The Dangers Of Amalgam Fillings

I remember many years ago when a medical student friend of mine told me something he learned about teeth. He learned that if you don’t look after your teeth, you could end up with something called “bacterial endocarditis”, where bacteria from your gums end up inside your heart.

This bacteria builds up and wreaks havoc inside your heart, messing up the heart’s valves and hence PERMANENTLY disrupting the way your heart functions. It can even lead to a stroke, where the heart pumps small masses of these bacteria (called “emboli”) into your brain.

Figure that – poor dentition can lead to permanent heart dysfunction, stroke, and even death. Who ever thought dental hygiene was so important? I always used to think it was all about avoiding bad breath, yellow teeth, the pain of tooth decay, and the hassle and expense of having fillings.

Ever since that day I’ve been flossing regularly and maintaining my dental hygiene. Thankfully I’ve never needed fillings. If I did have any fillings in my teeth, knowing what I know now, I’d probably have them taken out.

According to the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology, when you have amalgam fillings (so-called “silver” fillings, which are actually 50% mercury and only 22% silver), mercury vapors are released into your mouth every time you chew, or drink hot tea or coffee. These vapors are colorless, tasteless, and odorless, so you can’t tell that it’s happening.

If you have amalgam fillings, then you can be sure that you are continuously exposed to mercury, which passes easily through cell membranes, crosses the blood brain barrier, and makes its way into your brain, central nervous system and testes.

Why is this bad?

Well mercury is a well-known POISON. I remember back in the day when an old science teacher of mine told me how when she was a youngster in school, they’d let her play with mercury on her hands. She recounted how cool it was watching how mercury maintains its pearl-like form while gliding over the skin on her palms. Nowadays however, they don’t let you TOUCH mercury in school – because it’s known to easily penetrate the skin and do your body harm.

But hang on.

If they don't let you TOUCH mercury in school because it penetrates your skin and poisons your body, why is it OK to have mercury-laden amalgam fillings in your MOUTH?

Something doesn't seem right here.

When mercury makes its way into your central nervous system (via your skin or mouth), it can cause psychological, neurological, and immunological problems. Importantly for you and me, studies have shown that mercury accumulates over time in the testosterone-producing Leydig cells of the testes. It also accumulates in the pituitary gland in your brain, which plays a big role in signaling the production of testosterone by your testes.

This means that mercury has a double-whammy effect on messing with the hypothalamic-pituitary-gonadal axis, which is responsible for testosterone production in your body.

A number of studies have actually shown that workers who are occupationally exposed to mercury, have lower testosterone levels.

Now, a single dental amalgam filling releases around 15 micrograms of mercury into your mouth per day. From scientific studies, it's yet unclear whether this small dosage is enough to cause any physiological effect. However, if I had an amalgam filling, I would worry about the combined effect of the mercury in my filling(s), and all the other thousands of chemicals we are exposed to on a daily basis, including other sources of mercury in our environment (e.g. mercury contamination of food products like high fructose corn syrup and tinned fish).

If you have amalgam fillings, the best thing to do would be to have them taken out and replaced with a mercury-free alternative.

If you do have your filling(s) removed however, make sure you see a dentist who knows about the harmful effects of mercury. With mercury fillings, the act of removing your fillings can result in more mercury exposure than you would get from a lifetime of keeping the fillings in.

In my program, How To Lose Man Boobs Naturally, I instruct you (on page 46), on how you can go about having your amalgam fillings removed SAFELY.

If you DON'T or CAN'T have your fillings removed, on pages 46 and 47, I discuss what OTHER measures you can take to limit the effects of that testosterone-killing poison in your mouth.

If you DON'T have any fillings, then start looking after your teeth so you never need any! If you DO find you need fillings in the future, make sure you stay AWAY from the cheaper “silver” ones, and opt for a slightly more dear, albeit safer, mercury-free alternative.

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