The Most Advanced Fitness Machine For Losing Man Boobs

Fitness Machine For Losing Man Boobs

The single best piece of training equipment for losing man boobs isn’t the barbell. It isn’t the kettlebell. And it sure as hell isn't the treadmill.

Hint: it’s with you everywhere you go, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, from the minute you’re born till the day you die… unless you’ve mastered astral projection.

Ah, that’s it! It’s your own body!

The fitness world today is a mess. 99.9% of people who work out, never reach their goals and are not satisfied with their bodies. This is largely because we rely too much on machines. When one machine doesn’t work, we move on to the next. Even if you keep on at it with the same machine or piece of equipment forever, that machine or equipment is not usually the key to a great body, and it’s never the key to your best body.

Master This One Fitness Fundamental

Now don’t get me wrong, machines and equipment can help, but only after you’ve mastered this one fitness fundamental: that if you can’t get fit with your own body first, you have no business getting on a machine or picking up any equipment.

In the martial arts they say a weapon is merely an extension of the body. There’s no point training with a weapon if you don’t know how to first fight without a weapon. So martial artists learn to fight with their own bodies first and only then do they pick up a weapon. The same goes with exercise and exercise equipment.

Bruce Lee could fight just as well with his own body, as he could with a weapon.

Training with machines or equipment without first building a solid foundation with bodyweight training is like constructing a building without the foundations.

Sure, some people do go on to build great bodies using equipment like barbells and kettlebells, but the big problem with this approach is this: the vast majority of people in the fitness world use some sort of equipment to try and get fit, and the vast majority of these people fail miserably at reaching their goals.

So those who succeed are the exception rather than the rule.

I’m willing to bet that if bodyweight training was as popular as training with machines or equipment, we would see a far bigger proportion of people succeeding in building the body they want.

And of those who do succeed to build great bodies with machines or equipment, you may want to stop and wonder how they would get on if they did bodyweight training instead. I’ve personally known quite a few guys who have made the switch from weight training—the likes of bodybuilders and powerlifters—to bodyweight training, and not only do they prefer the way their body LOOKS with bodyweight training, they also prefer the way their body FEELS and PERFORMS.

Here are what some of my clients have said about their switch from weight training to bodyweight training (comments left unedited):

“I have been doing bodyweight training for 1.5 year now… I’m stronger, fitter, slimmer than ever before, my endurance is far better than when I was doing weight workouts. Moreover, my progress is continuous.”

“After many years in gym I began doing bw training. Remember guys if you train hardcore even with spot on technique gym takes toll. On the other side bw training is healing my body all the time it is how it is meant to be all the muscles work in unisome perfect harmony pure joy”

“My most influential reason for doing boyweight exercises is the fact that our human bodies have a magnificent potential in regards to movement. In comparison to the gym where you progress by lifting heavier, we progress by performing harder, more amazing and more satisfying movements. How good does it feel when you can finally, after all hard work, execute the human flag, planche, iron cross etc and at the same time get the gains, joint stability, balance and structural integrity!”

The kind of body you build with machines or equipment is like the shell of a pretty building without a solid foundation. It may look pretty on the outside, but without a solid foundation, it’s weak and ready to crumble at a moment’s notice (injuries with weight training anyone?).

This Fitness Machine Is With You Everywhere You Go.

Unlike a gym, a barbell, or a kettlebell, your body is with you everywhere you go. Here are 3 different reasons why this is important.

1. You Can Train Anywhere.

With bodyweight training, you can train in the living room, bedroom, hotel room, garage, yard, office, wherever you like.

With machines and equipment, what’s a guy to do when he’s on holiday, doesn’t have space at home to store bulky equipment, or doesn’t want to blow $800 a year on gym membership fees?

You can do bodyweight training almost anywhere. I do mine in the park, where I enjoy the sunshine, some fresh air, and a nice natural environment. Sometimes, to save time, I train in my bedroom.

You can’t take your dumbbells with you when you go on holiday, you’d have to pay extra luggage fees and haul those heavy bags through the airport and from the airport to your hotel.

But it costs no extra money, and no extra effort to take your body with you.

2. Your Body Is With You Everywhere You Go, So Training With Your Body Must Be The Best Way To Train.

Huh? Where on earth did I arrive at this logic? Let me explain.

Lifting free weights is a useful form of exercise, because man in his natural environment needs to OCCASIONALLY lift heavy things to survive. But moving your own body is something you do ALL THE TIME—because your body is with you everywhere you go.

Whether you are crawling, jumping over a puddle, sprinting, climbing a tree, fighting, hanging off a ledge, or just getting out of bed, you are mostly manipulating the weight and posture of your own body.

Most survival activities involve moving your own body.

When you exercise, your body doesn’t know that you are exercising to lose weight or lose man boobs. Instead your body thinks you are moving to SURVIVE, and survival movements mostly involve the movement of your own body. When your body thinks you are having to move to survive regularly, it transforms itself so you get better at surviving—by growing muscle, getting stronger, and getting leaner.

Because most survival activities involve moving your own body, your body responds better to bodyweight training—where you move and manipulate your own body—than it does to any other form of training.

3. Bodyweight Training Is The Most Functional Way To Train

Functional training is training that’s useful in your everyday life.

For an exercise or workout to be functional, it must resemble the event being trained for as closely as possible. Since the performance demands of the average person consist mainly of manipulating their own bodyweight throughout the day, what could be more functional for developing better strength in day-to-day activities than bodyweight movements?

This Fitness Machine Was Available Since The Dawn Of Man

For thousands of years—from Paleolithic man to Ancient Greece’s Olympic athletes and today’s Special Operations forces—humanity’s greatest physical specimens have not relied on fitness centers in their towns or dumbbells in their homes.

You already have—in your possession right now—the most advanced fitness machine ever created—your own body. And what’s so great about this fitness machine is that it’s always there. It is the one and only thing you are never without.

Training with your own body is the secret to what made ancient warriors so strong. With bodyweight training, you will be training as Achilles did before battle on the shores of Troy, training as ancient warriors the world over knew was best, training as today’s SpecOps warriors do to meet their foes. Why? Because it works.

If Achilles really did exist in ancient history, he would have trained using bodyweight training to develop a warrior's fighting skills, strength, agility, and physique.

Special Ops training. Do you see any dumbbells, barbells, or kettlebells? No? Just bodyweight training? Oh.

The trouble with us humans is we never appreciate what we already have, and we’re always chasing what we don’t have. We’re chasing new pieces of equipment to help us burn fat and get rid of man boobs, when everything we need is right here. The sooner you realize that you don’t need something outside of yourself—like a piece of equipment—to get rid of your man boobs and transform your body, the sooner you can get started on that road to a new you.

When you’re ready to start using the most powerful fitness machine—your own body—to blast away your man boobs, then you’ll want to pick up a copy of my latest program, Bodyweight Chest Exercises For Losing Man Boobs.

There may be other ways to lose man boobs and build a great body—such as with weight training and Paleolithic HIIT—but bodyweight training is the only method that will give you your ultimate, best possible body. It's also the most fun and enjoyable method, and the one method most likely to see you through to that end-point where you've lost your man boobs and are finally able to look great topless at the beach, at the pool, or in the bedroom.

If you get started on bodyweight training today, you won't lose your man boobs by tomorrow, it will take at least a few weeks. So if you want those man boobs gone ASAP, then the best time to get started is right now! So why wait? Your ideal body is waiting for you around the corner, hit the link below and discover how you can lose your man boobs with the most powerful bodyweight chest exercises for losing man boobs:

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