The Back Bridge

The back bridge is the best back exercise for building thick back muscles throughout the entire length of your back from neck all the way down to your lower back.

This exercise works your back in an entirely different way to other back exercises like pull-ups, chin-ups, the lat pulldown, and bent over barbell rows.

You'll notice that with these other back exercises, you're only working your back by moving your arms at the shoulder joint.

With the back bridge on the other hand, most of the movement comes from arching your back against gravity, and this works an entirely different set of muscles.

The back bridge works the muscles that directly support the spine, and in doing so, it strengthens your spine far more than those other back exercises do.

The spine is a huge area of weakness in the human body, with back pain due to problems in and around the spine, being one of the most common presentations in the emergency department.

And so strengthening your spine is perhaps the most important thing you can do with your training, if you want to be a strong, robust guy who can handle life's challenges.

I first came across the back bridge when I watched this video series by a well-known guy in the fitness space called Matt Furey.

Matt explained how the bridge, done a certain way, was shown to him by a world-class wrestler who deemed the back bridge a core part of his training.

He said in this video that many of his students told him that the back bridge helped them cure their back pain.

Since I had just recently injured my back lifting heavy weights, I thought I'd give it a go, and lo and behold, my back pain was gone. Heck, my back even felt a little better after the very first time I did the exercise.

Now the back bridge is a regular part of my training regimen.

Here's a video of Matt Furey himself showing you how to do the exercise:

Matt Furey Combat Stretching

The back bridge is a perfect companion to my guide, Bodyweight Chest Exercises For Losing Man Boobs:

Where the back bridge will build your back, the chest exercises in this program will help build your front, so you have a balanced frame and a drop dead gorgeous all-round physique.

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