Sleep With Your Window Open

Sleep With Your Window Open

I remember a while back I was sleeping with the window open for a string of cold days in the winter and I started to get really lean without even trying.

There's a lot of cool shit you can do to help reduce body fat without any or much added effort, and this is one of them.

The cool thing about it is you don't have to shiver yourself into a coma, you can use as thick a duvet as you like to keep your body warm on the outside, the key is to breathe in cold air through your mouth and/or nose.

The cold air you breathe goes into your lungs, were it meets your blood for gas exchange.

I don't know if you remember learning this in school, but your lungs have a HUGE surface area so gas exchange can happen FAST. The surface area of your lungs is 25 times greater than the surface area of your skin.

With a surface area like that, imagine how much all that cold air will cool down your body INTERNALLY.

Your body cares far more about maintaining your internal (core) body temperature than it does your surface body temperature, so it works like CRAZY to keep that core temperature up when you're breathing in that cold air all night.

I've been using this method again since last week, and I can already see its effects.

What's really cool is I actually sleep better when the room is FREEZING cold and I'm all snuggled up with my duvet all the way up fit snugly around my neck.

One word of warning though, I HAVE previously gotten both tonsillitis (hurts on swallowing) and laryngitis (voice goes hoarse, but the girls dig it) from doing this, so I only advise doing this if you have a strong immune system from eating a healthy diet.

It's not that the cold itself damages your tonsils or larynx, the cold momentarily weakens your immune system (just like exercise does), which allows any bugs that may already be there to populate and cause an infection.

You can greatly reduce the chances of this happening though, by spraying some 3% hydrogen peroxide into your throat before you go to bed (1.5% if you find 3% too strong).

One of many ways cold exposure helps you reduce body fat is by upregulating the number and activity of brown fat cells in your body.

Brown fat cells are genetically and functionally linked to muscle cells rather than to fat cells. They burn fat to produce heat. The more brown fat cells you have in your body, the better you are at burning fat and producing heat.

By increasing the number of brown fat cells in your body, and by upregulating brown cell activity, regular cold exposure makes you better at burning fat ALL THE TIME, not just when you're exposed to cold.

And here's a little tip to push the effect of this into overdrive:

Animal studies suggest that curcumin from turmeric can boost adaptive thermogenesis and expression of brown fat cells after cold exposure.

So sleep with the window open in the winter for effortless fat loss, or…

Pop a couple turmeric capsules before bed and sleep with the window open for even greater effortless fat loss.

I've found these turmeric caps to work best.

You can learn more about how turmeric can help you burn fat and lose man boobs here.

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