Omg, Guess What Happened To This Bodybuilding Legend

Bodybuilding Legend Crippled

Around the beginning of this month, I showed you this pic of these disgusting bodybuilders who dedicated their lives to achieving something truly sickening.

Here's that post again.

While researching that post, I came across something else that shocked me.

Did you know that bodybuilding legend Ronnie Coleman is now a CRIPPLE?

He now walks on crutches and has barely any muscle to show for all those gruelingly tough workouts he did to become winner of the Mr. Olympia title for eight years in a row.

I remember back in the day when I was obsessed with bodybuilding, watching this guy train and thinking that I want to be able to deadlift like this guy.

But before I got to even a fraction of what Coleman could lift, I ended up injuring my back and realizing that bodybuilding was fucked up.

And guess what?! Ronnie Coleman fucked up his back too.

Apparently, this guy has had so much back surgery from his injuries, that there's now too much scar tissue in his back, and surgeons have to operate on his back by cutting through his abdomen at the front!

Here's the article about Coleman:

So even the most renowned bodybuilder in the world doesn't have an invincible lower back.

And what the hell is this obsession people have with trying to deadlift or squat the weight of the moon?

When the hell will this ever be useful to you?

I used to come up with these crazy scenarios back in the day, like what if my bro Shaun (who's obsessed with cars) is working under his car one day and the jack gives way? If I could squat the weight of a car, then I could get under there and push the car up with my legs.

But what the hell is the point in taking a high risk of lifelong back pain (from injuring your back with heavy weighted squats or deadlifts), to prepare for something that has a 1 in a billion chance of ever happening?

Exercise should be USEFUL.

Do exercises that improve your health, help you lose fat, help shrink your man boobs, make you feel good, make you strong in movements that help you in your everyday life, will help you in a likely/possible emergency scenario, make you agile and flexible, etc.

Remember that the effects of exercise are temporary. You have to keep doing an exercise for the rest of your life in order to continue benefiting from it. So there's no point in doing an exercise that is likely to lead to permanent damage to your body. Because then you can no longer do the exercise, you will eventually lose all the benefit from the exercise, and there would have been no point whatsoever in ever having done that exercise, so you would have damaged your body for nothing.

Ronnie Coleman pushed himself harder in his training than anyone I know of. He built more muscle than anyone I've seen. Yet even HE lost it ALL and now he's just a chubby cripple who's worse off than a guy who's never trained a day in his life.

Examples of exercises to avoid include heavy squats, heavy deadlifts, and heavy bench presses.

If you've already injured yourself doing weight training, then I highly recommend you switch to doing bodyweight training instead.

In my program, Bodyweight Chest Exercises For Losing Man Boobs, I show you powerful bodyweight chest exercises that you can use to help get rid of your man boobs.

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