Quick Low Carb Breakfast Idea – Chicken & Fried Egg

Last Saturday I was having a nice lazy breakfast.

It was so delicious, and oh-so-healthy, I decided to take a picture mid-breakfast, after I had scrambled up my beautiful fried egg.

Regularly eating breakfasts like this will help you lose your man boobs and shed excess body fat fast.


Because chicken and egg are excellent sources of fat and protein that will help boost testosterone levels, help you grow muscle, and help you lose man boobs.

By replacing the usual carb-heavy breakfasts, the likes of cereals and pancakes, a high protein high fat meal like this will also help you shed body fat fast.

Higher testosterone levels, more muscle, and less fat, means you'll lose your man boobs in quick order.

But that's not all.

This breakfast is absolutely delicious!

Chicken and egg go so well together.

Any time I'm eating chicken & egg, I'm reminded of this image someone once shared with me on Whatsapp:

It's cruel, and vegans will hate me for saying this, but that's probably why the two go so well together.

Now, here's how you prepare this easy fat busting meal.

I hope you know how to fry an egg?


Good, go ahead and fry an egg.

Coat a piece of chicken in a simple rub/marinade and bung it in the oven for 30 minutes at 300°F (150°C).

The simplest thing you can coat chicken in is salt & pepper.

To add more flavor, you can use soy sauce instead of salt.

To add yet more flavor, you can add to the soy sauce, some or all of the following:

It's better if you can marinade the chicken over night in the fridge, though this is not essential.

One thing I do is I marinade a bunch of chicken together and freeze it.

Then, whenever I feel like eating chicken, I pop a piece of my pre-marinated frozen chicken in the oven, and it's ready in 45 minutes (frozen chicken needs to cook for longer).

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Wow, what a yummy breakfast! Do keep the skin on the chicken for added flavor and added health benefit.

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