The Most Powerful Anti Aging Remedy For Men

How To Get Lean & Strong, Live Longer, Look Younger, Feel Better, And Have Great Sex In Your 40's, 50's, 60's, 70's, And Even 80's.

How To Be Active And Motivated To Do Something Worthy With Your Life Until The Very End Of Your Days.

The Most Powerful Anti-Aging Remedy For Men

Getting older is a scary thing for most of us.

When we are young, many of us can stuff our faces with junk food every day and still feel great and even stay lean; we can play, fight, and train without getting hurt or falling ill; we can move without pain; we can make love every day, and stay up all night. We can recharge our cellular batteries as fast as we drain them.

As we get older, our joints start hurting, and we don't have the same energy we once did. Despite our appetites going down we continue to put on weight, our muscles waste away, we become prone to illnesses like heart disease, cancer and diabetes, we can't sleep as well as we used to, we lose our mojo in the bedroom, and women no longer find us attractive.

Here are just SOME of the problems you can look forward to as you get older:

Physical Problems:

  • Lack of energy, feel weak and fatigued
  • Wrinkles or aging appearance
  • No longer attractive to women
  • Illnesses: diabetes, cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, arthritis
  • General aches and pains
  • Less sleep
  • Muscles shrinking
  • Growing fat, getting man boobs!

Sexual Problems:

  • Reduced desire
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Reduced volume of ejaculate
  • Difficulty achieving orgasm
  • Less intense orgasms

Mental Problems:

  • Low mood/depression
  • Reduced focus/mental clarity
  • Low motivation
  • Worry: will never achieve your life’s goals

If you are over 35 and you are experiencing any of those symptoms, your doctor will probably dismiss your complaints (“Joe, you just need to accept you’re getting older.”)

We as a society have come to accept that growing old means growing weak, frail, and ill. But this notion is completely FALSE, and I'm going to tell you why.

Is Aging Really As Natural As They Say?

Father time is a bastard that enjoys taking things from us: our hair, our muscles, our energy and our youthful looks, and we hear all the time: “It's a natural process, you have to accept it,” blaa, blaa, blaa.

What they DON'T tell you, is that there are many things in our lifestyle and environment that ACCELERATE the effects of aging, and there is nothing “natural” about it.

Despite what everyone might tell you, becoming frail in your later years is NOT natural. Nature intended for you to be strong and proud till the end of your days.

And you know what's REALLY shocking?

Many of the things your doctor and well-meaning friends tell you are “healthy”, end up turbocharging the aging process.

Yes, we are bombarded by “healthy” advice that’s contributing to a faster aging process.

And yes, losing a little bit of that youthful spring in your step as you get older is natural, but the truth is that it is nature's intention that you be active and motivated to do something worthy until the very end of your days.

The Single Most Important Factor That Controls Aging

In our early twenties, we can easily take on those late nights, with too much work, too much play, and far too much eating and drinking. We push past every reasonable limit, without any real consequences.

How are our organ systems and every cell in our bodies, able to keep up with this brutal pace?

The answer is hormones! We were in hormone heaven.

The optimal function of every cell requires optimal hormonal input. This means that any decline in hormonal activity from youthful norms will result in suboptimal cellular activity.

Dr. Eugene Shippen is a specialist in Family Medicine, who has been treating men with low testosterone for over 40 years. Here's Dr Eugene Shippen on the importance of the male hormone testosterone:

“Testosterone is far more than just a sex hormone. Testosterone travels to every part of the human body. There are receptors for it from your brain to your toes. Testosterone is vitally involved in the making of protein, which, in turn, forms muscle. Testosterone is a key player in the manufacture of bone. Testosterone improves oxygen uptake throughout the body, vitalizing all tissues. Testosterone helps control blood sugar, helps regulate cholesterol, helps maintain a powerful immune system. Testosterone appears to help in mental concentration and improves mood. Testosterone is most likely one of the key components in protecting your brain against Alzheimer’s disease.

The “male hormone” is dynamite. Don’t leave home without it.”

…Dr. Eugene Shippen

Studies suggest after the age of 30, the hormone testosterone in men, declines by around 1% every year. And from all the research I've done, it seems that a decline in testosterone levels is the single most important factor that's behind the aging process.

There are other factors involved as well of course, but testosterone is the limiting factor, i.e. the most important.

Let's say you are running. You have the legs and lungs of a sprinter, but the heart of an 80 year old woman. Regardless of how good your legs and lungs are, you're still only going to be able to run at the pace of an old woman.

In this case your heart is the limiting factor, and the single most important thing you need to change if you want to run faster, is your heart. It's the same with testosterone and aging.

If you focus only on maintaining and boosting your testosterone levels throughout your life, you can reduce, reverse, or even completely prevent all of the above problems that we have come to accept as a “natural” part of the aging process.

Aging Is Not The Problem. Reduced Testosterone IS.

Are you experiencing fatigue and low or no sex drive?. Do you seem to have less mental focus?. Do you have less tolerance to stress and feel down?. Is your body getting softer while you are gaining fat?. Have you been exercising for months or years without improvements in your body?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above, then you could be suffering from low testosterone.

When men go and see their doctors about a problem that seems to be associated with aging, in the vast majority of cases, it isn't aging at all that's causing the problem, but a decline in their testosterone levels.

Associate clinical professor at Harvard Medical School, Abraham Morgentaler M.D., is a man who has devoted his life to studying testosterone. According to Morgentaler, low testosterone can make you feel tired, like you've lost your edge, your sense of vitality, your “mojo”. It can make you put on weight, kill your mood, and make sex feel like work.

Dr. Dan Purser is a physician in Utah who specializes in hormonal issues. Here's what Dr. Purser has to say about men who come to see him:

“Men come in my office all the time and tell me they are tired, or even exhausted. They tell me that they’re depressed and sad, and don't know why. They ask why they’ve gained weight and can’t lose it. They mention how their muscles are going away – shrinking – and when they work out they just can’t get them back and how they can’t recover from their workouts. They also complain about how they have to take naps now just to make it through the day.

Then they tell me how they hurt all over. How they can’t sleep well at night and how they hate the alprazolam they have to take just to get to sleep at night for a few hours. They also complain how they have recently developed digestive problems and gut problems.

Then they tell me how their headaches have gotten worse and worse and sometimes they even get migraines. They tell me how bad the headaches are – and I admit they can be horrible. They also tell me how they now have high blood pressure problems, and how they have numbness and tingling in their fingertips. And they talk about the weird heart palpitations that worry them and their high cholesterol.

… Got it? Because I do – when I take on new male patients, I hear this all the time, over and over and over. And I get it.

These are all symptoms of low libido. And low testosterone.”

…Dr. Dan Purser

So all the things that most doctors, your friends and family and society in general, claim are a result of aging, are actually caused by reduced testosterone. What this means is that…

Boosting Testosterone Is The Key To Reversing Aging

“Most men I see come in for a specific issue, such as problems with erections or reduced sex drive. Testosterone therapy can be extremely helpful for these symptoms, yet in many ways the most important benefits of T therapy is the feeling of being “recharged” again – feeling more focused, more vigorous, more masculine, more alive.”

….Abraham Morgentaler M.D.

If you are young, and fear what middle-age or old age will bring, then the key to maintaining your youthful strength, vitality, mental clarity, motivation, and sexual energy, is boosting and maintaining those testosterone levels using natural methods.

If you are over 35 and feel like you are slowing down, the key to reclaiming that youthful spring in your step, is to boost testosterone naturally.

We all know Arnold Schwarzenegger took artificial testosterone in his bodybuilding days. When you take artificial testosterone, your body stops making its own testosterone. So when you stop taking artificial testosterone, you suddenly end up with more fat than ever, and less muscle than ever- just like Arnold did in his later years. Taking artificial testosterone long-term, will reduce your lifespan, weaken your heart, increase your blood pressure, and more. The only way to enjoy lasting effects, is to boost testosterone naturally.

If you were at PEAK physical fitness in your twenties, then the least you can do in old age by boosting testosterone, is maintain a good deal of that fitness, and prevent weakness and frailty.

If you were fat and unhealthy in your twenties, then boosting testosterone can help you get healthier, stronger, leaner, and more attractive in your 40's, 50s's, 60's, or even 70's than you ever were when you were younger.

The reality of it is that your life wasn't meant to go down hill after your 40th birthday. We are surrounded by naysayers who are constantly talking about growing old, complaining about their aches and pains, and how life is just down hill after 40.

But the truth is that you can put a dead-halt stop to the aging process, and even reverse it by over a decade, making it look as if you are aging BACKWARDS!

You can reduce wrinkles, add years to your life, sleep better, get a great body, and have amazing sex, all the way into your 80's.

You no longer have to be afraid of landing in the old age home long before your time. You don't have to worry about your playtime with your kids and grandchildren being limited to how long you can last without having your knees, back, or joints locking up in pain. You will rarely if ever be limited by typical “age-related” aches and pains.

You can finally be a role-model to your kids, and even to your grandchildren. Imagine your children and grandchildren being struck with wonder at how much energy you have. Isn't it supposed to be the other way round? It is for most people, but not for you, because you know the secret to defying the aging process.

Imagine motivating your children and grandchildren to become fitter, stronger, and healthier… because they see how fit, strong, and healthy YOU are.

Rather than worrying about a midlife “crisis”, you'll be enjoying a midlife CELEBRATION. Here's why…

As we age, we accumulate knowledge and experience, and we become wiser. We also spend our youths accumulating wealth. Combine this with a strong, healthy body, a sharp, focused mind, and a great sex life, and getting older now becomes a joy that we look forward to. The older we get, the more rich and fulfilling our lives become.

If you want to be the kind of guy who maintains his strength and health well into his 80's, the kind of guy who women find MORE sexy as he ages, the kind of guy who maintains his mental clarity and sexual energy his whole life, the kind of guy who is active and motivated to do something worthy until the very end of his days, then start boosting those testosterone levels now!

Studies show that one of the most powerful ways to boost testosterone and stave off old age is through resistance training. The hormonal changes from resistance training can stop aging in its tracks and even reverse it.

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