The Mental Switch For Losing Man Boobs And Losing Body Fat

My most successful clients are the guys who have a dream and vision to be and look like GREAT men. They're not just out there to lose man boobs, these guys are out to look STUNNING. They want to have the kind of body that makes people turn heads when they walk by.

When you have this greater vision for yourself, it really makes you go the extra mile. When your goal is BEYOND just losing man boobs, then just losing man boobs really becomes a walk in the park.

There's a common saying in psychology – “What you focus on becomes your reality”.

We also know in psychology, that the mind cannot process negatives. Whether you're thinking about LOSING man boobs or GROWING man boobs, the mind still sees it as “I Have Man Boobs”.

I'll Pay You $100 If You Don't…

There's this common thing in psychology called the “Pink Elephant Principle”. If I told you I'll pay you $100 if you do NOT think of a pink elephant right now… what happens? You just thought about a pink elephant, didn't you? Not only that, I'll bet you even bought up an image of a pink elephant in your mind.

If you are constantly thinking about LOSING man boobs, then you are actually enforcing the reality of man boobs, and your body will never get rid of your man boobs for you. The same applies to losing weight.

The solution then, is to focus on something positive like GREATNESS, or leanness, or building a manly body – NOT on something negative like losing weight or losing man boobs.

Some of my most successful clients, only managed to become successful when they finally made that mental switch – from wanting to lose man boobs, to wanting to build a manly physique.

So, make that mental switch already. Stop trying to lose fat or lose man boobs, and start getting into building that dream physique! You can start with my ultimate physique-building program, the Chest Sculpting Blueprint:

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