The Dumbbell Pullover – A Long-Forgotten Exercise For The Upper Chest

Today I want to tell you about a powerful upper chest exercise that very few people know about.

If you have man boobs, this exercise alone has the potential to make your chest look totally flat. Even after you've LOST your man boobs, you can use this exercise to really improve the look of your chest and give you that unstoppable, manly physique you've always wanted.

After my client Louis lost his man boobs using the methods I discuss in How To Lose Man Boobs Naturally, he told me the only problem he had left was that nothing he did could get him a powerful, thick upper chest like the famous bodybuilder, Larry Scott.

He had tried every incline exercise he could think of to no avail. But after a few short weeks on this NEW exercise, his upper chest started to thicken, and now he's on his way to sculpting the body of his dreams.

Click the link below to check out my new detailed article on this exercise:

A truly thick upper chest will not only help by pulling the fat in your man boobs upwards, it will also reduce the slope of your chest and give it that vertical cliff-face look.

Heck, even if you still HAVE man boobs, just doing this one exercise to thicken your upper chest will make it almost impossible for anyone to tell if you have man boobs.

So please, do check out the article, and maybe you'll even get started on this exercise today! If you do, I'd love to hear your thoughts. You can leave a comment at the end of the above article, leave one below.

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