Melt Your Man Boobs Away With The Hunter-Gatherer Fitness Regimen

I was at the gym with my brother just the other day. This guy with a chiseled physique and ripped abs walked passed us, and you know what my brother said?

“Damn, that guy must work out ALL THE TIME!”

Boy, if I had a nickel for every time I heard that.

Do people really think they have to train all day every day to get a great physique?

Well I guess I shouldn't be too surprised, because that's the kinda thing they show in the movies.

I remember watching the original Conan the Barbarian Movie back in the 1980s starring Arnold Schwarzenegger.

In the beginning when his village is raided and his parents killed, young 10-year old Conan is captured and taken as a slave.

On his very first day, Conan is chained to a huge mill, the ‘Wheel of Pain'. It then shows him grinding away at the mill, pushing with his upper body and legs. He does this continuously as the seasons go by and his hair grows longer. He grows older while pushing the mill, showing him in his late teenage years, and then as a fully grown adult with big bulging muscles.

The whole scene gives us the impression that he doesn't take a break, that he had to push that mill 24/7 from childhood to adulthood in order to get those muscles.

I remember watching that movie as a child and thinking “Wow, so that's what you have to do to get big muscles”.

But in reality, we know historically that overworked slaves were always shriveled, skinny and wiry, and overwork usually lead to death by exhaustion rather than to big bulging muscles and warrior status.

Let's take the REAL-LIFE example of Paleolithic man VS Agricultural man.

When agriculture came about some 10,000 years ago, food production became a massive priority in human society.

The lives of most people in the agricultural era were focused solely on producing food. The labor demands of growing and tending to crops and the processing of food was so intense, that all members of the household – men, women and children – were practically required to devote their lives to it. They commonly worked all day almost every day, and had superiors and overseers who punished them for slacking off.

Despite the average agrarian man busting his chops on the field for 8 or more hours a day almost every day of his life, anthropological studies show that he was weak-boned, weak in terms of strength and didn't have much in the way of muscle. He was also unhealthy, more prone to disease and had a shorter lifespan than both us and our Paleolithic ancestor who came before them.

Before agriculture, there was the Paleolithic period. Paleolithic man was a hunter-gatherer and nomad. Rather than try to GROW food, he would migrate to where food was available.

According to anthropologist Marshall Sahlins, the ancient hunter-gatherer of the Paleolithic period was LAZY. Seasonal migration took him to areas were food was in plentiful supply, and only a modest amount of work was required to harvest food from the wild.

The ancient hunter-gatherer followed an activity pattern known as the “Paleolithic Rhythm”. Men would commonly hunt as little as 1 to 4 non-consecutive days per week, taking full days of rest in-between, and women would gather every 2 or 3 days. This left plenty of time for recreational activities, including dancing, rituals and simply lazing about.

Despite being lazier than most people we know in modern society, studies show that Paleolithic man was the strongest, most robust, ripped and muscular of all our ancestors.

Fossilized remains reveal that our Paleolithic ancestors had higher levels of mineral bone density, and more prominent muscular insertion sites than modern or agricultural man. This indicated they sported some impressive muscle mass. Combined with an average BMI of around 23.5, this indicates Paleolithic man sported a very impressively lean and ripped physique.

In fact, paleoanthropologists believe that the AVERAGE paleolithic man had a similar build to the modern day world's most elite athletes!

Studies have shown that when hunter-gatherers transitioned to an agricultural society some 10,000 years ago, their general health deteriorated. A physical anthropologist can tell almost immediately whether a skeleton discovered at an archeological site belonged to a hunter-gatherer or to an agriculturist. Despite doing hard physical labor for 8 or more hours a day almost every day of the week, the skeletal remains of an agriculturist almost always reveals that he was shorter, weaker, less muscular and more disease-ridden than his lazy hunter-gatherer equivalent.

The Hunter-Gatherer Fitness Regimen

The secret lies in the way that the hunter-gatherer moved. Our Paleolithic ancestors did not run marathons whether to compete, to collect finisher's medals, or to raise money for charity.

Also, unlike the agricultural society that followed, the tall, healthy, muscular and able-bodied Paleolithic man did not spend the vast majority of his waking hours sweating his guts out on the field.

The main physical activity Paleolithic man got involved in, was the hunt.

The act of hunting involves short bursts of high intensity sprints, either while chasing prey or while being chased by the prey. There is no room here for slow, long-distance marathon-style running. Low intensity running won't save you from a 900 kg African buffalo hurtling toward you at 57 kph. Nor will it help you catch the buffalo if it's running away from you.

Short, very intense bursts of exertion that require and result in great strength and musculature over time, are what gave Paleolithic man his robust health and great physique.

Remember that your genes are no different from that of Paleolithic man. In fact, you are a direct descended of Paleolithic man, and studies suggest your genes are 99.998% the same as your hunter-gatherer ancestor.

The genes you have today were SHAPED by Paleolithic man's style of high intensity activity, and your genes are POISED to respond to this type of activity.

When you start training like Paleolithic man, everything about your health and body will start to fall into place.

Not only will you notice your man boobs start to melt away, you will also lose body fat and grow muscle. You will also notice an immediate boost in your energy levels, and a boost in your overall health.

Start training like Paleolithic man today, and believe me you will start to notice the difference from day one:

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