Lose Man Boobs With Paleolithic High Intensity Interval Training

Hi I’m Rafael

For almost two decades, I tried everything under the sun to get rid of my man boobs. It was only near the azure seas and golden sand beaches of Brazil, that I discovered the truth about losing man boobs, and finally managed to get a flat chest.

Raf losing man boobs

After I learned the truth, I got the results I wanted in a matter of weeks.

And I did it all without surgery, and without taking any drugs or expensive supplements. And also without killing myself in the gym and without starving myself or living on a diet of rabbit-food.

I’ll be revealing the truth and the methods I used on this very page. So if you’re in a position where you are ready to try something different for losing your man boobs, please keep reading, because I know what I have to tell you today could change your life forever.

On this page, I’ll tell you my story of how I went from being a 200lb+ obese guy with almost 4lb of fat on my chest, to almost looking like Brad Pitt in Fight Club in a matter of weeks. Littered throughout my story are 4 important lessons that you must learn if you ever want to get rid of your man boobs.

I’ll also be exposing in this very article, 3 Powerful Triggers that will give you the edge you need to finally flatten out your chest. If whatever you have tried in the past to get rid of your man boobs hasn’t worked, then  these 3 triggers could be all you need to turn the tables around and literally force your chest to respond.

The methods I used in the end were almost the complete opposite of what conventional wisdom would suggest. They involved a way of moving, a way of exercising, that was so different and unique, that I didn’t encounter them once during almost two decades of trying and failing to lose my man boobs in the U.S.

Now My Life Is Completely Changed

Ever since I lost my man boobs, my confidence has gone through the roof. I now live near the beach and I look forward to going topless every chance I get. I am respected by my friends and family, and people ask me for advice on how to work out – all the time.

Raf at the beach

See, this new method of training does more than just help you lose man boobs. As a pleasant side-benefit, it also helps you get totally shredded and grow muscle at the same time. Rather than give you that huge, grotesque bodybuilder physique, it gives you that ripped, Fight Club’s Brad Pitt-style appearance.

You’ll be amazed at how your life changes and how much your confidence increases when you know your body looks unstoppable.

And the best thing about it is you don’t have to dedicate your life to fitness. One weird thing about this style of training, is if you do too much of it, it doesn’t work. You actually have to limit how much time you spend working out.

This is great news for guys like you and me, because it means you can lose your man boobs and sculpt a powerful physique, even if you are the busiest person in the world – whether you are studying, have a hectic job, or have a family and kids to look after.

Anyone Can Do It, But Here’s What You’ve Gotta Do First…

It’s good to know that these methods will work for absolutely anyone with man boobs. It doesn’t matter how old you are. It doesn’t matter if you have massive man boobs, or just perky breasts with puffy nipples. Ever since I flattened out my own chest, I’ve seen these methods work on dozens of other guys.

Different size man boobs

I have to warn you though, these methods are so different from anything I had tried before, I really didn’t think they would work at first, but they did.

So as you get started on these exercises, the first thing you need to do is suspend your disbelief.

Think about it.

If everything you’ve tried up and till today hasn’t worked for you, doesn’t it make sense to try something new, something totally different?

So if you’re ready to try something that you’ve never done before, probably never even heard of before, then kick back and get yourself a cup of coffee, because I’m about to tell you a story that I bet is going to change your life.

Your Road To A Flat Chest Starts With This…

If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably wondered at some point in your life, out of all the people around you, why are you the only one who has man boobs? With me, life in school would have been so much easier if just one or two other kids in school had man boobs. But I was the only one.

I was teased, ridiculed, and made to feel inferior all the time. But everything changed for me one day, when I had one of the biggest Harajuku moments of my life.

What's a “Harajuku” moment?

A Harajuku moment is where the pain of having man boobs is so intense that you decide you HAVE to get rid of your man boobs, or die trying. It’s that moment you decide enough is enough. Any big change that you make to your life, always begins with a Harajuku moment – whether it's losing man boobs, losing weight, or getting out of a bad relationship.

Here’s what happened.

I moved from Brazil into the U.S. at the age of 11. It happened 2 years later during indoor soccer practice at school. My teacher couldn’t find the bibs, so he decided that one team would go topless.

And… you guessed it. I was in the topless team.

There were a few other fat guys around, but I was the only one with a really feminine-looking set of man boobs.

As soon as I took my top off, I could notice some of the other kids staring, making comments and giggling. It got worse when I started running and my man boobs were bouncing up and down.

I’ll never forget that moment when I had the ball, and one of the guys in my own team shouted from across the gym, “Yo Bitch-Tits, over here!” – And everyone burst out laughing.

Laughing at Raf

My teacher had to call a time-out on the game, so everyone could settle down. They all just couldn’t stop laughing at some of the jokes the guys were pulling. But that was nothing compared to what happened next.

A few minutes later, as we carried on playing, a piece of clothing came flying out from behind me and landed right over my shoulders. It took me a moment to figure out what it was. I took it off my shoulders and held it in front of me – it was a bra.

At that moment, as I let the bra drop to the floor, almost every kid in that gym literally fell to the floor with gut-wrenching laughter. Some of the guys were goading me to “Put it on”. At this point, not even my teacher could hold back his laughter.

I was so ashamed that I felt like I wanted to break down and start crying, but I knew that would make things worse. As tears welled up in my eyes, I picked up my t-shirt and walked out.

That was the worst day of my life.

I went home and I looked myself in the mirror. I promised myself that I would get rid of my man boobs or I would die trying.

I spent the rest of my day doing pushups. I did them in a dozen different ways – incline pushups, decline pushups, level pushups, wide-hands pushups, narrow-hands pushups, hindu pushups, weighted pushups, clapping pushups, the list goes on…

Over time I got better and better at doing pushups.

After I reached my first goal of doing 100 standard pushups in one go, I pushed the boundaries further and reached for 200, then 300, then 400, and eventually reached 1,000 and beyond.

Raf doing pushups

After about 7 months of complete dedication to pushups, bench presses, and every chest exercise known to man, I was doing 1,500 pushups – all in one go. It would take me just under an hour to complete, and I did this every single day.

After nearly 1 full year of doing 1,500 pushups a day and multiple other chest exercises, I finally discovered…

Lesson #1 In Male Breast Reduction

Pushups and other exercises that directly work the chest – don’t work for shit.

The only thing all those pushups helped to do was to grow some muscle underneath my man boobs. They barely seemed to do anything to the overlying layers of fat that formed my man boobs.

I later learned that in human physiology, there is no way for the muscles in your chest to directly burn the overlying fat in your man boobs.

No matter how much you feel it burn, no matter how much you feel the “pump”, the only thing that pump is affecting is your muscles, not your man boobs.

The exercises that do signal your body to burn chest fat, have nothing to do with chest exercises. Later in life, I would find a way to completely flatten out my chest, without doing a single pushup or a single bench press.

The Biggest Roadblock To Losing Man Boobs

Meanwhile, over the next 5 years, I lived a life of misery.

I got teased and bullied at school – the kids accused me of being gay, they gave me nicknames like ‘tits’ and ‘knockers’.

I had trouble getting close to girls, because they never really saw me as a “guy” they could fall for. I had trouble making friends because of my low self esteem.

In the summer when everyone else was having fun outdoors – going to the beach, going swimming, playing in the park, going abroad on holiday – I stayed indoors, because it was too embarrassing to be seen topless or even in a t-shirt.

After my big Harajuku moment in school, I had plenty other smaller Harajuku moments. I got teased, ridiculed, and even beaten up because of my man boobs. Each time I’d go home and swear that I’d do whatever it takes to get a flat chest.

I tried so many new and different types of chest exercises, and none of them seemed to work.

My man boobs ruined my life in school. They also took my focus away from my studies, so I was in no position to go to college after graduating from high school. I ended up with a job in a local retail store.

Life as a retail clerk wasn’t nearly as bad as life as a school kid. Working adults generally don’t try to totally destroy you because you have man boobs.

Over the years, from my late teens to mid twenties, I continued to learn about diet and exercise. I tried new and different methods to try and get rid of my man boobs.

Despite my efforts, I started to put on more weight in my late twenties, with my man boobs getting bigger than ever before.

My life was still miserable, I had low self-esteem, I was lonely and alone, afraid to take my top off, afraid to make friends, afraid to enjoy the summer sun.

Raf miserable indoors

I also developed a bit of an anger problem. I was irritable, and I would blame all of my problems and everything that ever went wrong on everyone else. At work, I had earned the nickname “Furious”. I had no idea at the time that all that anger and resentment was just a reflection of how sad and unhappy I was with my life.

But unlike when I was in school, there was nothing to kick me up the backside to remind me that I was better off dead than living life afraid and embarrassed of being in my own skin.

I had stumbled on the biggest roadblock to losing man boobs – complacency.

But Then Something Totally Unexpected Happened…

I had my second, big, life-changing Harajuku moment. This time it was bigger than ever before.

There was this new girl at work, Stacey. She was a blond irish girl of medium height, who wore black-framed glasses, and was just the right combination of shy and outspoken. She was my type of girl. The best thing about her was she laughed at my weird jokes.

Despite the fact that I was a fat guy with man boobs, Stacey seemed to like me back. It’s like she was the only person in the world who totally saw through my man boobs, and saw me for who I was.

With Stacey around, my anger issues seemed to go away, and life at work started to get better.

I was planning on asking Stacey out on the very day I had the biggest Harajuku moment of my life.

It was Christmas, and the store manager had arranged a party for us. They had hired out a hall. There was a DJ with music, lights, snacks, drinks and dance.

We were all having an awesome time. At one point around 10-12 of us were standing around in a circle, just making conversation. Stacey was there too. We all went silent for a moment as we nursed our drinks and waited for someone to kickstart the conversation again. And that’s when it happened…

Eric, my supervisor – a tall, skinny nerd with the social skills of a 10-year old, just pointed to my chest and said, “So what’s the story behind those?” I looked at him and said, “Story behind what?” To which he replied “Your TITS!”

At that point, my man boobs became the new topic of conversation. “Don’t they call them moobs?” Said another guy in the group. “Hey, I just noticed Raf, you’ve got the biggest boobs in the room” remarked one of the girls. They all started laughing and making comments and sexual jokes about my man boobs. All except Stacey, who just looked totally embarrassed – she just stared at my chest, as if she was seeing my man boobs for the first time.

Laughing at Raf - Party

From that moment, Stacey became as cold as an ice pick. She avoided me, avoided making eye contact with me, and was impossible to make conversation with.

It’s like something biological in her clicked, and she suddenly couldn’t picture being with me any more.

I was totally heart-broken. It didn’t hit me properly until I had left the party and found myself alone in my car. As I started the engine, I felt all the pain well up inside me.

It wasn’t just the pain of losing any chance of being with Stacey. It was all the pain I had suffered throughout my entire life. Every time a girl rejected me because of my man boobs. Every time someone teased, mocked, or ridiculed me. Every summer I spent indoors on my own. Every time I avoided going to the beach with my friends and family, and avoided other outdoor activities like surfing, playing football, hiking and cycling.

Mostly though, it was the pain of heartbreak.

I’m not a feminine guy. I don’t cry easy. I’ve been through some real tragedy in my life, and I rarely ever shed a single tear. But this time it was too much. It all suddenly hit me like a speeding truck – I realized how much my life really sucked. I realized that I was better off dead than going on living the way I was.

I was lonely, I was totally alone. I had no close friends, my family didn’t know me, I had no intimacy in my life. There was no reason for me to live any more.

All those emotions welled up inside me and I broke into tears. I spent the next 20 minutes, parked up in my car with the engine on, a grown man, crying my eyes out like a child.

I drove home that day, no longer caring whether I lived or died, with images running through my mind of every heartbreak, every lonely moment, every summer spent alone and indoors.

I realized then that my life as a guy with man boobs was completely messed up. That’s when I had the biggest Harajuku moment of my life.

I got home that day and realized I had two choices: to either commit suicide, or somehow sort my life out.

Thankfully, I’m not one to back out from a fight. I picked the second option.

It was a Friday night, so I had the whole weekend to plan everything. I went to bed, and got started as soon as I woke up the next morning.

Here's When My Body Finally Started To Transform…

The first thing I did on the Saturday morning after the Christmas party, was hire a personal trainer.

The first half-dozen personal trainers I hired were totally rubbish. They all told me to do different variations of chest exercises. When I told them I had tried every chest exercise known to man, they just told me to try harder.

I kept changing personal trainers until I finally found one who seemed to know what he was doing.

This guy was a lot smarter than the others. He told me to forget about chest exercises for now, and to focus on generalized body fat reduction through cardio and rigorous calorie restriction.

Running with man boobs

He got me reading labels and counting calories like a geek. I was soon living like a machine – counting every calorie that went in and every calorie I burned. No calorie was unaccounted for.

Unlike the other personal trainers I had hired, this guy actually helped me to lose weight. Finally, my body started to transform.

At first, my chest stayed the same while I lost fat from all over the rest of my body. This totally sucked, because I was turning into the only thing that looks worse than a fat guy with man boobs – a skinny guy with man boobs!

With my thin frame, my man boobs were really sticking out, and I really looked like a freak!

Fat with man boobs vs thin with man boobs

To remedy this, my trainer got me to increase my hours of training, and to seriously limit my calorie intake. As I starved myself and worked myself to death with 3-4 hours of intensive training a day, 6 days a week, I finally started to see my chest flatten out.

Halleluja! Success!… or was it?

That’s when I discovered…

Lesson #2 In Male Breast Reduction

Cardio and calorie restriction – don’t work for shit.

Wha? Didn’t I just say that it finally worked? That I finally managed to flatten out my chest with cardio and counting calories?

Well here’s what happened.

I thought I would look “normal” when I lost my man boobs, but I didn’t. I was totally cachectic – skinny as a rake. I looked ill, I felt ill. I had low energy, low mood, felt weak, and had the libido of a 90-year old woman.

Running on treadmill for losing man boobs

People were just as weirded out by me as they were when I had my man boobs. They were probably even more weirded out, because I either looked like a drug addict, or a real-life zombie from AMC’s Walking Dead (“argh, argh”).

Plus my new fitness lifestyle was killing me. 3-4 hours of training every day after work was taking over my life. Starving myself and avoiding my favorite foods took the spice out of my life and was killing my mood.

I tried cutting down on my training and eating a little more. But as soon as I did, my man boobs would start to grow back.

I felt stuck – like I had to choose between one life of misery and another.

In the end, I could no longer afford to pay for this personal trainer. As soon as I let him go, I found that without someone constantly encouraging me, I couldn’t  keep up with the training or the diet. So I ended up gaining it all back – the man boobs, all the body fat and more.

So Here Is The Problem With This Method Of Diet And Exercise…

Cardio and calorie counting doesn’t work for most people, it only works for people who have the willpower of a buddhist monk, or who are being totally whipped and slave-driven by a domineering personal trainer.

When it does work, it’s at the expense of your freedom. You have to dedicate your life to fitness and counting calories. Restricting calories, living on salads and vegetables, and exercising till you drop, really takes the life out of you. Those few hours when you are not working out, you are miserable because you can’t eat. You have low energy and you really feel like crap.

I later learned that exercising too much and restricting your calories, really messes up your hormones. It kills your manly testosterone levels, and low testosterone is a powerful signal for your body to hold on to your man boobs.

What this means is that it gets harder and harder to lose your man boobs, and when you do lose them, your body is super-primed to growing them back. So as soon as you eat something you like, or as soon as you miss that single workout, the body almost instantly dumps the fat right back on, and the first place it does this is on your chest.

Over The Next Few Years I Tried Every Type Of Exercise Under The Sun

Having failed with so many personal trainers, I decided to learn the truth about losing man boobs by myself. I transformed myself into a complete nerd and started reading and researching everything I could on diet, exercise physiology and male breast anatomy.

I tried swimming, weight training, pilates, kettlebells, calisthenics, martial arts, boxing, and countless other forms of exercise. I even did military training by joining the army for a year.

Swimming weights kettlebells

But no matter what type of exercise I did, or how hard I pushed myself, nothing seemed to help me with my man boobs

I also got into supplements. I rinsed my bank account dry on the most expensive drugs and supplements on the market.

I illegally imported medical drugs from abroad (shhh don’t tell anyone). I also tried every one of those expensive “gynecomastia pills” you see advertised on the internet.

Thousands of dollars later, I discovered that those gynecomastia pills were nothing but a hoax. Some of the medical drugs seemed to have an effect, but the effects just wore off after a few months.

Every pill you can think of that has any chance of helping you to lose man boobs – you can bet your bottom dollar I’ve tried it.

I even joined underground bodybuilding circles to learn about anabolic steroids, and how I could use them to get rid of my man boobs.

Raf using steroids

At first, my experiments with steroids went totally wrong, and my man boobs got way bigger. I then managed to find the right combination of drugs – testosterone combined with aromatase inhibitors and a combination of other drugs – this actually started to work, and I could notice my chest getting flatter.

And, that’s where I came across…

Lesson #3 In Male Breast Reduction

Supplements and steroids – don’t work for shit!

Wohaaa! Hold it there! Didn’t I just say my chest started to flatten out?

Yeh, it’s true. Anabolic steroids can work.

But the problem was I had to take bigger and bigger doses to continue seeing results.

With these bigger doses, I had to put up with some nasty side-effects. Mood swings, even more anger, paranoia and baldness to name a few. Eventually I ended up in hospital with chest pain. The doctor told me that the steroids I was taking had permanently thickened the walls of my heart, and I almost had a full-on heart attack. And this at the age of 29!

It was obvious I could no longer take steroids.

As I came off them, my man boobs started to grow again. They actually ended up being bigger than they ever were before!

The trouble is, when you take anabolic steroids, your body thinks, “Hey, if this stuff is already in my system, why on earth would I produce any of my own?” So your testicles shrink and your body stops producing its own natural testosterone.

When you then stop taking steroids, you end up with much lower levels of testosterone than when you first started.

But I wasn’t ready to give up. I hadn’t forgotten my Harajuku moment, I hadn’t forgotten what happened with Stacy at the Christmas party. I was willing to do whatever it took. I risked my life once with steroids, and I was willing to risk it again – this time with something even more radical.

The Most Radical Thing I Ever Did To Try And Lose Man Boobs

Male breast reduction surgery

The way I see it, when it comes to losing man boobs, there’s nothing more radical than surgery.

I had avoided surgery all my life, because of all the horror stories I had heard.

I had visited my fair share of surgeons, and every one of them would paint the most optimistic picture he could about male breast reduction surgery. But when you do your research, you realize that there are some frightfully common and nasty side-effects and complications.

The three that got to me the most are permanent chest-wall deformities, permanent scarring, and a permanent loss of the sensation in your nipples.

I spoke to one guy who had surgery and ended up with the nipple sensation problem. He described to me how his nipples always felt weird, how they always had an itch that he couldn’t scratch, how he felt pangs of sharp pains in his nipples throughout the day. He said he was a million times happier when he had his man boobs.

Despite my fears, I decided to still go ahead with surgery. The pain of having man boobs was just too much for me.

I found the best surgeon I could, and paid a premium fee of almost $9,000.

Though it totally killed my bank account and threw me into debt, the results were astonishing! The surgeon did a great job. You could hardly see the scarring, there were no chest deformities… my nipples were a bit numb at first, but they were back to normal after a couple of weeks.

And that’s when I learned…

Lesson #4 In Male Breast Reduction

Surgery – don’t work for shit.

Ok, it does work for some people, but the risks are just too great.

The risk that got me, was the risk of recurrence.

Two or three months after my surgery, my man boobs started to grow back.

Despite lucking out and not suffering from any permanent deformities from the procedure, many of which are worse than having man boobs, I couldn’t avoid the most glaringly obvious flaw with surgery:

Surgery doesn’t deal with the root cause of man boobs. All surgery does is deal with the symptom. Surgery just takes away the man boobs, but doesn’t deal with the underlying hormonal problem that caused you to grow man boobs in the first place. If the root cause isn’t dealt with, then your man boobs will simply grow back after surgery.

And that’s what happened to me.

So now I was back to square one.

I had tried everything and nothing had worked. I was angrier and more irritable than ever before. At this point I was having fights with my family, my coworkers, even my friends. I came close to losing my job, and losing everyone who meant anything to me.

Life with man boobs continued to suck.

By that time the energy from that last Harajuku moment was totally spent. I had given up once again.

There was just one last card I would play.

The next phase of my life, the phase where everything would change, where I would finally lose my man boobs and change my life forever, would begin a few months later when I went on a family trip back to Brazil.

What I Discovered In Brazil Would Change My Life Forever!

This was something that was way more powerful than a Harajuku moment – especially when it comes to losing man boobs.

Man boobs had ruined my teens and my twenties. What were meant to be the most enjoyable years of my life, were spent in complete misery.

Now, thanks to what I discovered in Brazil, I’m a completely different person in my 30’s.

I finally have a perfectly flat chest, and my nipples are no longer puffy.

Raf Shredded

As a bonus, I also have a tight set of abs, a narrow waist, and broad shoulders.

I’ve got a better body than most male fitness models…OK, the abs may not be as chiseled just yet, but my chest definitely looks more manly.

And the best part about it is that I achieved this body and continue to maintain it, without having to work out for hours every day, and without having to starve myself or go on some crazy restrictive diet.

I finally know what it feels like to be able to take my top off at the beach without feeling in any way self-conscious. I actually look forward to taking my top off at every opportunity – so I can show off with my chiseled pecs and tight abs.

I also finally got over my anger issues. I used to think my anger was genetic – that I got it from my angry dad, but it was all because I was unhappy with my life. Once I got rid of my man boobs, anger and frustration were no longer a part of my life. I'm now a much more likeable person, which has helped me to make new friends.

With my newfound confidence, I've also discovered the leader in myself, which has helped me to get ahead at work.

It’s hard to believe how much your life can change once you’re totally comfortable with your body and with the way you look. When you have a good self-image, it makes you feel like you can do absolutely anything, and it spills over to every other aspect of your life.

You feel more comfortable talking to and being around women. You feel more in control at work. It gets easier to earn the respect of your friends, family and coworkers.

You are more confident, you have more control over yourself, so you are better able to move up the ladder at work – for a bigger paycheck, more free time, more authority, and a better life.

So what happened in Brazil to change everything around so suddenly?

Well in Brazil, I discovered…

This Little-Known Truth About Losing Man Boobs

We already know that the truth isn’t about doing thousands of pushups and other direct chest exercises.

It isn’t about doing hours and hours of endless, boring cardio, and it isn't about counting calories.

Nor is it about drugs, expensive supplements, or steroids.

And it isn’t about having surgery either.

The truth, is that you have to focus on quality over quantity.

OK, so that might look like I’m just throwing a cliché at you, but there is so much depth and power behind this concept, and it really has the power to change your life – starting today!

The secret to losing man boobs is to focus on the right type of high quality exercise, and the right type of high quality food. The higher the quality of exercise, the less time you need to spend exercising. The higher the quality of food, the more food you can eat, and still continue to shrink your man boobs.

The truth about losing man boobs is that you have to train smart and eat right. It’s not about training more and eating less.

Choosing the right type of exercise is 10x more important if you’re looking to lose man boobs, than if you’re just looking to lose weight.

You can get fat for just eating too much and moving too little. But you don’t get man boobs for the same reasons. You get man boobs because of a specific hormonal imbalance in your body.

So to get rid of man boobs you have to focus on reversing this hormonal imbalance.

Simply exercising for endless hours every day, actually makes this hormonal imbalance worse. So you end up instructing your body to hold on to your man boobs.

That’s why when you finally manage to lose weight on a high volume workout and low calorie diet, you end up losing fat from everywhere on your body except your chest.

With that in mind, here are 3 Powerful Triggers that a high quality exercise must activate if you want to lose those man boobs:

Trigger #1: Cause favorable hormonal changes that last for as long as possible after your training is over.

The exercise has to boost testosterone, minimize the stress hormone cortisol, improve insulin sensitivity, and make some other key hormonal changes.

Studies have shown that doing hours and hours of cardio, actually reduces testosterone, increases cortisol, and does very little for insulin sensitivity. Also, doing a thousand pushups every day, has little or no effect on these hormones.

Trigger #2: Reprogram your genes for body fat reduction and chest-flattening

The latest studies have shown that your genes rely on something called “epi-genes” to have their effect. Where your genes are like the hardware of a computer, your epi-genes are like the software.

Though you can’t change your genes, your epi-genes are very pliable. The right type of exercise can actually reprogram your epi-genes to give you a flat chest.

Trigger #3: Activate your body’s adaptive powers

The premise behind long duration cardio, is that you are trying to change your body during exercise by training in the “fat-burning zone”. This premise is totally flawed.

With cardio, you use fat as your main fuel-source during exercise. When you do this, your body adapts by increasing your fat storage, so you get better at this type of training.

What ends up happening, is you burn fat during exercise, while at the same time, you are programing your body to store more fat. You might spend a whole 2 hours a day training, but for the rest of the 22 hours of the day, your body is doing everything it can to put back on the fat that you lost.

The secret then, is to train in a way that programs your body to burn fat when you are not working out.

Shredded on couch

This involves doing something called “glycolytic training”, where you use the sugar stores in your muscles for energy during exercise. This programs your body to burn fat after exercise, so it can replace these sugar stores in your muscles.

Also, with the right type of training, you can force your body to adapt by preferentially burning the fat on your chest.

So all my life I believed that the secret to losing man boobs was to just exercise more and to eat less. How wrong I was.

This new method of exercise I learned in Brazil, had nothing to do with training for endless hours – doing hours and hours of cardio, or hundreds or thousands of pushups. It has nothing to do with training your chest. It doesn’t rely on starving yourself or restricting yourself from good-tasting food; nor does it rely on expensive drugs, supplements or steroids.

These high quality exercises are so unique, so different, that most people have never even heard of them. Those few who have heard of them, have no idea how to do them in a way that will help get rid of their man boobs.

Despite having tried and failed with every method under the sun for almost two decades, what I discovered in the depths of Brazil was so new and unique, that it obliterated my man boobs in a matter of weeks!

Now before I tell you what these exercises are, let me tell you a quick 30-second story about an awesome side-benefit of having a flat, masculine chest.

Here's Something To Look Forward To When You Lose Your Man Boobs

When I got back to the U.S. after losing my man boobs, I was at the beach one day, with my top off, and just having a good time with my family and two of my friends. By then I had completely overcome that feeling of self-consciousness about having man boobs, because, well… I no longer had man boobs.

I’ll never forget that moment when these three, totally gorgeous girls came up to me and my friends and asked if we’d like to join them in a game of volleyball. Apparently their friends hadn’t shown up and they needed some more players.

Shredded on beach

To be honest, we had a pretty shitty game – because my friends and I sucked at volleyball. Despite getting totally thrashed by these three girls, at the end of it, as we were all saying our goodbyes, one of the girls actually asked me for my number! And this was a hot girl in a bikini!

That was the first time in my life a girl asked me for my number! It felt totally awesome, and I knew it wouldn’t have happened if I still had my man boobs. As I got to know this girl, she later admitted that the only reason she approached me and my friends for a game of volleyball, was because she thought I looked hot with my top off.

Wow! Isn’t that just awesome?

Now, I’m not telling you this to show off. Girls aren’t always asking me for my number. But what I am telling you is that girls totally dig a guy with a flat, masculine chest, and you’ll get a lot more attention from women once you finally get rid of your man boobs and flatten out your chest.

Ok, so you’re probably wondering…

What Happened In Brazil That Helped Me Finally Lose My Man Boobs For Good?

Like I said, I went on holiday back to my home country Brazil with my family.

I hadn’t been back go Brazil since I grew my man boobs as a kid, so I had no idea how people would treat me there.

Funny enough, no-one seemed to give a damn. I seemed to be the only one who thought my man boobs were weird. Guys didn’t look down on me – they treated me as their equal. Women were totally comfortable talking to me, and being seen hanging out with me. They still didn’t want to be with me, but hey – I was living an almost normal life.

I could totally walk around in a t-shirt, or even topless, and no-one would be looking, staring, giggling, or making jokes behind my back.

Those two weeks I spent with my family in Brazil, were the first two weeks of my adult life that I almost felt like a normal guy.

So here’s what happened…

When I got back home to the U.S., I told my family that I was moving to Brazil for good. I had lots of extended family over there, and my uncle Lucas could sort me out with a job.

Simply moving to Brazil wouldn’t get rid of my man boobs, but at least I could go to the beach, enjoy the sun, enjoy the outdoors and get to know people without feeling embarrassed and humiliated about my man boobs.

Brazil was great at first. I really enjoyed it. But over time, I started to get homesick. I may have my roots back in Brazil, but I had spent most of my life in the United States of America – I've always been an American at heart. I missed my family, I missed my old job, my neighborhood, and my old American lifestyle.

I also felt like I was running away from my problems rather than facing them. Also, I still felt inferior to other guys because of my man boobs. My own self image was messed up. I still couldn’t get close to women because I felt insecure.

But at the time I thought there was nothing more I could do about my man boobs, so I proceeded to live out my life in Brazil.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) is big over there, and almost all of my male friends and relatives were experts at it. I decided to take it up, just to stay fit. The best thing about it for me, is we used to practice on the beach – so I could make up for all that lost beach-time from my old life back in the U.S.

BJJ Sparring Session

Though BJJ did wonders for my physical fitness and even helped to lose some weight, it did very little for my man boobs. This didn’t surprise me at all, seeing as none of the other things I had tried throughout my life had ever really worked that well.

But BJJ Did Do Something For Me That Would Change My Life Forever

One day, I was sparring with this new American guy who had come to visit and train in our dojo.

His name was Garry Davidson, and his BJJ skills were terrible. I totally kicked his ass. But there was something that really got at me.

Even though Garry wasn’t much stronger or fitter than I was, he still had one of the most impressive physiques I had ever seen.

Garry Davidson

This guy looked like he had a body carved out of solid rock. I would happily have traded all of my strength, all of my fitness, and all of my technique in BJJ, just to look like that.

I figured it must have been his genes. Some people are just born with abs – they can eat whatever the hell they like and not work out at all, and still have a tight midsection and a totally flat chest.

But later on that day, when me, Garry, and a few other guys from the dojo went for a drink in an outdoor bar by the beach, Garry told me he had spent most of his life being overweight with man boobs – just like me.

I was even more shocked when I questioned him about his training. Garry apparently only trained anywhere from a few minutes to an hour, 3 days a week.

He also told me what he did for a living. He was a personal trainer who specialized in helping guys lose man boobs. At that moment, I was incredulous. I didn’t believe him, I told him it was impossible to lose man boobs. He said “No, it’s actually pretty easy when you know how”.

I felt insulted at first. I had tried absolutely everything to try and get rid of my man boobs, with no real lasting success. Who the hell did this guy think he was, to come and tell me losing man boobs was “easy”?

My anger almost got the better of me, but Garry totally disarmed me with his scientific know-how. In the end I told him, “Look, I will teach you all the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu you want. If you can get rid of my man boobs, I will be your BJJ trainer for life, I’ll even go back to the U.S. with you.”

We shook hands to seal the deal.

A New Training Regimen That Was Different From Anything I Had Tried Before

The next day, Garry got me started on a new training regimen that was totally different from anything I had done before.

It was a little weird, and it almost felt like he was pulling some sick prank on me. He went further and asked me to stop all of my BJJ training, because he said it was getting in the way.

Sprinting on beach

The only thing that made me listen, was that he was very scientific and technical about it all. He explained how too much training leads to a hormonal imbalance that ends up programing your body to hold on to your man boobs.

He gave me links to a bunch of scientific studies and showed me all the proof that his methods would work.

I was still skeptical though, but I decided to suspend my disbelief and just go for it. Since nothing else I had tried had worked, it was time to try something different.

Most of the workouts Garry made me do, were so short, that the workout would be over before I even broke a sweat. I’d train like this once a day, just 3 days a week.

In one sense, this felt easy because previously I had been going through grueling training sessions for 3-4 hours, almost every day. In another sense, Garry’s workouts were also tough because they were so intense, that they pushed my heart and lungs to a new level of intensity.

Before long on Garry’s program…

I Started To See Changes In My Chest That I Had Never Seen Before

Yes, that decision to suspend my disbelief and just go for it had worked!

In 7 weeks I lost 3 pounds of fat in total, just from my man boobs.

It took me about 4 months before my chest was completely flat.

Now, 4 months may seem like a lot of time to you, but my man boobs were seriously huge. Most of Garry’s clients are totally flat-chested within 8-12 weeks.

So what is it about this new method of training that makes it so damn powerful for getting rid of man boobs?

Well I’ll tell you in just a few seconds – but first, you’ll probably want to hear a little more about Garry.

What Makes This Guy Such An Expert On Losing Man Boobs, And Why Should You Listen To Him?

Garry is a certified fitness trainer and sports scientist. What makes him unique, is that he’s the only professional I know, who specializes in natural male breast reduction.

Garry reducing man boobs

For the last 8 years, he has been working intensely with guys with man boobs – guys who are just like you and me – hands-on and in the trenches, actively researching new and different ways to get rid of man boobs naturally – through scientifically proven exercise and nutritional techniques.

Garry’s methods are tried, tested and proven, not just by me, but by thousands of people, just like you and me. In fact, to date, over 169,000 people in 126 different countries have benefited from Garry’s approach to losing man boobs.

What’s special about Garry, is unlike most other experts out there, he’s not just another imitator putting a spin on something old we all already know about. Garry does his own experiments to come up with new and different training methods that nobody else will tell you about.

And what’s really exciting is that Garry has recently discovered…

A New Training Breakthrough For Losing Man Boobs

For a good few years, Garry studied the training methods of the most advanced Olympic athletes in the world. To learn everything he could, he traveled to various different countries, including Russia, Germany and Italy, where he gained some surprising insights from different approaches that are so alien to what we’re used to in the U.S.

Some years ago, Garry also got into Paleoanthropology – the study of humans from the Paleolithic era. Funny enough, the Paleolithic era can teach us more about natural male breast reduction, than any other era in human history.

Russian Italian German Paleolithic man

The Paleolithic era started around 2 million years ago, and it ended some 10,000 years ago. Scientists say that our genetic identity was formed in that era. Fossilized remains suggest that we are genetically, 99.998% identical to our Paleolithic ancestor.

What’s interesting, is that Paleolithic man was by far the strongest, healthiest, and most robust form of human in all of human history. These guys were stronger, faster, leaner, more muscular, more fertile, more strong-boned, and more resistant to disease than we are today.

The men of that era were the pinnacle of manliness, and it just so happens that finding our way back to masculinity is what losing man boobs is all about.

Garry decided to study the Paleolithic lifestyle in detail. He then combined the way our Paleolithic ancestors moved, with the way today’s top Olympic athletes train, and came up with a whole new concept in training.

Garry’s new style of training, called Paleolithic High Intensity Interval Training (Paleolithic HIIT), has one goal: to bring the male body back to a state of masculinity, by blasting away man boobs, reducing body fat, and increasing muscle mass.

What Makes Paleolithic HIIT Better Than Olympic Training And Better Than Regular Old HIIT?

See, the trouble with Olympic training, is that most Olympic athletes are in anything but a state of masculinity throughout the year. Most of the time they are overtrained, with low testosterone levels, and a weakened immune system. Only a few, genetically superior individuals ever end up making it to the top.

Olympic athletes have to train 5-8 hours a day, 6 days a week, because they are in it to improve performance, they are in it to break world records.

Paleolithic HIIT is also way more advanced than regular old HIIT. Where every single HIIT protocol out there just gives you the same old protocol to follow day in, day out, Paleolithic HIIT is a whole system, and the only system that incorporates Paleolithic-style variation from day to day, week to week and month to month.

Also, every HIIT program out there is focused only on performance – with weight loss being a pleasant side-benefit. HIIT protocols are designed for well-conditioned, full-time career athletes, and the average guy like you and me would find them way too tough. Even if we could keep up with these HIIT protocols, our bodies would go into a state of overtraining, and we wouldn’t see the physique changes we wanted.

Garry’s Paleolithic HIIT is the only form of HIIT training that focuses on physique enhancement, while using performance enhancement to boost your physique results. This means that you lose man boobs, lose body fat, and grow muscle at an alarmingly quick pace, while also becoming stronger, faster and more athletic as a side-benefit.

Due to unique Paleolithic techniques, Garry’s Paleolithic HIIT is the only program that is designed to work for anyone and everyone – in the same way it worked for every Paleolithic man who ever lived. It will work for you no matter how inferior you think your genes might be.

The main thing that makes Paleolithic HIIT better for you and me than regular HIIT or Olympic training, is that Paleolithic HIIT is tailored specifically to enhance your physique – to get rid of man boobs, get rid of unwanted body fat, and grow some manly muscle.

Paleolithic HIIT Ignites A Blazing Red Fire In The Fat Cells In Your Chest

This revolutionary method of exercise focuses on turbo-charging your metabolism. It turns on the key that ignites a blazing red fire in your fat cells – especially the fat cells in your chest. Once you turn on this fire, it can stay on for up to 48 hours straight – so your body goes on burning chest fat for two whole days after your workout.

Losing weight in your sleep

Your body continues to burn chest fat when you’re at work, when you’re at home – relaxing, watching TV and spending time with your family, and even in your sleep!

When I discovered Garry’s Paleolithic HIIT program, all I needed to do was to train for a few minutes a day, just 3 days a week, and my chest started to flatten out like I’ve never seen before!

Not only could I feel my chest firm up after the very first workout, but I also noticed visible changes in my chest – with my man boobs literally shrinking – after the first few weeks on this new type of exercise.

I was completely shocked by this, because with Paleolithic HIIT, my man boobs shrunk more in just a few weeks, than they had done for almost two decades of trying everything else.

And unlike before, rather than become thin, shriveled, weak and diseased, my health improved – I became stronger, fitter, and more robust. And the best thing about it is that I did it all without having to dedicate my life to fitness, and without having to starve myself or live on a diet of rabbit-food.

So Here’s How You Can Get Started Today

When I met Garry, he was only using his Paleolithic HIIT training with his one-on-one clients. The trouble though, is that there are only so many clients he can see by himself.

I was so astonished by my own results that I urged Garry to write a book, so others could benefit from his program as well.

I’m happy to say that Garry has now completed his book. He has taken all of the Paleolithic HIIT principles that he taught me, and put it together in a quick guide that anyone can use to get rid of their man boobs.

Yes, even you!

It’s called “Losing Man Boobs With Paleolithic High Intensity Interval Training”. It’s straight to the point and it works. Trust me. Garry’s the real deal and he really helped me to finally get that flat chest that I have always wanted.

With Garry’s guide, you’ll finally be able to get that flat masculine chest that you long to see in the bathroom mirror every morning.

Ripped in front of bathroom mirror

What’s really cool, is that the exercises are not only short, but they are fun and even addictive. Garry will show you the secret to maintaining a lean, flat-chested physique for the rest of your life.

You know how with regular old boring cardio, you have to push yourself harder and harder over time to see more results? Well Garry’s Paleolithic HIIT actually trains your body to become more responsive to exercise over time. The better you get at Paleolithic HIIT, the less you have to exercise to keep seeing results.

I’ll take you inside Garry’s program in just a minute in some detail. But first I wanted to share with you what some other people have experienced…

Devin, California

Shaun, Chicago

David, London

(Audio only, please turn up the volume on your computer)

Jase, Los Angeles

Jason, New Zealand

Tim, London

John, London

A Sneak Peak Inside Garry’s Paleolithic HIIT Program

Now here are just a few of the unique things that I learned from Garry’s program.

  • On page 99, Garry unveils the secret of “Glycolytic Training”. He explains why more than 99% of workouts will NOT help you lose man boobs, and shows you exactly the type of training (the less than 1%) that has the most effective chest-flattening effect – the one method that worked for him, and for most of his clients.

When you use this type of training, you’ll find that your nipples tighten up almost instantly, and your entire chest feels lighter after your very first workout

None of the famous HIIT protocols out there focus on Glycolytic Training. They’re all too concerned about improving VO2max and lung capacity. Garry’s Paleolithic HIIT is the only form of training that focuses on losing man boobs and transforming your physique through Glycolytic Training.

  • On page 105, Garry explains why even the best, most determined trainee doing HIIT, has only a 25% chance of success. This figure is much lower if you are trying to lose man boobs, which as we know, are 10x harder to lose than just regular body fat. Garry reveals this one training tweak that increases your chances of success by 300%.

This training tweak, tested on all of Garry’s clients, will give you that reassurance you need, that the time and effort you are putting into your training is bringing you actual, physical results.

  • On pages 119-121, Garry unveils a truly secret technique that nobody in the fitness scene seems to know about. It’s called “Flow Training”. Flow Training can really force your body to change, no matter how stubborn you think your man boobs are. This could be that one missing link in your training that finally gets you the results you want. Flow Training helped me break past my plateau, and boosted my results by a whooping 1,000%!

There are only two people in the world that me and Garry know about, who ever spoke about Flow Training. Both were true masters of the human body. One of them is sadly no longer with us – the legendary Bruce Lee. However, both of these guys only used Flow Training to improve performance. Garry is the only person I know of in the world, who has found a way to use flow training to enhance your physique and help you lose man boobs.

  • On pages 123-145, Garry exposes the 10 most powerful Paleolithic HIIT exercises for losing man boobs. These exercises stimulate your body’s metabolic machinery like no other. They are so powerful, that Garry is adamant that all you need to do is to focus on one of these exercises, to get a perfectly flat chest and the body of your dreams. However, Garry still goes on to show you how to use multiple exercises at the same time, and trust me, this will totally throw your results into overdrive.
  • In Chapter 3, Garry explains why you can burn pound after pound of fat with long distance cardio, and still get absolutely no-where with your man boobs. Unless you apply this particular Paleolithic HIIT-style training tweak, your body will simply readjust its fat storage patterns and store more fat in your chest. With long distance cardio, your body also breaks down muscle tissue to help replace the fat on your chest.

Remember, the secret lies in working smart, not working long and hard. The right type of exercise can turn off the gene that makes your body store breast-fat. Garry shows you how to turn off this gene on pages 56 to 74

When I first met Garry, I was spending almost half my waking hours working out. I was doing grueling Brazilian Jiu Jitsu workouts, an hour of cardio, and hundreds of pushups, almost every single day of the week!

And guess what?

After 2 years on this crazy program, my man boobs hadn’t moved an inch! When Garry got me on his Paleolithic HIIT protocol, all I had to do was a few minutes of exercise just 3 days per week. My man boobs tightened up and started to shrink after the very first workout, with visible results within 2-3 weeks!

Garry goes over all of this in great detail in his book.

  • On pages 59-62, Garry tells you not only how each session of Paleolithic HIIT can give you a post-exercise testosterone boost, but also how it will condition your body to make it better at releasing testosterone. The better an athlete you become with Paleolithic HIIT, the bigger the testosterone boosts you’ll experience.

Compare this with cardio, which reduces testosterone in your body, and to standard HIIT protocols, which give you diminishing testosterone boosts over time.

It’s hardly a secret that testosterone makes you more manly. Not only does it signal your body to flatten out that chest, it also makes you more attractive to women, increases muscle mass, increases sperm production, helps you perform better in the bedroom, boosts confidence, delays aging, strengthens bones, protects against disease, increases lifespan, and much more. So get ready to experience all of these benefits, and more, with Paleolithic HIIT.

  • From pages 99 to 104, Garry talks about Physique Enhancement Training. This form of training will give you the quickest results by far, but as usual, Garry takes things further and shows you how to combine this with another form of training (pages 104-107), which will skyrocket your results. I’ve done a lot of research on this topic, and I can tell you that Garry is the only person I’ve come across, who shows you how to do this.

When you combine Physique Enhancement Training with this other form of training, it will take your results to the next level. Your chest will flatten out and your body will transform so quickly, that your own family won’t recognize you!

  • Have you ever wanted a ripped set of six-pack abs? Garry’s little section here on six-pack abs (pages 223-231) is at least twice as good as any other six-pack ab guide out there. Garry reveals 7 unusual exercises and even more unusual techniques and rep schemes that will really toughen-up your abs.

The trouble is, with the way most people train abs, ab training actually gets in the way of losing man boobs. But once again, Garry does the impossible. Garry’s shows you a way of training your abs that actually helps you lose your man boobs!

Now here’s what’s really great.

You can get your hands on Garry’s entire system on losing man boobs with Paleolithic HIIT, in just 30 seconds. Nothing is shipped to you, and you will have access to everything almost instantly.

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There’s more. If you order today, Garry is going to throw in an incredible free bonus along with his system on Paleolithic High Intensity Interval Training.

Here's what you'll get if you order today:

1. Losing Man Boobs With Paleolithic HIIT – Advanced Guide

Paleolithic HIIT

Over 230 pages filled with Garry's unique tips and tricks on how to lose man boobs with Paleolithic HIIT. Everything in this book was discovered through Garry's own unique in-the-field trials with his clients. You won't find this information anywhere else.

2. Paleolithic Weight Training DVD Series (FREE Bonus)

Paleolithic Weight Training DVD Series

If you want to be successful with Paleolithic HIIT, then you must use it alongside with Paleolithic weight training. Not only will the Paleolithic Weight Training DVD Series transform your physique all by itself, it can also enhance the success you get with Paleolithic HIIT by up to 1,000%!

See, weight training done the Paleolithic way, greatly enhances performance in your HIIT training. This enhanced performance results in greater post-exercise testosterone boosts. As you get better at performance in your Paleolithic HIIT training, so too will you get better in your appearance.

The key to enhancing performance in Paleolithic HIIT is to do Paleolithic Weight Training.

In this DVD series designed by Garry, Garry's pal Steven Campbell, takes you in the gym and shows you the exercises you need to do to not only boost HIIT performance, but also to sculpt a lean, muscular physique that turns heads when you walk by.

Not only do you get exercise demonstrations, but Steven even takes you through an entire workout for beginners, an entire workout for intermediate trainees, and an entire workout for advanced trainees. He shows you everything you need to do during a workout, nothing is left in the dark. He shows you how to get in and out of the gym quickly, and how to get the maximum results from your workouts in the quickest time possible.

Now, this is a separate product all by itself. Garry is planning on selling this DVD Series for $97 after today. He's still testing the waters with this, and he wants some feedback, so for now, he's giving it away for FREE if you get a copy of Paleolithic HIIT today.

How To Build A Manly Physique

Update: New Limited Time Offer

If you order Paleolithic HIIT today, Garry is also throwing in another new book of his, called “How To Build A Manly Physique”. The exercises in this book go beyond the basic exercises in the Paleolithic Weight Training DVD Series.

Rather than show you how to bulk up all over, it shows you how to grow muscle in all the right places to really give you that manly look.


Garry's Paleolithic HIIT Program is truly unique. I've never seen anything like it before. Not only do the methods in this program physically flatten out your man boobs, these methods are also not available anywhere else. Garry charges his Paleolithic HIIT trainees $75 a session. At 3 sessions a week over 12 weeks, that's a total of $2,700!

His Paleolithic HIIT program contains all the information he shares with his clients. I personally made sure Garry held NOTHING back in his book. Every secret, every trick, every unusual newly discovered technique, is right there in that book. So the book itself is easily worth $2,700.

But don't worry, you won't be paying $2,700.

Compared to the $2,700 his clients have been paying him for over 7 years, $1,000 would be a bargain for this program. But Garry is taking a new stance with his whole thing about helping guys to lose man boobs. He wants to give back to the world, and wants everyone to be able to access his material.

For this reason, Garry won't even charge HALF of $1000, not even a QUATER of $1000. He has decided to give all of his secrets away for just 97 bucks.

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We realize that Garry's programs are becoming more and more popular in 3rd world countries like India and the Philippines, where $97 is too much for most guys to ever be able to afford. So for a limited time, just for today, we are giving it all away for just 37 bucks.

Now THAT'S a bargain.

For $37, you get Garry's Paleolithic HIIT guide (usually sold at $97), Garry and Steven Campbell's Paleolithic Weight Training DVD Series (also sold at $97), and Garry's How To Build A Manly Physique (valued at over $50).

That's over $244's worth of stuff for just $37.

At $37, if you are following the program – losing your man boobs and carving a perfect masculine physique over just 12 weeks, that's just $0.44 a day! That's less than a cup of coffee or a single slice of pizza. It's less than a junior cheeseburger at Wendy's, cheaper than a can of beer, or a cup of lemonade, a bus ticket, or a half loaf of bread.

We've made it so that this awesome program is super-affordable for everyone.

But that’s not all.

Garry is also throwing in his 8-weeks, no-questions-asked, hassle free, iron clad, 100% Money Back Guarantee.


If for whatever reason, you are not absolutely delighted with your purchase, or for whatever reason, or no reason at all, you want your money back, you need only say.

And you get ALL your money back. Every single penny.

Now, when you get your own copy of Garry’s Paleolithic HIIT program for losing man boobs today, you’re going to want to dive right into:

  • “The 10 Most Powerful Exercises For Losing Man Boobs” on page 123. Because you’re going to start to feel that chest flattening right off the bat – from day one!

Not only will your chest start to firm up, you’re also going to watch your body fat burn off super fast, especially if you choose Exercises 1, 3, or 7.

  • Combine this with  the weight-training workouts on pages 199-222, the core workouts on pages 223-231, and the exercises in the Paleolithic Weight Training DVD Series, and you’re going to notice your entire body transforming into something more masculine, more manly – the kind of body that girls find totally irresistible.

Now I’ll tell you, that’s an amazing feeling right there. It’ll give you that boost you need to finally start living a normal life – just like everyone else. Imagine feeling great being topless, finally enjoying the beach, going to the pool, and being thrilled about going out in the summer wearing a thin, tight t-shirt.

Losing man boobs sure as hell changed my life. I’m now back with my friends and family in the U.S. I’m married to a gorgeous woman who previously would have been way out of my league. I have two beautiful children, and I totally look forward to taking my 3-year old to the beach every summer.

I dread to think what kind of dad or husband I would have been if I still had my man boobs. I can’t imagine my wife and kids being embarrassed of me. And as a sad guy who was angry at the world, angry at himself, and embarrassed like hell of his own body, I would have made a terrible father – angry and irritable, never spending time with my family – just like my own dad used to be.

But that’s all different now.

Heck, I even have a better job now. Ever since I got over my anger issues and my fear of what other people think of me, I’ve been moving through the managerial ranks, soon to be the Vice President in my company. I have better hours, a more rewarding role at work, and a fatter paycheck (now isn't that funny, Paleolithic HIIT took the fat out of my chest, and put it into my paycheck :) ).

And it’s all thanks to me finally being able to lose my man boobs.

Imagine how your life will change as you look in the mirror and see your chest finally start to flatten out, in almost no time at all.

Think about it. No more flabby man boobs, no more perky or puffy nipples, no more hiding behind thick, dark, baggy clothes. How will things be different for you?

And you know what?

Forget about all the life-changing possibilities losing man boobs will bring. Wouldn’t it all be worth it if you could just feel comfortable in your own skin? If you could just know that you look good no matter what you’re wearing?

When you lose your man boobs with Gary’s revolutionary Paleolithic training program, you can finally wear whatever you want, and still look great, just 12 weeks from now.

Picture how wonderful it’s going to feel. And all you have to do to start feeling all this and get started right now, is to take Garry up on his zero-risk offer.

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Paleolithic High Intensity Interval Training

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