HIIT Tiger Dream

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Hey, Garry here.

There was this girl, Sarah, whom I met back in my ol' man boob days.

I met her at work. She was awesome, my dream girl. Everything was perfect, we got along so well and she really liked me (despite my man boobs).

But something happened on the very day I was about to ask her out. She came in with this tall, slim guy, and said “Garry, this is my fiance”.

Shit, I was heart-broken! I kept my cool, shook his hand and pretended to be happy for them and all that, but I was totally broken up inside.

I blamed it on my man boobs at the time (heck, I used to blame EVERYTHING on my man boobs), but that really isn't important now.

What IS important is this really WEIRD dream I just had last night about this girl. And no buddy, it wasn't X-rated. You can go get your fix for that kinda stuff elsewhere ^_^.

I stayed at a friend's house in India not long ago, and this dream was set there.

There was this big function going on, like a wedding, and to my astonishment, the love of my life, Sarah, suddenly turned up with her husband and 3-year old daughter.

I was totally jealous of course, and still wanted her to be mine, but you know how it goes.

I pretended to be happy to see her new family and all that crap. I was even nice to her cute little ginger kitten, which she had bought along to the wedding (hey, I told you it was a WEIRD dream).

I was such a big loser that I even offered to look after her kitten during the wedding. And what did the little blighter do? As soon as Sarah and her family turned away, the kitten jumped on out of my hands and ran off.

Not wanting to upset Sarah, I decided to chase it and get it back. It went outside, and I couldn't catch it. Eventually it jumped into this pond. It dived right in like an expert diver, and swam right to the bottom like it was looking for something.

Now this was rural India. There were horrible things like leeches and snakes around, so I wasn't about to jump in after the little thing. So I waited.

And waited.

And waited.

And it wouldn't come out.

At that point, I gave up. Yes, I wasn't about to risk my life for a kitten I didn't know.

Anyway, just as I turned away, there was this great big SPLASH behind me.

A great big tiger had just leaped out of the water!

I was horrified, and sure that it would pounce on me and bite a chunk out of my torso.

Lucky for me, it was too busy shaking off the water on its fur to even notice me. I quickly sneaked away, feeling relieved after I had just turned a corner so the tiger could no longer see me.

I realized then what must have happened to the poor kitten. The tiger ate it at the bottom of that pond (could things get any more weird)?

Anyway, this was one of those dreams that REALLY felt real, so I was shit-scared and running back home.

On the way, I saw ANOTHER tiger. This one was quite far away, and it was busy eating a lion (I know, this just gets further and further from reality).

Then, just as I turned another corner, just a hundred or so yards away from my friend's house, I saw ANOTHER tiger sitting right outside the house. This one was sort of half facing away, I wasn't sure if it had seen me, but I turned and I RAN.

I was running as fast as my legs could take me, running toward the next nearest house, which was around half a mile away. I didn't look back at first, I didn't know if the tiger was chasing me, but I figured if I looked back, it would just slow me down, so I kept running.

Eventually when I DID look back, guess what I saw?

My bedroom window. Hah, I had just woken up, and boy was I glad.

Anyway, you might be wondering…

“What the hell Garry, is the point of this story?”

Well while I was running from that tiger in my dream, beside the fear of being eaten alive by a ferocious tiger, I had a thought:- “Thank GOD I've been doing high intensity interval training (HIIT) these past few months!”

See, if it wasn't for HIIT, I wouldn't have been able to run anywhere near as fast as I did. See, the only part of the dream that was real, was that I could only run as fast as I could run in real life. And thankfully, that was pretty darn fast.

I've been sprinting using HIIT in my local park for a while now, and I've been getting faster and faster, beating new personal records on a regular basis.

Another reason why HIIT is better than traditional cardio…

Not only is HIIT the best form of cardio for burning fat and losing man boobs, it's also functional – way more so than traditional steady-state cardio.

I mean think about it. In what kind of situation would you need to run toward/away from something at a slow steady pace for one hour?

Imagine someone steals your woman's purse, or chases you with a knife. Are you gona start jogging at a steady pace, or sprint like there's no tomorrow?

Statistics also show that most FIGHTS are over after the first few seconds. I mean, what are the chances in a real-life fight that you'll go 15 rounds with a guy, like you would in a boxing match? It just don't happen. It's all about the speed, explosion and power in your punches. You gotta hit faster and harder than the other guy.

So not only are power, strength, speed and explosive training better for burning fat, growing muscle, getting rid of man boobs and improving your appearance. This type of training is also more functional and useful in your daily life.

Just knowing that I can out-run MOST of the guys I see around me, gives me a HUGE confidence boost in my day-to-day life.

The best thing about it is you get amazing results with HIIT if you just train a few minutes a week. I do HIIT for 6 minutes and 30 seconds, just twice a week.

So, if you haven't started doing HIIT just yet, I've just given you another reason why you might want to take it up.

Warning About Paloelithic HIIT:

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I helped them to get rid of their flappy skin in the end, but the best thing to do is to avoid getting it in the first place, by keeping a close eye on your results. If you see your chest shrinking too quickly, then back off the Paloelithic HIIT a while, and let your skin adjust to your shrinking frame.

If you're not put off by the little hiccup with flappy skin, then you can learn more about this new, maybe too-powerful method of HIIT, here:


Till next time


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