The Single Best Diet For Losing Man Boobs

A Historical, Time-Tested Method For Losing Man Boobs

In 1862, William Banting was a fat man aged 66, at 5 foot 5 inches and weighing over 200 pounds. In his most famous ‘Letter on Corpulence', he wrote that he could not stoop to tie his shoe, “…nor attend to the little offices humanity requires without considerable pain and difficulty, which only the corpulent can understand.” I think he was talking about hemorrhoids – ouch! I had those when I was 13! Shhh don't tell anyone.

Banting was not a lazy man, nor was he known for having a big appetite. Like many others, he started gaining weight in his 30s, and tried everything he could to get rid of it.

He took up rowing for 2 hours every morning, and although this made him stronger and more energetic, he didn't lose any weight because his appetite increased at the same time (this happens to a LOT of people by the way. When I for example took up cycling, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and weight training at the same time, I was also eating more and as a result, didn't lose a single pound of weight).

Banting also tried cutting back on calories. He was a determined guy, and managed to cut back to the extent where his immune system was compromised, causing “many obnoxious boils to appear”. Despite his suffering, Banting complained that he still didn't lose any weight. He also tried walking, riding on horseback and manual labor to name a few. He saw many well-known doctors at the time, and tried purgatives and diuretics but to no avail.

Despite all his efforts, Banting's weight continued to increase over time, to the point where he started to go both deaf and blind. He saw many different doctors who were unable to help him. In 1862 he saw an ear surgeon named William Harvey, who took one look at Banting and told him all his problems were caused by his obesity – his fat was pressing on his inner ear.

William Harvey had recently been to Paris where he attended a lecture by the great physiologist Claude Bernard. After a lot of controversial experimentation on dog liver, Bernard had discovered that the liver is able to create its own sugar and store it as glycogen. Harvey knew that completely avoiding sugar or carbohydrate-rich foods, helped to control the secretion of sugar in the urine of diabetics, and must hence also reduce excess sugar creation by the liver. Also knowing how obesity and diabetes are related, and how carbohydrate rich diets are used to fatten animals, he put everything together and theorized that…

“…a combination of animal food with such vegetable matters as contained neither sugar nor starch, might serve to arrest this undue formation of fat.”

Harvey then prescribed a diet that would change Banting's life. The basics of the diet was to completely avoid all bread, butter, milk, sugar, beer and potatoes. Banting protested that these were the mainstay of his diet, and that he didn't know what else he would eat, but Harvey showed him there were plenty of alternatives.

Banting then went on a diet of meat, fish and vegetables, avoiding all sugars and carbohydrates. He ate as much as he wanted, saying that quantity was not important, “[as long as] the nature of the food is strictly adhered to.”

On this new diet, Banting dropped 35 pounds in 9 months, and 50 pounds by early 1864. “I have not felt better in health than now for the last twenty-six years,” he said. “My other bodily ailments have become mere matters of history.”

“To attribute obesity to ‘overeating,' is as meaningful as to account for alcoholism by ascribing it to ‘overdrinking'”

…Jean Mayer, Harvard Nutritionist, 1968

Banting discovered that he didn't get fat because of overeating, he got fat because he was eating the wrong type of food.

To tell the world of his discovery, Banting published a short pamphlet – his Letter on Corpulence. In 2 years he sold 50,000 copies. It was widely translated and sold particularly well in Germany, Austria, France and the United States. The emperor of France was said to have benefited greatly from Banting's system.

Banting's pamphlet became so well-known, that ‘bantingism' was adopted into the English dictionary as a new word for ‘diet'. By the 1870s, “to bant” had become synonymous with “to diet”.

Now you have to ask yourself. What possible reason could there be for Banting's pamphlet and method becoming so well-known, other than the fact that his method worked stupendously well? There was no huge marketing campaign, and the government and medical establishment were actually opposed to bantingism, and tried their very best to stamp it out. The medical establishment even stooped so low as to spread vicious rumors about Banting.

The truth is that Banting's pamphlet spread through society mostly through word of mouth, and the only way that can happen is if his methods actually worked.

How Does This Relate To Man Boobs?

It doesn't.

Bye now…

Just kidding :p

Banting's little story relates to you losing your man boobs, in lots of different ways.

What Banting discovered was a low carbohydrate diet. A low carb diet is by far the single most powerful way to reduce body fat. Around 80% of guys with man boobs, will lose their man boobs if they lose weight. The remaining 20% of guys will still greatly benefit from reducing body fat levels, even if they are already skinny. If they are extremely skinny and have man boobs, they will still benefit from a low carb diet.

It's true that there are other ways you can lose weight. People do lose weight by going on a low fat diet, or a low calorie diet, or doing hours and hours of cardio, but in this newsletter, I'm going to explain to you why a low carb diet is the best way to reduce body fat if you want to both lose man boobs and maintain and even enhance your health at the same time.

Another reason why a low carb diet is the best diet for man boob sufferers, is insulin. Insulin plays a massive role in man boobs, it's just as important as estrogen and testosterone. If you want to lose man boobs, you must become an expert at controlling your body's insulin levels.

Here's a quick teaser on what you need to know:

  • Insulin resistance = bad
  • Insulin sensitivity = good

Insulin plays a big role in your estrogen/testosterone balance. People with high insulin resistance are known to have low testosterone levels. A low carb diet is the single most powerful way to reduce insulin resistance, and boost insulin sensitivity.

So in effect, a low carb diet will boost your testosterone levels!

So, as Banting suggested, quit those carbs (rice, pasta, bread, potatoes, cakes, etc), and stick to a diet of meat, fish, eggs, nuts, seeds, plenty of veggies, and a modest serving of fruits.

If you can't wait, and want to get started right away on a detailed program on losing man boobs, then go here:

As a free gift, you can download Banting's Letter of Corpulence here:

On page 18 of Banting's book (p22 on my PDF reader), Banting gives his meal plan, which I think you'll find useful.

On pages 31-32 (p35-36 of my PDF reader), Banting mentions that you should see results within the first week of trying out a low carb diet. He suggests you give the whole thing a one month trial.

What's really cool, is on pages 35 and 37-38 (p39 and p41-42 on my PDF reader), Banting talks about how after you've achieved the results you want, you can start reintroducing the bad foods you enjoy, back into your diet, but eat them as the exception rather than as the rule.

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