The EYF Training Method

Back in the Paleolithic era, man had to EARN his food.

He had to hunt down an animal, skin it, cut it up, cook it, and eat it. He had to forage for plants, and climb trees for fruit.

He had to earn his food with EXERCISE.

When you exercise before a meal, your muscles eat up all the sugar and calories from your food.

But today, there's none of that.

Sure, thanks to coronavirus, we're having to queue up for our food, but food still ends up in our bellies with minimal physical effort.

We're eating when our muscles have done no work and are still filled with glycogen, so all the sugar and calories from our food end up getting stored as fat, causing abnormal growths in our bodies like cancer, and wreaking havoc in ways that wouldn't have happened in the Paleolithic era.

So what am I saying you should do?

It's call the EYF (Earn Your Food) Training Method, where you do a short workout before every meal.

I'm not saying you should have a full workout before every meal, that would be overkill.

I'm saying that if during the lockdown you find it difficult to do a full 40 to 60 minute workout all in one go, 3 days a week (or you're reading this after all this coronavirus malarkey and you're just too busy for hour-long workouts), then another great alternative could be to do a very quick workout just before every meal.

Take one or two exercises you would normally do in your full workout – e.g. 3 sets of 30 bodyweight squats – do that one exercise before breakfast.

Then before lunch, do your dips and pull-ups (or any other exercises for your chest and back).

Then before dinner, do one exercise for your shoulders and one for your abs.

The amazing thing that happens here, is the exercise empties the muscles worked of stored glycogen, and primes your muscles to receive FOOD, just like our hunter gatherer ancestor in the Paleolithic era.

In fact, when we exercise, our bodies EXPECT to receive food, because our bodies believe that the only reason we exercise is in an effort to procure food.

Now when you eat, your muscles are empty vessels that are primed to receive and store all those calories as muscle bulk rather than fat.

This not only helps prevent fat gain, it also boosts muscle growth, and can help to get rid of man boobs.

Some people find this approach easier than doing a full 40-60 minute workout all in one go.

Give it a go and see how you get on.

For more details, with video demonstrations on the right exercises to do for this method, check out the Chest Sculpting Blueprint (if you've got a barbell or dumbbells at home), or Bodyweight Exercises For Losing Man Boobs: Chest Exercises (if you don't have any weights), you'll find these programs here:

Here Are The Benefits Of This Approach

Saves You Time

In a full whole-body workout with multiple exercises, you waste a LOT of time resting between exercises. With the Earn Your Food Method, since you're doing mostly one exercise at a time, you're making back ALL of that time you'd normally spend resting between exercises.

Also, unless it's hot and you're doing squats, you don't sweat enough to have to take a shower, so that's yet more time saved.

Helps You Easily Grow More Muscle

I've never been more muscular than when I've used the Earn Your Food Method.

One reason you grow more muscle with this approach is you eliminate the negative effect of whole-body fatigue.

See, during a full whole-body workout, the first exercise you do fatigues you, and despite resting before your next exercise, the whole-body fatigue from your first exercise will still limit your performance in the next exercise. The final exercise is the least effective, because you are most fatigued at the end of your workout.

I'm sure you've noticed that you can pull out more reps or lift a heavier weight when you're doing just the one exercise on its own, than when you're doing that one exercise in the middle or end of a long workout.

With the Earn Your Food Method, you're able to give it your all, lift your heaviest weight, do the highest number of reps, in each and every exercise.

Also, you've got an entire meal's worth of food, providing for just one exercise. Let's say you're doing push-ups before lunch. Given that you're eating healthy, you're giving your body more macronutrients and more micronutrients than it needs, to maximize muscle growth from that workout.

Helps You Reduce Body Fat

Doing a quick workout before every meal, puts more of the calories from your food, into your muscles, rather than in fat cells.

Not only that, training this way also makes you more conscious about what you eat, when you eat, and how much you eat.

It easily makes sure you eat less often, because if you give yourself a rule that you have to do an exercise before every time you eat, the hassle of having to exercise will make sure you eat when you're really hungry.

Plus if you've just exercised and you're feeling the pump in your muscles, you know your body needs good nutrition to fuel those muscles, so you're less likely to chow down junk, and more likely to give your body the clean sources of protein and the micronutrient dense foods (especially raw veggies) that it needs to repair and grow those muscles.

Here Are The Drawbacks Of This Approach

It doesn't suit all people.

Some people simply prefer doing one long workout 3 days a week, and that's perfectly fine. Both methods can work for you, just use the one that's suitable for you.

It may not work for you if you have a busy job. Sure, you can pull off most calisthenics exercises like a set of push-ups almost anywhere, even in the office, but there are some jobs that won't allow for this style of training.

Also, this method isn't so good at building that whole body fitness you get from the whole body fatigue that comes from a whole body workout. To address this flaw, I recommend you switch it up: do the Earn Your Food Method for a few months to build muscle and shed fat, then do whole body workouts for a few months to build up your whole body fitness.

So what are you waiting for? Give this method a go and see how you get on.

Again, for exercise selection, I recommend you check out the Chest Sculpting Blueprint (for weight training), or Bodyweight Exercises For Losing Man Boobs: Chest Exercises (for calisthenics).

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