Tear Those Muscles Into Growth With Time Under Tension Training

Back in the day, I remember watching this cartoon, called “Mummies Alive”. It was about these mummies who traveled from the past, into the modern day, where they had to protect the reincarnation of Prince Rapses from the evil sorcerer, Scarab.

Watching the trailer today bought back some fond memories:

The mummies were awesome, they would use the power of Ra to transform into powerful guardians. There was this nerdy guy with a long face:

…who transformed into this awesome snake-like guardian:

My favorite was Armon, who was the big guy that would smash everything in his way:

Armon used to always say “Let's kick Tut!” when he was kicking ass. As time went on, my distorted memories made me think Armon was the reincarnation of King Tut. Armon LOOKS like a King Tut, does he not?

If Armon were real, and he didn't have access to steroids, how would he get that big?

Well he'd use King T.U.T. training of course. T.U.T. standing for “Time Under Tension“.

If you have my weight training program, the Chest Sculpting Blueprint, you've lost your man boobs and all that extra body fat, but you want your muscles to get even bigger and they've stopped responding, then you'll definitely want to use this advanced training tactic to SHOCK your muscles into growth.

The TUT method works VERY well as a method of periodization for making muscles respond to new growth.

If you've done any reading around bodybuilding or weight training, then you may be aware of what time under tension means, and how important it is for muscle growth.

Basically, your muscles don't respond to how many reps you do or how many sets you do (your muscles don't know how to count). What they DO respond to, is time under tension.

Supposedly, if you do one rep lasting 4 seconds (2 seconds up, 2 seconds down), it will give you the same results as doing two reps lasting 4 seconds (1 second up, 1 second down per rep).

However, I would argue the one, 4-second rep would get you better results.


Because it eliminates momentum!

Momentum is the reason why a car keeps moving forward when you let go of the accelerator.

If you jump out of a speeding car, your body will continue to move forward very fast – you will roll, slide, or hit something. Kinda like that scene in Terminator II, at the end when Arnold brings down the massive truck containing liquid nitrogen. He jumps off the truck, and his body goes rolling forward uncontrollably, causing him quite a bit of abrasive damage. It's all momentum.

The reason we wear seat belts in cars is because of momentum. If the car crashes, the car stops suddenly, but your body keeps moving forward because of all the stored movement energy (momentum). Without a seatbelt, your body would continue moving forward, and you'd end up being thrown through the windscreen.

So what role does momentum play in weight training?

When you are training with weights, the quicker you do your reps, the more momentum you are giving the bar at the beginning of the movement. The momentum you give the bar at the beginning of the movement, takes the tension away from your muscles for the rest of the movement.

If on the other hand, you do ultra-slow reps, not only do you maximize time under tension, you also ensure you work that muscle FULLY through its entire range of motion. That is a heck of a lot of work for the muscle, and it can and will FORCE your muscles to grow.

So here's what I want you to do.

For the next 4 weeks, use HALF of the weight you would normally use, and do ultra-slow reps with PERFECT form. 4 seconds or longer going up, 4 seconds or longer going down. The slower the better.

This is pure hypertrophy training, so do 4 sets of 10 reps, with a 60 second rest interval.

There was a time when I was stuck lifting 100lb with front squats. Even at 100lb I was cheating during my reps by leaning forward to take the strain off the quads.

Despite 100lb being brutally tough, I barely felt any muscle soreness after the workout. My body was used to the exercise, yet I couldn't lift anything heavier – I had reached a plateau.

Then I tried the King TUT (Time Under Tension) Method

I used an EMPTY bar and did ultra-slow reps with PERFECT form. You would think going from 100lb to an empty bar would be EASY, but it was EXTREMELY tough. In fact, *it was the toughest leg workout I ever did!*

By the end of the last set, I could barely feel my quads. The burning sensation in my legs was IMMENSE. I could barely walk, and when I tried climbing the stairs in my house, I got stuck halfway up, and had to come back down. I even struggled on the way down.

I then suffered from delayed onset muscle soreness for a whole WEEK!

I carried on training like this for 4 weeks, and then went back to lifting 100lb, and guess what? 100lb with reps at NORMAL speed was suddenly EASY!

I then quickly progressed to 101lb, 102lb, 105lb, 110lb and beyond. My legs now are HUGE! All without steroids, and all thanks to the King Tut method!

The same method worked for my back muscles, my arms, my abs and my chest!

So go give it a go and let me know how you get on.

Oh, and by the way, the King TUT method is just one method. If it works for you, imagine what a complete training program will do for you. That's what you get in the Chest Sculpting Blueprint – a training program that will transform your body from a feminine form with man boobs, to an Armon King Tut-Style powerful masculine physique with big impressive muscles and a shredded appearance that turns heads at the beach.

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