Sugar is not a treat

If you want to lose man boobs, you've got to cut the sugar out of your diet.

Sugar kills your testosterone levels.

Eating sugar makes you more fat than eating fat does.

And I'm not just talking about the white granules of sugar you add to your tea by the spoonful.

I'm talking about starchy carbs, the likes of rice, bread, pasta, cakes, cookies, and the countless different processed foods that are packed full of sugar in countless different forms, including ‘sugar', ‘glucose', ‘glucose syrup', ‘corn syrup', ‘invert sugar', ‘sucrose'… the list goes on.

Just like chemicals, which I talked about recently, sugar and starchy carbs are everywhere in the modern environment, and are likely a big part of the reason why you have man boobs.

I recently watched a TED Talks video by a naturopathic doctor, Jody Stanislaw. I highly recommend you watch it, it's a great reminder about why we should all be avoiding sugar in all its forms, and also avoiding those complex carbs.

Check it out here:

Sugar is Not a Treat | Jody Stanislaw | TEDxSunValley

Video Notes

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The Pancreas, Beta Cells & Insulin: How They Deal With All That Sugar

The importance of pancreas and beta cells in your pancreas–size of 2 almonds.

Without your beta cells you'd die within a few weeks.


Explains how beta cells deal with sugar.

They release insulin, which acts like a dump truck that picks sugar out of the blood and feeds it to your organs & muscles and stores excess sugar as fat.

Insulin does this because you don't want all that sugar hanging around in your blood.


People Today Are Overworking Their Security Force (i.e. their Beta Cells).

Lists the kind of food that does this – sugar, refined carbs.

Just like when anything gets overused, the parts eventually wear out, leading to beta cell burnout – another name for pre-diabetes or type II diabetes.


If your beta cells get REALLY weak, you might end up having to take insulin injections every day for the rest of your life to stay alive.


Good news: you can reverse beta cell burnout with a few small dietary tweaks and lifestyle changes.


Jody (speaker) has type I diabetes, where her immune system attacked and killed her beta cells when she was a child. She takes insulin injections daily.

Living with type I diabetes has been a gift because she's so motivated to avoid sugar.

When she eats sugar her blood sugar levels skyrocket and she feels awful, she gets a headache, feels cranky and tired.


Most people walk around oblivious to what they've eaten and how they feel.

The negative effect for us normal people living with intact beta cells is much more subtle but potentially just as deadly.


Saving Your Beta Cells Is In Your Hands

10 years ago sugar wasn't added to everything we eat, it was only used on special occasions.


Only 10 companies own the entire world's food brands, and the reality is, the sweeter food is, the more it sells.


When you eat sugar, you may feel really good at first, but 1-2 hours later you feel zapped, can't concentrate, and need more sugar.

Keep doing this and beta cells get weak, blood sugar slowly starts to rise, and over time this can lead to heart disease, kidney failure, strokes gangrene, blindness, Alzheimer's disease, lower limb amputation, depression, violent behavior and more.


Sugar Is A Gradual Death Sentence

The number of deaths caused by sugar is higher than the number of deaths caused by automobile accidents.


Example of Jody's patient Pam. Pam is tired all the time, feels good in the morning, then can't focus, feels cranky, there's something wrong with her.

Turns out she was having sugary breakfasts: vanilla latte and zucchini bread (full of flour and sugar).

Jody suggested for Pam to try starting her day with protein: eggs, sliced apples with peanut butter.

“When you start your day with balanced blood sugar level, I think your energy's going to be a lot better”.

2 weeks later, Jody gets an email from Pam, full of exclamation marks, “Nothing's wrong with me, I feel great!”


The 1.5 Trillion Dollar Processed Food Industry

It's so easy to fall into the traps laid by the 1.5 trillion dollar processed food industry, they label so many high sugar foods as “healthy” – gummy vitamins, yogurts (more sugar than coca cola), fruit juice (not fruit – sugar with some flavoring).


Study on rats showed chronic sugar consumption creates as much damage to the brain as abuse done in childhood.


Teens are drinking less soda today, but they replaced it with sports drinks and energy drinks. These drinks are shamefully being touted as ‘healthy', yet they're a key part of the obesity epidemic that's spreading today.


Not just kids having too much sugar, but adults too: pizza & beer, pasta & bread.


According to WHO, over 420 million people today have type II diabetes, and this number is rising.

In America, if our diets don't change, in the next few decades, 1 in 3 people will have diabetes.


We have all become so brainwashed to think sugar on a daily basis is ok. It's reminiscent of when doctors used to endorse smoking.


Shocking: the standard recommendation given to children with type I diabetes today, is that they can eat as much sugar as they want, and just take more insulin for it. The blood sugar fluctuations caused by this is a medical tragedy.


The Solution

The solution is so simple: we need to eat less sugar.

Jody loves cookies, so she's not talking about never eating sugar again.


“I teach my patients the 80:20 principle. 80% of the time, eat healthy wholesome food, and put your sugar in the 20%, the highly processed carb foods. But we've switched, we're 20 healthy and 80 sugar.”


The World Needs You To Be At Your Best

“Our future depends on a healthy society. Your contribution is needed in today's crazy world. Sugar is never going to get you feeling your best. And sugar is never going to motivate you to have a great day.

So I ask you this: would you like to have more energy? Would you like to have less anxiety, a better memory, more productivity, better skin, better sleep, more joy? Reducing sugar and highly processed carbohydrate foods from your diet could change your life.

I see it every day with patients I've helped all around the world.”


Start With These 3 Small Steps

“Now some of you might be feeling resistant, feel overwhelmed, feel paralyzed to make a big change. Or you've tried it before and failed.

When you want to make a big change in your life you have to start with just small steps. I have 3 steps for you to try.”

#1: Have protein for breakfast: eggs, nuts, cottage cheese, sliced apple with peanut butter

Start your day with balanced blood sugar level, then give your body that balanced energy.

#2: Next time you want a sugar snack, grab a glass of water first

Being dehydrated can feel like being hungry. So why not try water first, you'll probably feel more energized, because a 5% decrease in hydration can correlate to a 20% decrease in energy.

#3: Find low-sugar replacements for high-carb foods

Pizza crusts made out of cauliflower, pasta made out of zucchini noodles, and chocolate chip cookies from almond flour and stevia as sweetener.


In conclusion: reducing sugar in your diet could be life-changing for you. Please, you have beta cells, protect them. You have the knowledge and the power, and when you reduce the sugar in your diet, you'll be using your meals as they were intended to: to fuel you into greatness.

Garry's Comments

Our bodies weren't designed to eat all this sugar. Our genes were shaped in the Paleolithic era, when man had to hunt down meat and forage for wild vegetables.

There were no cereals, chocolate bars, or cakes, the only sugar Paleolithic man had access to was sugar from fruit, and even fruit only came as an occasional seasonal treat.

If all you do is cut down on the sugar and starchy carbs, I promise you you'll see your body and man boobs lean down.

Jody's 3 simple steps for cutting out sugar are very effective.

I'm particularly fond of step #3: Find low-sugar replacements for high-carb foods.

Jody mentions using Stevia as an alternative sweetener. I talk about my favorite sugar replacement here.

But it's not just sugar you have to replace, you have to replace those starchy carbs too, namely those grains, that's why I came up with these 5 grain substitute recipes for losing man boobs.

Finding delicious low-carb replacements for all the sugars and bad carbs in your diet is a powerful method for losing man boobs, reducing body fat, and boosting your health.

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