toned like hell.

When I asked Mostafa about how he'd helped some of his trainees lose their man boobs, he said it was all about getting the body back to its natural masculine state through good nutrition and the right type of exercise. This is exactly what I believed in, but when it came to exercise, Mostafa's techniques were far superior to what I had been doing all along.

I asked him how he got his clients to get such unnaturally wide upper bodies, with such thick upper pec muscles. For this, he said it was all about taking the body beyond it's natural state, to something that was more-than masculine.

Mostafa took me in as his disciple, and over the next 12 weeks, he showed me how to train in a way that transformed my body completely.

I was already a fitness instructor with abs and a good amount of muscle. I didn't think I could improve my physique much more than that, but Mostafa proved me wrong.

By the end of the 12 weeks, my chest was a good 2 inches wider, my waist 3 inches slimmer, my arms 2 inches bigger, and my upper pecs thicker than ever! The skin over my chest felt so tight, that I could feel the effect this training would have had on me if I had man boobs at the time (i.e. this training would completely OBLITERATE any sign of man boobs!).

As soon as I got back to the US, I started testing these new methods on new clients with man boobs.

As I expected, Mostafa's new training approach helped my new clients lose their man boobs 287% more effectively than the training style I was using before.

But they weren't just losing man boobs.

Their bodies were quickly transforming and taking on that same athletic appearance those guys at Mostafa's gym had. I'm talking wide rounded shoulders, sweeping wide chests, wide upper back, tapered narrow waists with abs, powerful-looking legs, and a small butt that women go COMPLETELY crazy for (ever notice women checking out guy's butts? Gross, I know, but they're more crazy about small butts on a guy than anything).

The Most Advanced Training System For Losing Man Boobs, Losing Body Fat, Growing Muscle, And Getting That Athletic, WARRIOR Look

Thanks to my discoveries in Egypt, I have now come up with a weight training system that is more detailed, more step-by-step, more advanced, and more effective than anything I have revealed before. This new training system comes from my discoveries in Egypt, and from several years of testing and research on my new personal clients.

I have received a lot of praise for this new training system. I’ve been receiving emails from guys who tell me that it has changed the way they look at fitness (please see the testimonials section below). It has filled them with a new zeal, and a new sense of commitment to their training.

This new training system is different from everything else that’s out there, and it makes sense. When you find out what it is, it will flip a switch in your mind, and you will simply KNOW that this is the method that will get rid of your man boobs once and for all, get rid of your excess body fat, and help you grow some impressive muscle.

The program is called the Chest Sculpting Blueprint. It's a weight-training program that focuses on blasting away man boobs, while widening your chest, broadening your shoulders, narrowing your waist, and giving you thick legs and arms.

This is by far the most advanced training system for losing man boobs, growing muscle, losing body fat, and transforming the shape of your body, and you can do it all inside of just 12 weeks!

Lose man boobs, and get a sculpted, ripped, muscular body with pecs, abs, rounded shoulders and thick arms in just 12 short weeks!

As well as losing man boobs, you get to lose belly fat, love handles, and fat from your butt and thighs. You also get to grow muscle in your chest, arms, abs, shoulders, back, and legs.

If you have man boobs or a weak/scrawny physique, then your body is unnaturally feminine (yes, that's a harsh thing to say to a guy, but it's true). The training system in the Chest Sculpting Blueprint is designed to first bring your body back into a natural, masculine state.

That means it prioritizes getting rid of the female (gynoid) body fat distribution, by blasting away excess fat on your chest, butt, hips and thighs. At the same time it eliminates other feminine characteristics like too much fat on other parts of your body (so you lose that gut and get rid of those love handles too), and promotes masculine characteristics like increased muscle growth, and even boosts your libido (so you'll not only look better in the bedroom, you'll perform better too!).

However, this new training system goes beyond just bringing your body back to its natural masculine state. It makes your body unnaturally masculine. It's this unnatural masculinity, with freakishly wide upper body and cut muscular appearance, that makes people literally GASP when they see you topless. It's this unnaturally masculine appearance that gives you an edge over all other guys when it comes to women.

With that said, here’s what’s inside the program:

1. The Chest Sculpting Blueprint Detailed 218-Page Manual

Preface (p6-7)

  • Why you too can lose man boobs and get a body that's better than most male models, without starving yourself or dedicating your life to fitness (you never have to be afraid of looking weak or deformed. Women will adore you, and men will respect you).
  • The secret to sculpting the perfect physique with the least effort in the least amount of time (you don't have to live in the gym to build a great physique. With the right techniques, you can spend less time training and still develop a jaw-dropping physique. This means you get to spend more time enjoying your new life with your friends and family).

Part 1: Who Else Wants To Lose Their Man Boobs, Flatten Their Chest, Lose Weight And Get A Perfectly Trim, Masculine Physique? (p8-24)

  • Powerful motivation to get you started today on losing man boobs and sculpting the body of your dreams (loud music and pictures of bodybuilders is not the kind of motivation that lasts. Here I give you permanent motivation that changes the way you think, so you look forward to those training sessions like a 5 year old looks forward to going to Disney Land. This is the key to getting the body of your dreams without fail within the next few weeks).
  • The number one most powerful roadblock to transforming your physique, and how to eliminate it completely (with this roadblock out the way, you'll soon have the kind of body that commands respect at the gym).
  • How to use past failures to help you win today (this will accelerate your results, so you are beach-ready within a few short weeks, instead of many months or years).
  • The Big Three of physique transformation: combine these 3 methods, and you can look better on the beach just 2 weeks from now! (you won't be completely transformed in just 2 weeks, but your physique will significantly improve, so you can look much better in a t-shirt than you do today).

Part 2: What You Need To Know – The Secrets Of Muscle Growth, Fat Loss, And A Flat Chest (p25-42)

2.1: Unleashing The Adaptive Powers Of Your Body To Grow Muscle, Lose Weight And Blast Away Chest Fat

  • 2 of the most common man boob myths (99% of guys with man boobs are using the wrong methods. When you start using the right methods, your man boobs will start to shrink quicker than you ever thought possible).
  • Why too much training is a bad thing. Here’s how much you should be training.
  • Why doing pushups and cardio won’t help you get rid of man boobs. Here’s the type of exercise you should be doing (the right exercises won't just help get rid of your man boobs, but they will also shape your chest and upper body in a way that gives you that WARRIOR physique, the kind of physique that will get women following you around when they see you topless).
  • The “Stimulus-Adaptation Principle” – flip the fat-loss & muscle-growth switch in your body, and watch the fat melt off and your body transform as you sleep.

You can't flip a switch and make your body instantly and automatically transform. But the Stimulus Adaptation Principle is the closest thing to flipping an organic switch in your body that makes your body slowly burn fat, grow muscle, and change the shape of your body for 24-48 hours after each workout – so you burn fat, grow muscle, and your body transforms while you relax and even while you sleep!

  • Why conventional training methods can help you lose weight, but can’t help you lose man boobs (start using these unconventional methods, and your body will soon start to win the respect and admiration of your friends and family).
  • A powerful concept that lets even the busiest people in the world get great bodies (with this technique, you can get better results in less time. This means you can still get a great body, even if you work two jobs, have kids, are busy with your studies, or just have too many other responsibilities in your life).

2.2: Growing Muscle To Get Rid Of Man Boobs

  • How growing muscle in the right places can help you lose your man boobs.
  • The truth about muscle growth: the muscle-growth secret that nobody is talking about, and how to grow muscle in the right places to make man boobs vanish, and give you that athletic look that makes you look great on the beach in just a few short weeks.
  • Why most people who lift weights end up with stronger muscles, but don’t transform their physiques and don't lose man boobs (being strong is great, but first let's focus on putting 100% of that training effort into looking better so you no longer have to be embarrassed about the way you look. We'll worry about strength later).
  • How to train with weights in a way that makes losing man boobs your body’s first priority (eliminate the problem of man boobs first, so you don't have to hide from public any more).

Most guys who train, end up losing fat from everywhere EXCEPT their chest. In this program, I show you how to train in a way that transforms your genes and takes charge of your hormones, so you lose fat from your chest FIRST (at the very least, you will lose chest fat at the same rate as fat from elsewhere on your body).

  • Sarcoplasmic hypertrophy: the training sweet-spot that boosts testosterone and will flatten out your man boobs.
  • The truth about “toning” your chest (hint: it’s not about doing lots of reps with light weights, and it has nothing to do with losing chest fat). True muscle tone is the secret to getting that hard, manly appearance that gets women weak at the knees.

2.3: Ancient Secrets To Muscle Growth, Fat Loss, And A Flat Chest

  • Blast through all the confusion around muscle growth and fat loss. Of all the dozens of different “miraculous” fat loss and muscle growth methods out there, here's the one way to know for sure, which method REALLY works (pssst! When you see this, you'll just “know” the truth, you won't have to believe me or take my word for anything).
  • Discover the secrets of a historical class of athlete who was better than any other at losing body fat and growing muscle. These world-class, time-tested methods are the only sure-fire way to grow muscle, lose body fat, and transform your body to that beyond-manly look.
  • Why you should NEVER train like a bodybuilder, and why you should NOT take advice from today’s fitness magazine cover models and celebrities. Here’s why their methods will NOT work for you, and here’s the method that WILL work for you.
  • Discover the kind of body that makes women melt and go weak at the knees, and find out exactly HOW to get this kind of physique in a few short weeks.
  • How to eliminate the problem of bad genes, and get shredded even if your genes have kept you fat your whole life (think you could never look like that guy with superior genes? Think again!).

2.4: Going On A… No! Don't Say It! – Diet! Darn, Now I've Done It

  • There is a pathway to losing man boobs and losing body fat, and for most guys this pathway is blocked by a locked gate. The key to unlocking this gate involves avoiding this one key nutrient that everyone today has too much of. As long as this type of food is in your diet, any other method you use, no matter how hard you try, will be like banging your head against that gate. Unlock this gate by avoiding this nutrient, and the gate will swing wide open, and you will accelerate rapidly through the pathway to losing man boobs, blasting away body fat, and revealing all that muscle underneath (you no longer have to feel uncomfortable about your weight, you will finally feel better about yourself, and be confident about the way you look).
  • How to lose man boobs and reduce body fat without starving yourself or living on rabbit-food. Discover delicious, previously forbidden foods, that are 100% satisfying, and will accelerate fat reduction at the same time (you can enjoy regular meals out with your friends, even eat junk food and still lose weight – as long as you avoid that one key nutrient I mentioned earlier).

Imagine having access to fat-busting foods that are so delicious that you look forward to your meals every day, and your meals leave you feeling full and satisfied every time. How easy would it then be for you to lose those extra pounds and get rid of those man boobs?

  • Why diets don’t work and what you should be doing instead: most fat people are dieting all their lives, and they are still fat by the time they are old. A diet was never a good way to instruct your body to reduce body fat. Here’s the nutritional technique you should be using instead (use this technique and you no longer have to hide at home, or avoid going out with your friends. You can finally go out there and enjoy the world because people admire your new look).
  • I clear up all the confusion with the story of a guy whose weight loss story took the world by storm over 150 years ago. This guy became so fat, that he came near to death. Nothing he tried helped him lose weight – he ended up in hospital because he nearly starved himself to death. He rowed furiously for 2 hours every morning, and it didn’t help him one bit. In the end he discovered this one little diet secret that helped him shed all of his excess fat and bought him to good health for the first time in his life. He revealed his secret in a little pamphlet. This pamphlet helped so many people, that it sold more than 50,000 copies worldwide, just through word of mouth. When you read this guy’s story, you’ll have no doubt that eating the way he did, is the one sure-fire way for you to lose those man boobs and lose all that excess body fat.
  • The natural gastric-band effect: how to trick your body into killing your appetite (you no longer have to feel restricted when you sit at the dinner table).
  • Foods to avoid and foods to eat more of.
  • Ancient nutrition secrets that will shrink your man boobs (new secrets discovered by anthropological research).
  • Why everything your doctor tells you about dieting is wrong. Doctors know very little about nutrition, and their advice on what to eat will not only keep you fat, it will kill your health. Here’s what you should be eating to lose man boobs, lose body fat, grow muscle, get in peak physical health, and live longer (eating the right type of food will not only help transform your physique, it will also give you more energy to embrace life rather than struggle through it).

PART 3: Getting Practical – The Chest Sculpting Blueprint Step-By-Step (p91-199)

3.1: Muscle Groups, Equipment And Exercises That Blast Away Man Boobs

  • Discover the key muscle groups that transform the shape of your body, boost testosterone, and help blast away your man boobs.
  • Discover 3 important muscle groups that most man boob sufferers never train. Train this muscle in the right way, and your man boobs will melt like a pile of snow in the summer sun (results within 4-5 weeks). Train these 2 muscle groups, and your chest will appear flatter, even before you lose any chest fat (results within 2 weeks!). Combine all 3 muscle groups, and your physique will be completely transformed – from a guy with man boobs, to a toned muscular guy with a powerful manly chest.
  • The secrets of getting a powerful, broad chest (turn a flat shallow chest into a deep, wide, manly one. Warning: women will frequently want to feel your chest).
  • Simple pieces of exercise equipment you can use at home or in the gym (save $1000's by training at home and not investing in expensive gym equipment).
  • The most powerful exercises for losing man boobs, growing chest muscle, and forcing your chest to grow wider, and your upper pecs to grow thicker (these unconventional exercises will give you that warrior-like physique that will make people turn their heads when they see you topless).
  • Simple yet powerful exercises you can do from the comfort of your own home (get a better body by training at home, than most people do by training in the gym).

3.2: Chest Sculpting Power Principles

  • Ancient muscle building principles that give you the fastest and most efficient muscle growth possible (have those broad shoulders and wide thick pecs ready to impress by your next visit to the beach).
  • Most people never lose their man boobs and never grow any muscle, because they disobey these key training principles. Learn how to train right, and you will finally start to see results from all the hard work you put in at the gym.
  • Discover the tools you need, to construct your own training routine for losing man boobs and growing muscle (learn how to get that dream physique by working around any schedule – whether you work two jobs, have kids, have an exam approaching, or work nights).
  • How to get rid of your man boobs and sort out your physique in the quickest, most efficient way known to man.
  • Discover what 99.9% of other guys are doing wrong at the gym, and how you can train the right way to get better results (Power Principle #1).
  • How training just 3 days a week can get you better results than training 7 days a week (Power Principle #4). This little secret will get your body transformed, while you still have all the time in the world enjoying life with your friends and family.
  • Discover the single greatest key to muscle growth (Power Principle #7). Master this muscle-growth key, and you can build a fabulous body regardless of your age, height, or build. If you are underweight, you can add slabs of muscle. If you’re overweight, you can replace that fat with rock-hard muscle.
  • How to get more from a one-hour training session, than most people can get from training all day (Power Principles 5 & 6).

3.3: The Chest Sculpting 12-Week Beginner's Program

  • Step-by-step program on everything you need to do to get rid of your man boobs, get rid of excess body fat, grow muscle, and build your dream physique in just 12 weeks from now (a simple effective plan that you can do at home… at your office… anywhere, to build the kind of physique that makes you look like one of those mighty Greek statues).
  • A 3-day-a-week training system that obliterates chest fat, shrinks man boobs, tightens up puffy nipples, reduces body fat, and grows muscle like no other training system you've seen before (the testosterone boost from each training session leaves you feeling refreshed and energized, and filled with confidence and a new manly vigor).
  • Learn exactly how to train, so you can look good wearing a tight t-shirt inside of 12 short weeks (you'll lose man boobs and develop a chest that’s deep and powerful; lift and broaden those sagging shoulders; see your abdomen become a taut wall of muscle; transform weak arms into pillars of strength; and strengthen your back, forearms, wrists, thighs and calves).

PART 4: Going Beyond The 12 Week Program (p200-208)

  • How to go beyond just losing man boobs, and sculpt a body that makes people gasp when they see you. Build the kind of body that women are crazy about.

Women are repulsed by man boobs, and believe it or not, they are even more repulsed by the bodybuilder physique. The Chest Sculpting Blueprint will help you build the kind of body almost every woman dreams about. When you get a body like this, women will automatically be drawn to you.

  • Discover a new type of muscle growth that gives you that hard, defined, muscular look, as opposed to the bloated bodybuilder look (most trainees at the gym never train for this type of muscle growth, yet this type of muscle growth results in a physique that looks 10x better!).
  • How to transform soft bloated muscle into hard muscle, so you get that strong, chiseled, rock-like appearance, as opposed to the bloated bodybuilder look.
  • How to make your muscles last longer so you stay looking great for months after you stop training.
  • How to grow functional muscle that not only makes you look good, but also makes you stronger, faster, more flexible, and more agile. Unlike bodybuilding muscle, which is useless, functional muscle makes you a better overall man, by making you better at lifting heavy things, making you a better athlete, a faster runner, better able to defend yourself in a fight…
  • The little-known truth about muscle tone – how to achieve true muscle tone and a rock-like physique.

2. The Chest Sculpting Essential Exercise DVD Series

If you don’t use correct exercise form, you could be setting yourself up for injury, or worse, training intensely week after week and seeing little or no results from all of your hard work. The best way for you to know if you are doing an exercise the right way, is for an expert to show you in person or on video.

In this DVD series, I got together with my fitness instructor pal Mihailo, and produced a set of narrated DVD videos showing you exactly how to perform each exercise in the Chest Sculpting 12-Week Training Program.

Do the exercises in the way we show you in these videos, and you'll notice the shape of your body changing – from a fat or skinny guy with man boobs and a weak chest, to a chiseled warrior with thick pecs, almost no body fat, and yard-wide shoulders. You'll be a walking anatomy chart that turns heads on the beach in no-time.

3. The Chest Sculpting Supplemental Exercise DVD Series

Sometimes variety can be the key to a successful training program. If you keep doing the same exercises, your body will eventually get used to them and you won’t progress. To help you along so you never get stuck in your training, I’ve decided to throw in a whooping 52 exercise videos performed by my fitness instructor friend, Tim Wilson.

But wait, there’s more!

If you order today through this page, I’ll throw in a very special bonus. Something that will literally program your mind and body…

To shed those pounds, flatten out that chest, grow some muscle, and sculpt a truly powerful masculine physique.

When you go through this bonus, you will find yourself automatically enjoying all the right food choices. You will no longer dread those exercise sessions. You will instead, totally love and look forward to each and every workout!

This is the most natural and automated way to lose weight there is. It's…

4. Tim Walker’s Hypnosis For Weight Loss Audio Series

Now hold on. I know you’re probably skeptical about whether hypnosis will help you lose your man boobs, lose body fat, or grow any muscle. To most people, hypnosis is just wishy-washy talking therapy, or it’s something manipulative that makes people do crazy things on stage. But I’ll have you know that true hypnosis is one of the most powerful weight loss and physique transformation tools there is. All the studies on hypnosis for weight loss have shown that hypnosis is stupendously successful at helping people to lose weight.

A study in the Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology found that adding hypnosis to a weight-loss regimen increased weight loss by an average of 97% during treatment, and a whopping 146% after treatment!

Not only does hypnosis help you to lose weight, it helps you to maintain that lean physique in the long-run.

So if you want easy, automatic and permanent transformation, then hypnosis is definitely the way forward!

In this Audio Series, I hired renowned hypnotherapist, Tim Walker, to produce these professional hypnotherapy audio CDs, that will help you to lose man boobs, lose body fat, and grow muscle almost effortlessly!

Have you ever thought about how you can make hard training and good eating a natural part of your life, something that comes to you naturally without having to force yourself to the gym, and without having to always be starving yourself of your favorite foods? Well hypnosis is the only tool that is proven to be able to do this.

What Makes This Program Different From Other Weight Training Programs?

Here are just a few points that make the Chest Sculpting Blueprint, a must-get for you, even if you've already bought and tried dozens of other weight-training programs:

  • A detailed step-by-step workout plan, which takes you by the hand and tells you exactly what you need to do every day of the week, to not only get rid of your man boobs, but to also shed fat from your belly, hips, butt and thighs (just do what I tell you and you’ll be beach-ready and flat-chested within 12 short weeks!) What's different and unique about this work out plan, is it also shows you how to change the SHAPE of your physique to give you that athletic warrior-look that women are crazy about, as opposed to just piling on bodybuilder-like muscles (most women are repulsed by bodybuilders).
  • Unusual and little-known chest exercises that are better at stimulating muscle growth than basic conventional exercises like the bench press and pushup. These new exercises also give you a better-shaped chest than just the basic bench press and pushup (get the kind of physique that turns heads when you enter the room. Make women go weak at the knees and men tremble with fear when they see you).

The Chest Sculpting Blueprint contains unusual and little-known chest exercises that stimulate your chest muscles better than the conventional exercises they show you in other programs.

  • Advanced tactics and exercises that help you get unstuck. If you’ve had trouble growing muscle in the past, I show you unusual and unconventional exercises that are not only better at stimulating muscle growth, but also result in a better looking physique. Many guys who have never been able to grow muscle using conventional exercises, have seen some amazing results with these powerful and little-known exercises.
  • Annotated diagrams with detailed explanations and DVD videos showing you exactly how to perform each exercise (you no longer have to let poor exercise form undo all the hard work you put in at the gym).
  • New unique training concepts that will change the way you train (new techniques never before revealed anywhere else). Here are some examples:
  1. The Stimulus-Adaptation Principle: Make a few minutes of training go a long way, by learning how to burn fat and grow muscle after your workout – when you’re eating, watching TV, and even in your sleep!
  2. Ancient Body Sculpting Secrets: A long-forgotten, time-proven method that helps grow muscle and burn body fat faster than any other method known to man.
  3. Selective Muscle Adaptation: Learn how to make your muscles respond the way you want them to. Most guys see very little results from their training, whether they are trying to lose man boobs, lose body fat, or grow muscle. This is because 99.9% of people (and 8 out of 10 fitness professionals) don’t have a clue about Selective Muscle Adaptation.
  4. Microprogressive Resistance: The single most important muscle-growth principle there is. You see “progressive resistance” mentioned everywhere, “microprogressive resistance” on the other hand, is far more powerful. If you want your body to be ready for the summer, or for that upcoming event, then you’ve got to get microprogressing right now!
  • Nutritional concepts that will change the way you eat.
  • Motivational tactics that help you stick to the program and see it through to the point where you are totally flat-chested, with a powerful manly physique that you can show off at the beach.

And there's more…

Unlike other training programs that do little more than just throw a workout program at you, the Chest Sculpting Blueprint is a paradigm-shifting program. Let me explain what I mean by this…

Most other training books are very factual, they list the things you need to do to lose body fat and grow muscle. The Chest Sculpting Blueprint on the other hand, changes the way you think about diet and fitness. Not only are the fat loss and muscle growth tactics in this program more advanced than anything you've seen before, but they also change the way you think about training, and change the way you think about food.

Live The Fitness Lifestyle

More than any other program, the Chest Sculpting Blueprint will transform your life into the ideal fitness lifestyle. Imagine a life where you no longer dread exercise, and no longer have to live on horrible-tasting rabbit-food; a life with short, powerful, and intense training sessions that are transforming your body day by day; a life where you can eat delicious food that helps you burn fat throughout the day.

Live the fitness lifestyle, a life with short powerful and intense training sessions that are transforming your body day by day.

If you’ve ever been confused or unsure about how to lose man boobs, or how to lose body fat, or how to grow muscle, then the Chest Sculpting Blueprint will obliterate all the confusion and convince you of exactly what you should be doing to get that beach-body by next summer.

Most of us when we start training, aren’t sure if our efforts will be successful. We are on a path, but not sure if that path will lead us to our destination. But imagine being set on a path where you are totally 100% convinced of reaching your destination…

The Chest Sculpting Blueprint not only shows you the exact path to take to lose your man boobs and sculpt the body of your dreams, it also convinces you 100% that this is the right path to take.

Being convinced of success is what makes training and eating the right foods effortless. It’s what makes losing man boobs, losing excess body fat, and growing muscle a hobby rather than a chore. And in most cases, it’s what makes lying on the beach topless and looking great a reality, rather than a dream you keep giving up on.

Here's Why This Is Important For Your Life Right Now

I don’t know where in the world you are reading this from. If you are somewhere warm, then you are probably feeling the pain of not looking good in a nice tight t-shirt outdoors, the pain of having to wear a sweater, jacket, or some dark baggy clothing to hide your man boobs, hide your belly, or hide a scrawny physique while everyone else is enjoying the sun.

If you are somewhere cold, then you are glad you can wear a jacket outdoors, but hate it when you go indoors and the heating is up so high you have to take your jacket off. You miss the summer sun, but also dread it and know you have to sort out your physique before the summer approaches.

Whatever climate you are in, you won’t deny that losing man boobs, growing some muscle, and sorting out your physique, will change your life – In the hot summer you can wear a thin t-shirt and look great. You’ll look great in photos, look great to others, and look great to yourself. You no longer have to avoid going to the beach, you no longer have to avoid the pool, and you can stand proud with your chest sticking out when your friends and family take pictures of you.

If it’s winter where you are, then you no longer have to dread the summer, you no longer have to sweat it out in your jacket in overheated buildings, and you no longer have to avoid intimacy with women. You can finally look forward to the summer, enjoy wearing a thin t-shirt indoors, and feel confident being topless in front of women.

The Chest Sculpting Blueprint will finally get you that freedom you’ve always wanted to feel in the summer. The techniques in this program are by far the most advanced techniques in the world to help you shrink those man boobs, get rid of puffy nipples, flatten that belly, obliterate those love-handles, chisel out and widen that chest, beef up those arms, round-out those shoulders, and sculpt-out those abs.

This program will finally give you that powerful manly feeling you’re supposed to feel when you’re topless on the sunny beach. When you sculpt out your body with this easy-to-follow program, you'll finally feel confident about the way you look.

Imagine how it will feel when your friends and family start to compliment you on the way you look. Imagine how it will feel when you look good in anything you wear – wouldn't you start jumping at the chance to be in that family photo, or in that picture with your friends while on holiday?

How will your life change when you KNOW you look great? Will it improve your relationship with your partner? If you are single, might having a great body make you more confident around women? Would looking great help you have a better time when you are out with your friends? Would you go out more in the summer and enjoy the beach more? Would life in general be better without man boobs, without extra body fat, with a bit of added manly muscle and a manly, athletic physique?

It's not the end of the world if you have a weak chest or have man boobs and don't feel confident about the way you look. You can still get by like you have been all these years. Life will go on, you'll carry on going to school/work, you might go out with your friends on the weekends, and spend some quality time with your family. You might be happy in your relationship, or be confident you'll one day find someone you like. People might tease you every now and then, and you might feel embarrassed, but it's not the end of the world. Like millions of other men with man boobs, too much body fat, or a weak physique, you could go on living with a weak physique for the rest of your life

But it's worth asking, how would things be different if you made the decision today to finally transform your physique? How would things be different if you got started on an almost sure-fire program for getting that athletic masculine physique today?

I won't lie to you and say you have a 100% chance of success with the Chest Sculpting Blueprint. Most people who buy fitness programs don't have the drive to read the program, let alone follow through with the training. The act of buying the program won't magically transform your physique. Reading the program will transform your mind and the way you think about food and training… but the only way to transform your physique, is to actually DO the training and eat in the way I suggest in the program. When you follow the program, then I can guarantee your physique will transform within a few short weeks.

Here are just a few of the many success stories from people who have used this new training program:

Tyler, California, USA


Dave, New York, USA


 Annas, Calcutta, India

16th March 2013

“Hey Garry,

After hours of whining and begging I got my dad to buy me a chest sculpting blueprint. I really love the way you presented the information. Especially you explain why you do it instead of just saying to do it. You present it in a simple but effective manner, and use analogies that are relatable. I really like how you make jokes here and then so we wont get bored.(“The Olympic BRA”) I just bought it a few hours ago and I am already done reading your book. You debunked most myths by society such as vegetable oils are good and animal fats are bad. Just recently my mom forced us to eat a low fat diet. Through this book I was able to convince her, a nurse, that fats aren't all bad and the dangers of carbohydrates.

Thank you so much, Annas”

30th May 2013

“Hey Garry

Just a quick update. I havent finished the full program yet, but my body has changed so much thanks to your chest sculpting book. My man boobs are almost completely gone, and I can now wear a t-shirt without feeling shame. Some boys in the gym laughed at me when I started doing your exercises, but now I have bigger muscles than them, and my body looks great.

Thank you Garry, you have changed my life Annas”



Alexis, Lillehammer, Norway

6th January 2015

“Hi Garry!

I am a man from Norway that have buyed the chest sculpting program. I must really say you have done a fantastic job and you are very inspiring.

I have been trying different training programs all my life, but I always got started then gave up. But your program has completely changed the way I look at diet and exercise. Thank you Garry, your training program didn't just get rid of my man boobs in 8 weeks, it gave me a great body, and it showed me how I can keep improving my body for the rest of my life.

Thanks, have a nice day




Lalit, Mumbai, India

10th January 2015


“Hello Garry.

I purchased your programme of chest Sculpting Blueprint and paleleo HIIT training and I find it very helpful and agree with each n every word of your programme, I throughly enjoy doing work out as per the programme and I am happy that I purchased the online programme, as it is changing my personality day by day as mentioned by you, three cheers for Garry Davidson, love you buddy for helping out many like me to transform in a perfectly shaped men.”


“Hey Lalit, glad you liked the programs. Hope I can get them out to as many people as possible, so others can benefit from them too :).

I’m going to send this glowing testimonial of yours to my list of subscribers, hope you don’t mind ^_^.”


“I don’t mind at all GARRY, its my pleasure that even I am sharing my experience with others through you, actually I am glad that you want to share it with others, I would like to bring to notice 1 more thing that I was doing different kinds of work outs for the last SIX years but never felt so good, it was only after following your programme that I feel to be in an anobolic state even after 2 days of work out, its really great to follow the routine, I have even made small plates weighing 400 gms each and I do follow the progressive resistance training in the same manner as described by you, initially people at the gym used to laugh at me, but since my physic is changing, they have started respecting my workout ,1ce again Hats Off to you Garry.”



Russ, Los Angeles, USA

15th January 2015


“Hey Garry,

We've talked before but I just wanted to hit you up and ask you somethkng. So I have been getting in great shape. My body has toned up and I've lost a lot of fat. I now weight 185 pounds and I'm liking my body. Feeling more confident more and more.

I have one concern though. I still have a tiny bit of baby fat in the lower chest and my nipples are still puffy. My body looks good but do I just need to continue to lose that little fat in the chest and will that get rid of the puff nipples??

Please let me know.

I have purchased your how to lose man boobs naturally and I have purchased your chest sculpting blueprint both of which I have integrated into my lifestyle. I've lost nearly fifteen pounds in the last three months.

Please get back to me,



17th January 2015


“Hey Russ, great to hear about your success.

Regarding that last bit of chest fat and puffy nipples, don't get into the trap of thinking you have to lose more and more body fat for that last bit of chest fat to go away. You'll end up overtraining, undereating, and killing the hormonal balance that helped you get rid of the chest fat in the first place.

To get rid of that last bit of chest fat and puffy nipples, you need to adopt a more intense hormonal approach, by following the advice in How To Lose Man Boobs Naturally. In the Chest Sculpting Blueprint, re-read and follow the advice I set out in section 2.4 (p71-89), especially the “Quick Science Lesson” on p77-79, and follow the advice in p81-84.

Also, focus mostly on training the exercise group I mention from the end of p98 to p103 of the Chest Sculpting Blueprint. It can be tempting to focus more on doing chest exercises, but this would be a mistake.

Give these things a try and let me know how you get on.


10th February 2015


“Hey Garry!

I did what you suggested, I got out my old copy of How To Lose Man Boobs Naturally, and I changed my diet and training according to those sections in the Chest Sculpting Blueprint, and I'm proud to say all my chest fat and puffy nipples are gone!

Thanks so much Garry, my body looks great, and for the first time in my life I'm looking forward to the summer!

Your friend forever, Russ”



Before I wrote and produced the Chest Sculpting book and video series, I was training guys like you using this system on a one-on-one basis. They'd come and meet me at my gym and I would take them through the exercises, making sure they do everything right. For a 20-minute theory and 60-minute training session, I would charge $120. At 3 days a week for 12 weeks, that's $4,320 in total.

Now $4,320 is a lot of money. But what value would you place on transforming your physique? I've had guys email me and tell me they are contemplating suicide because they are overweight or because they have man boobs. I've had guys tell me life is no longer worth living, that they can no longer enjoy life, and don't see anything positive in their future – all because of the way they look! Is your life worth more than $4,320? Would you pay $4,320 to go from a life of misery to a life of fun and joy where you are confident about the way you look?

If women are repulsed by you, or your partner doesn't find you attractive, what cash value would you pay to turn things around so women check you out, ask you out, and fall in love with you instead of fall in love with the other guy? I don't know about you, but I'd gladly pay more than $4,320 to sort out my love life.

You might buy a 10 year old used car for $4,320. If you had the choice between the following two options, which would you choose:

  1. Having that $4,320 car but being stuck with man boobs.
  2. Being stuck with public transport or a bicycle, but having a perfect physique that women are crazy for.

I personally would choose having a great body over having a $300,000 Aston Martin Vanquish (my favorite car). I'd rather step off my bicycle and have girls check out my great body, than have girls check out my Aston Martin, and be repulsed by the fatso with man boobs who steps out of the car.

My clients who have paid me $4,320 for helping them lose their man boobs and get in shape, usually feel like they owe me more by the end of the 12 week program, because of the way transforming their physique changes their lives.

Most guys with man boobs, too much body fat, or a scrawny physique, are willing to pay whatever it takes to get a body that looks good on the beach. No amount of money is too much. This is because being ashamed of their body and the way they look, is a horrible way to live, and they would part with whatever amount of money they could, just so they could start enjoying life for a change. Even if having a fat or weak body doesn't make them feel suicidal, it still makes them feel miserable – they can't enjoy the sun in the summer, can't spend time with their friends and family at the beach, can't get intimate with women, can't ever feel comfortable in their own skin. Bearing in mind that life is not a rehearsal, that we only live life once, what amount of money would you be willing to part with, to eliminate all the shame and misery, and bring more joy into your life?

Anyway, you'll probably still be happy to know that I won't be charging you $4,320, because I'm no longer taking on one-on-one clients. The only way you can access my unique training secrets is by getting your hands on the Chest Sculpting Blueprint. Though nothing can replace one-on-one training from someone who has helped dozens of others lose their man boobs and sculpt jaw-dropping physiques, I have tested the Chest Sculpting Blueprint to make sure it's as damn near to one-on-one coaching as it gets.

In some ways the Chest Sculpting Blueprint is better than one-on-one coaching. If I teach you something face-to-face, you might forget what I taught you in a few days time. But the Chest Sculpting Blueprint 218-page manual will always be yours, so you can refer to it as often as you like. If I show you how to do an exercise with perfect form at the gym today, you might over time, forget the exact way to do the exercise. But with the Chest Sculpting Exercise DVD Series, you can go back and watch those exercises as many times as you like.

But no matter how good the Chest Sculpting Blueprint is, since I don't have to haul my butt to the gym and coach you one-on-one 3 days a week, I wouldn't dream of charging you $4,320. What I'll do is take away the $320 and divide by 10, so we get just $400. Any lower than that, I have to be careful, because my one-on-one clients who paid me $4,320 will be mad I'm giving the same secret training techniques away for a fraction of the price.

Now I don't know about you, but $400 for transforming my physique sounds like an amazing deal. All that misery of being teased by my friends and family, rejected by women, not being able to enjoy the summer sun…. eliminated by just $400.

But you know, some people might still say $400 is too much for a book, DVD and audio program. I agree. Most books should be less than $15, and most DVD programs less than $30. At most, a book, DVD and audio program should cost no more than 50 bucks, especially since nothing physical will be shipped to you, and you will receive everything via digital download. But let me tell you this…

You could buy a plain old napkin for a few cents, heck you can buy a pack of 100 for 5 bucks or less. But if you met Mozart, and he wrote a small composition on a napkin and signed it, that napkin would suddenly be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, and you would easily find a buyer for it. Now, I'm no Mozart, but the Chest Sculpting Blueprint is no ordinary training program

It's a unique program that I have come up with after years of testing on one-on-one clients.

The Chest Sculpting Blueprint Is Designed To Succeed Where Other Popular Programs Have Failed

If you have tried other diet or training programs in the past, then the Chest Sculpting Blueprint is the program you need to finally change your physique around. This is the best program that's designed to work with people with inferior genes.

You will get results with this program, whether you have been overweight all your life and could never lose a single pound of weight, or whether you have been a skinny shrimp all your life and could never gain a pound of muscle. It will also work if you have average or good genes.

This Is The Only Weight-Training Program Specially Designed For Losing Man Boobs, And Changing The Shape Of Your Upper Body

The Chest Sculpting Blueprint is also the only weight-training program out there that's geared toward the chest and changing the shape of your physique to something more athletic, something that goes beyond just manly. I hate to toot my own horn, but I'm the only real expert out there on losing man boobs, and the only expert who focuses so intently on training the chest, so my programs are worth far more than the average weight loss book or DVD.

But despite the fact that I'm going to reveal to you never-before-revealed secrets of losing man boobs and sculpting a jaw-dropping chest and overall physique, I'm not going to charge you $400.

I'm going to risk making my one-on-one clients mad by bringing that price down to $97. At this low price, getting your hands on this program is a no-brainer.

But that’s not all.

I'm also throwing in my…

8-Weeks, No-Questions-Asked, Hassle Free, Iron Clad, 100% Money Back Guarantee

If you don't lose your man boobs, your chest doesn't transform, and you don't grow all the muscle you need to look great at the pool, if you follow the program and don't find yourself looking great wearing a thin t-shirt in the summer sun, then you need only write me and I'll give you a 100%, no questions asked, money-back guarantee. If you don't get the perfect results you are looking for, you get every single penny back. So you have nothing to lose by giving this program a try.

Money Back Guarantee

And wait there's more!

Because I'm so excited about this program, and because I love all the positive testimonials that are coming in, with guys all around the world telling me how this program is changing their lives, for a limited time, I'm going to go the extra mile and give you the program for much less than just $97!

should be charging you no less than $400, but today I won't even charge you $50!

If you order today, and only through this page, you can get your hands on it all…

Chest Sculpting Blueprint including bonuses

  • The entire Chest Sculpting Blueprint Detailed Manual with over 200 pages of pure quality info,
  • Garry & Mihailo's Chest Sculpting Essential Exercise DVD Series,
  • Garry & Tim Wilson's Chest Sculpting Supplemental Exercise DVD Series,
  • And Tim Walker's Hypnosis For Weight Loss Audio Series,

For only 37 bucks. Can you believe it? You get it all for just 37 bucks!

That's half the price of a single session with a personal trainer (most of whom totally suck!). And since you'll be getting that perfectly sculpted chest and building that more-than-masculine body in 12 weeks from now, that's just 44 cents a day!

44 cents a day

That's cheaper than a cereal bar or your morning coffee! Is a chance at losing your man boobs and getting the body of your dreams worth more than a cup of coffee to you?

So, when you get your own copy of the Chest Sculpting Blueprint, you're going to want to dive right into…

The Fastest Way To Gain Muscle & Skyrocket Fat Loss” on page 59, so you can start shedding those pounds from day one!

Fastest way to gain muscle & skyrocket fat loss

Not only will you feel energized and refreshed, your body will feel lighter and your chest will start to firm up from the very first workout! Especially if you follow Chest Sculpting Power Principle #8 on page 183.

Chest firmer

Combine this with…

“Ancient Secrets To Fat Loss And A Ripped Physique” on page 90, and your body will transform so fast, your friends won't even recognize you!

But there's more…

If you follow Chest Sculpting Power Principle #2 (page 170), and combine this with Power Principles #6 and #8, you're really going to start to notice that your chest feels firmer, flatter, more masculine, and your nipples are less puffy.

Get rid of puffy nipples

Now, if you suffer from man boobs, then trust me, that feels amazing!

There's nothing more satisfying than for a guy with man boobs to look in the mirror and see his chest finally start to flatten out, in almost no time at all.

You know those days when you just can't find the right thing to wear, because your man boobs keep sticking out?

Well when you start sculpting that dream physique with the Chest Sculpting Blueprint, You'll find very soon, that you can wear absolutely anything (or nothing at all), and still look great, just a few weeks from now.

Look good in anything you wear

Imagine how amazing it will feel.

And all you have to do to start feeling all this and get started within 30 seconds, is to take me up on my zero-risk offer. Just click the link below, and it's all yours.

Every workout, every secret, every trick that helped me and thousands of others get rid of man boobs, lose unwanted body fat, grow muscle, and sculpt a jaw-dropping physique that looks great on the beach.

And it's only $37. It's all without any risk

Click the link below now, and let's get started

Chest Sculpting Blueprint Buy Now

Privacy Guaranteed

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