The Path To Losing Man Boobs

The Path To Losing Man Boobs

Today I was listening to this short 1m45s podcast episode by entrepreneur philosopher Naval Ravikant, and I was shocked by how closely his message resembles what you need to hear about losing man boobs.

This one piece of knowledge could change your life. I recommend bookmarking this page and coming back to it every now and then.

Please watch/listen to the video below and then read my notes below the video to learn how to apply Naval's knowledge-bomb to losing man boobs:

Naval talks about getting to something by truth rather than by practice.

Naval gives the example of quitting smoking. Just like with losing man boobs, there are techniques you can try, but they are always painful and difficult.

He mentions that often there comes a moment where you see something a certain way, or you see yourself a certain way, e.g. you get diagnosed with lung cancer. When you see something strongly enough, when you understand it, then the habit can often disappear by itself.

He says that…

…understanding and seeing, changes you in a way that pure practice cannot.

I'll get to how this relates to man boobs in a bit.

He goes on to say that when you are practicing to do something, there's always a gap between you and the thing (the thing you're trying to achieve), there's always a struggle, always a conflict. If we want peace we have to give up on self conflict.

Now Here's Where it Relates to Man Boobs…

So if you're trying to lose man boobs, there's a gap between where you are now and that goal of where you want to be with a man boob free body. That gap, and you working hard to breach that gap, creates conflict, and that conflict means you are not at peace.

And yeah, I hear you, you don't give a toss about peace, you just wanna lose those goddamn man boobs. But peace is the key to losing your man boobs and keeping them off for good, I'll explain how to do this in a sec.

Naval goes on to say,

“Instead, we need to use our natural curiosity to understand things better. Through understanding, we will naturally improve ourselves.”

And he finished with:

“Once we truly understand the effects of unhealthy food on our bodies—when we see the extra weight we’re carrying, or we track the glucose spike and crash after eating too much sugar, or we see how caffeine hops us up and then crashes us—we automatically change for the better.

So, the path towards peace is truth.”

The mistake most guys with man boobs make, is they set a goal for themselves in the future, maybe you're going to the beach and you'll have to take your top off in front of your friends and family. You tell yourself you'll seriously cut back on the carbs and go to the gym 5 days a week to try and burn off those man boobs. But this creates struggle, conflict and stress.

The struggle, conflict and stress created by this scenario ensures that you can't keep up this practice for long.

If you are gifted enough to have enough willpower to be able to lose your man boobs by the time that special event comes round, you are still guaranteed to fall back to your old ways eventually, and you'll end up growing back your man boobs later in life.

The Way to Lose Man Boobs With Ease and to Keep Them Off For Good…

…is to lose them through truth and peace.

Yeah, I know, that sounds wishy-washy, but hear me out.

Here's what you do

Step #1:

Make the decision that you want to be the best version of you possible. Part of this includes being man boob free, but it also includes being healthy, being strong, being fit and agile, and being disease-free.

Step #2:

You gain the “truth” part by gaining knowledge. I always tell you to be constantly learning about what helps to lose man boobs and what helps to boost your health. When you learn the details about why a particular food you regularly eat, makes your body grow man boobs, just that knowledge itself makes you less willing to eat that food.

For example, when I read an article about how spinach is a natural source of anabolic steroids that help grow muscle and shrink man boobs, it makes me want to eat more spinach.

Actions taken through knowledge and truth are “peaceful”. When you want to improve yourself, and you KNOW something is bad for you, and you know WHY it's bad for you, and you believe it, then you truly WANT to avoid it, and there's no longer any stress associated with avoiding it.

That's an approach you can maintain in the long-run, because it's peaceful, there's no struggle or willpower involved.

When it comes to losing man boobs though, it's easy to get Step #2 wrong, by gaining the wrong type of knowledge.

Conventional wisdom tells us that the path to great health is to go on a low fat diet, to count calories, to eat less, to exercise more, to do lots of cardio… but that's a bunch of BS.

You need to gain the right type of knowledge that will shrink your man boobs on a physiological level.

A lot of diets and training methods that are seen as “healthy”, can actually GROW man boobs, so no matter how at peace you are with these methods, your man boobs won't shrink.

You'll find all the right type of knowledge for shrinking man boobs in Mansur Zaman's How To Get Rid Of Man Boobs Naturally here.

What I like about Mansur's book, is that it's long and detailed, it gives you all that background info that helps you understand why you have man boobs, and why the changes he suggests will help you shrink your man boobs.

This book gives you the knowledge and understanding that Naval (in the above video) recommends you need to naturally improve yourself (and lose your man boobs) without struggle.

Though Mansur's book covers mostly Step #2, he covers Step #1 at the end of his book, in Part V from pages 483 to 497 of the print version, under sections titled, “The Key To Finally Getting The Results You Want” and “The Secret To Staying Motivated Forever”.

So pick up a copy of Mansur's book right now and get a head start on losing your man boobs long before you have to wear that man boob revealing knitted Christmas sweater.

You can get the print version of the book in the U.S., U.K., Canada, and multiple other countries, the link below should redirect you based on where you are. You can also read the Kindle version for free with Kindle Unlimited. Get it here:

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