The Many Benefits Of HIIT

Have you ever been chased by a crazed lunatic with a hammer?

There are few times in life when you'd rather be Usain Bolt than Casenova or Don Juan Demarco, and being chased by a guy with a hammer is one of them.

I remember this encounter my younger brother had some 10 years ago. He came home after school with blood all over his head and covering half his face. I took a look and he had a lump on his head the size of a golf-ball. He was feeling faint, so we took him to the hospital.

Thankfully, there was no serious injury to his skull or brain, so they sent him home, advising us to watch him closely for the next 24 hours.

So here’s what had happened…

My brother was on the way back home from school, and there was this huge gang-fight outside – with knives, baseball bats and the like. My bro might have been a mischievous little bugger, but he was never one to get into gang-fights, he was too clever for that.

He was trying to get home while keeping as much distance between himself and the fight as possible.

Then suddenly, out of no-where, this guy with a blood-stained hammer – a grown man – started chasing my brother down the street.

My brother ran as fast as he could, but he told me he looked back and the other guy was running “like he was possessed”. My brother felt like a tortoise running from a leopard… all he could do was continue running with the fear of impending death inside him.

The next thing he remembered was waking up on the floor, with blood all over his face.

Now, thankfully, most people have never had such an experience. Most people will NEVER have such an experience. But you have to admit… there’s always the possibility that something similar might happen to you. And if it does, chances are you won’t be in a position to SWIM away from your assailant. You won’t be in a position to CYCLE away from your assailant.

We spend most of our time on our feet on dry land, and chances are that you will have to RUN, you will have to SPRINT ON YOUR FEET to save your life.

Even if you don’t ever experience that life-threatening situation, who knows when someone might one day take off with your phone or your woman's handbag? Who knows if you might get chased by an angry stray dog (an experience I once had), or be required to save someone in a rapid dash of heroism.

But what if none of these things never DO happen to you? What if you never DO need to sprint to save your life or sprint to rescue a damsel in distress?

Since I started doing sprint training to lose my man boobs and tone up my body, I haven’t ONCE needed to sprint away from danger. Despite that, I still feel so much more confident, just knowing that I COULD outrun almost anyone, should the need arise.

Even if none of these things ever DO happen to you, just knowing that you COULD outrun anyone around you, is enough to give you a HUGE 24/7 boost in confidence.

Being able to sprint FAST is almost on par with having a ripped, muscular body, when it comes to being confident wherever you go.

The good thing is, you don't have to train only for speed, or train only for fat loss.

With Paleolithic HIIT, you can use speed-training to help you lose fat, lose man boobs, AND grow muscle. So you can be ripped, muscular, AND have that extra confidence from being able to run fast.

I've always said that the best way to bring about permanent change to your physique, is to get involved in something you enjoy, something that you can get passionate about.

Not everyone can get passionate about lifting weights – it's hard work, and boring because you're standing on one spot. Few people can get passionate about boring, long distance cardio – because, well, it's boring (some people ARE passionate about long distance cardio, but we all know long distance cardio doesn't work – especially for losing man boobs).

But one thing almost ANYONE can get passionate about, is sprinting.

Sprinting is the land animal's equivalent to flying.

According to legendary sprint trainer, Charlie Francis, as you get faster and faster at sprinting, your ground contact time decreases. This means that your feet spend less time touching the ground, and you spend more time in the air.

I've experienced this, and it's an amazing feeling. It's the closest thing there is to flying without equipment. You feel like you're gliding over the floor.

Unlike with jogging, where you are moving up and down, up and down, when you can sprint FAST, the up and down DISAPPEARS, the impact on your joints decreases, and you are only moving FORWARD.

That's when sprinting becomes fun.

That's when it becomes a hobby.

You get up in the morning and you can't WAIT to get out there and start sprinting. It's like you're waiting to get into your Lamborghini Aventador and pierce through the air at unimaginable speeds.

And as you glide through the air for a few minutes, twice or thrice a week, you notice your man boobs and body fat shrinking away week by week. Your energy levels increase, your mind becomes sharp and focused, you become more confident, and life starts to get better.

So, if you're ready to take up a new hobby and develop a new passion that will help you not only lose man boobs, but also to get rid of generalized body fat, and help you to pack on some muscle, then pick up your copy of Paleolithic HIIT today:

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