Should You Wear A Compression Shirt?

Got a date this evening?

Going to your best friend's birthday party tomorrow?

If you need to shrink down those man boobs FAST, techniques like intermittent fasting, low carb dieting, and HIIT can make you ever so slightly leaner in a few short days.

But the only way you're going to get a noticeable IMMEDIATE change in your physique without surgery, is by wearing a compression shirt.

I've seen a good compression shirt like this one transform chubby guys with man boobs into perfectly normal-looking people, so they can go to that date the same night, without spending the whole evening in the gym.

Another cool thing about wearing a compression shirt that compresses both your man boobs and your belly,  is when you are at an event where you have to talk with and mingle with other people, you don't have to put any mental focus on holding your belly in, because the compression shirt will be doing this for you.

This way you can put 100% of your focus on what the other person is saying, you need not waste any mental energy trying to hold your belly in, or worrying about how you look. You can be the life of the party, be seen as incredibly sociable, and have people talking about how cool and outgoing you are for weeks after the party is over.

A good compression shirt can be a huge blessing for a guy with man boobs, but it can also be a curse. Whether a compression shirt will help or harm you depends on how you use it.

What A Compression Shirt Can And Can't Do

Wearing a compression shirt will NOT transform you from a 50-tonne whale to a Ryan Reynolds (have you seen Deadpool 2 by the way? Funny how this low budget movie that couldn't afford any of the X-men actors, is better than all the X-men and avengers movies combined).

The only way to make the fat on your man boobs and on other parts of your body disappear, is by transforming it into energy or heat. This is something that takes time. You can't do it with a compression shirt, but you can do it, over time, using the methods I show you in my program.

From high school chemistry, you might remember that only air is compressible, while solids and liquids are NOT. Unfortunately, body fat is made of a mix of solid and liquid, which means it's not compressible.

What a compression shirt CAN do for you, is redistribute the fat on your body. It can make your man boobs and belly look more flat.

Let's say being a guy with a huge belly and man boobs is a level zero, and Ryan Reynolds is a level 10. Wearing a compression shirt will, at best, make you look 2 to 3 levels better.

So if you are a level zero now, a compression shirt might make you look like a level 2.

Let's say you lose some of that fat with the methods I show you in my program, so you become a level 2. Wearing a compression shirt will make you look like a level 4.

Let's say you keep on losing more weight till you're a level 6 and you actually look pretty decent in a t-shirt. Wearing a compression shirt under that t-shirt will make you look almost stunning, a level 8.

So as you can see, compression shirts can help you look a little better, no matter what stage of your development you are in, but it will never make you look like a level 10 if you are a flabby level zero underneath.

Could A Compression Shirt Do More Harm Than Good?

The downside with compression shirts is they can make you lazy.

A lot of guys buy compression shirts as an easy shortcut to being lean. They can look nice wearing a compression shirt, so they don't bother to work out or change their diets.

This is a lame way to use a compression shirt.

Sure, you look good when you go out wearing clothes, you're fooling everyone into thinking you look better than you really do, but you still can't take your top off at the beach or in the bedroom. You're still a fat guy with man boobs when you look at yourself in the mirror after you come out of the shower.

There's no self-satisfaction in wearing a compression shirt this way.

In my opinion, you should only wear a compression shirt if you are also on a good diet and exercise regimen to help you lose your man boobs and help you shed excess body fat.

When you're on the path to actually losing your man boobs, then a compression shirt can do wonders in helping you to boost morale and keep you going on your path.

One way it does this is by helping you to make and keep short-term goals.

Let me explain…

Success coaches are always telling us to make short-term goals that seem reachable.

If you've got a huge goal that's years down the line and deep down you don't really believe it's possible to reach, then you'll never reach that goal.

So if you're a real big guy at level 0 and you only focus on your end goal of being a Ryan Reynolds at level 10, then you'll never make it.

What a compression shirt does, is it gives you that short-term goal just a couple levels down, and makes it totally tangible by actually giving you the look.

You wear the compression shirt, look at yourself, and tell yourself, “This is the look I want to reach within the next few weeks”. “I want to look like this without a compression shirt”.

So if you're currently at level zero with a grotesquely large frame and massive man boobs, you'll be shooting for level 2, which is just a few weeks down the line, and you don't have to use Olympic level mental gymnastics to visualize it, you can SEE the look with your compression shirt on.

This way you quickly work through the levels, from level 0, to level 2, to level 4, to levels 6, 8, and 10 where you no longer need a compression shirt to look totally stunning.

And Here's Another Powerful Way A Compression Shirt Helps You

For as long as you have excess fat and you are compressing that excess fat with a compression shirt, wearing even the best, highest quality compression shirt will feel a tad uncomfortable. You will always notice that it's there, and for as long as you've got it on, you'll be aware that this slight discomfort is there because you have man boobs, because you have a big belly, because you are not lean.

The compression shirt acts as a constant always-on reminder that you must stick to your training, and more importantly, that you must stick to your diet.

If I'm walking past a KFC, I'm far less likely to walk in and order a Zinger Burger with fries and soda if I'm wearing a compression shirt.

If I'm out for dinner with a gorgeous babe, and I'm wearing a compression shirt to impress her with my physique, I'm much less likely to overeat because that slight discomfort from the compressing action of the shirt, will remind me that looking lean without a compression shirt is the most important thing in the world.

What To Look For In A Good Compression Shirt

A good compression shirt should have some percentage of an elastic material like spandex (aka lycra). The percentage of spandex must be 20% or less, else the shirt will be non-breathable, and will feel too uncomfortable to wear for very long.

80% or more of the fabric should be made of a lightweight, breathable, durable material that does not shrink when you wash it. Polyester and nylon are a good fit here.

Nylon is the stronger of the two, making it better for compression. Polyester on the other hand, is better at wicking moisture away and keeping you dry. Polyester is also more breathable than nylon, making it a better fit for comfort.

If you click the link below, you'll find a great compression shirt that meets all of the above criteria. In my opinion, this particular shirt has the best ratio between compression and comfort. It has just the right amount of spandex, and just the right percentage of polyester.

It isn't too compressive like nylon-based gynecomastia shirts such as the one by Esteem Apparel. It also compresses more than sports compression shirts such as the ones by Under Armor, which at most, contain only 16% elastane.

The Malx Compression Shirt contains 80% polyester and 20% elastane, which for me, is just right. You can get one of these here:

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