The Ultimate Man Boob Busting Exercise

I started five of my clients on this new exercise for losing man boobs.

  • Two told me they've noticed their frame shrinking with every workout.
  • One told me it has boosted his fitness so much it's only a matter of time before his man boobs are gone.
  • The other two told me, despite the results, this exercise was so tough, it hurt so much they never want to do it again.

I’ve never told you about this exercise before, because I really did just start experimenting with it recently.

The only drawback is it's tough as hell, so not everyone can handle it, and I don't recommend everyone try it.

  • If you haven't done any exercise for the past few months, then this exercise is not for you.
  • If you have a heart condition, this exercise is not for you.
  • If you're faint-hearted or scared of tough exercise, this exercise is not for you.

Anyone with a modest level of fitness can do this exercise, but whether or not you can handle it, that's another question.

If you do decide to do this exercise, do it once–maybe twice–a week, no more. It's too taxing on your body to do it any more than that.

I usually do this exercise on Fridays, but I almost always put it off until Saturday because I really just don’t want to do it.

Once I’ve done the exercise though, I feel on top of the world! Like I’ve really accomplished something.

The good news is, the hard part is over in less than 10 minutes, and this exercise is effective as hell!

If you're the type who doesn't mind tolerating a short burst of excruciating pain once or twice a week, so you can enjoy a great body all year round, then this exercise may be just the thing for you.

Here’s Why This Exercise Will Help You Lose Your Man Boobs And Help You Get In Shape

Man boobs are caused by a high estrogen to testosterone ratio.

That’s when you either have high levels of the female hormone estrogen, or low levels of the male hormone testosterone.

So the key to getting rid of man boobs is to use natural methods to reduce estrogen and boost testosterone.

Other hormones—like insulin and cortisol—are important too.

To lose man boobs, you want to do exercises that boost testosterone, increase insulin sensitivity, and decrease resting cortisol levels.

The Ultimate Man Boob Busting Exercise achieves these hormonal changes like no other exercise out there.

What Makes The Ultimate Man Boob Busting Exercise So Powerful?

Studies show that the hormonal changes that help you lose man boobs are best achieved through two different types of exercise: resistance training and high intensity interval training (HIIT).

Now here’s why the ultimate man boob busting exercise is so effective at getting rid of man boobs:

The Ultimate Man Boob Busting Exercise combines the best of both resistance training and HIIT

This exercise will skyrocket those testosterone levels, make your body super-sensitive to insulin, and lower your resting cortisol levels.

The Best Of Resistance Training:

With resistance training, you boost testosterone by tearing up your muscles through microtrauma.

The Best Of HIIT:

With HIIT, you boost testosterone by searing your muscles with intense lactate accumulation and by pushing your cardiorespiratory system (heart and lungs) to the max.

But what if you could do an exercise that causes intense muscle microtrauma, results in maximal lactate accumulation, and taxes your cardiorespiratory system to the max, all at once?

Well after much testing using some advanced monitoring equipment, I’ve found a resistance training exercise protocol that will tear your muscles up with exceptional levels of microtrauma, make your muscles burn with unparalleled lactate accumulation, and boost your heart rate as high as the toughest HIIT workout you’ve ever done.

The Ultimate Man Boob Busting Exercise will tax your muscles and your heart and lungs to the max. It will raise your testosterone levels and blast away those man boobs like no other exercise.

This exercise will tax your muscles to the max, and tax your heart and lungs to the max in one go.

This exercise will raise your lactate levels like crazy, it will boost fat-burning human growth hormone levels like nothing else, and push your man-boob-busting testosterone levels through the roof!

Use this exercise once a week for a few weeks, and see for yourself what kind of chest-flattening effect is has.

This exercise is so powerful, that if all you ever did was this one exercise on its own once or twice a week, your body would undergo significant transformation.

And the best part—it’s over within 20 minutes!

How many exercise programs can claim to transform you in 20 minutes a week?

Here’s What I Like Best About The Ultimate Man Boob Busting Exercise

The Ultimate Man Boob Busting Exercise can get rid of your man boobs and transform your body all by itself.

It’s better, of course, to use multiple different exercises to get rid of your man boobs, but if I had to choose one single exercise on its own, this would be it.

If you’re strapped for time and can’t make the time-commitment for a full exercise regimen with multiple different exercises, then this is the exercise you should be doing.

It really can flatten your chest and transform you in just 20 minutes a week.

On the other hand, if you’re already doing a full exercise regimen like I advise in my other programs, then you can inject this one exercise into your workouts just once a week and see your results soar.

And here’s what I like best about this exercise…

The Ultimate Man Boob Busting Exercise will raise your pain threshold.

The 10-minute short Phase 1 of this exercise is so tough, that it will make every other workout you do seem piss-easy in comparison.

The Ultimate Man Boob Busting Exercise will make your other workouts feel like a breeze. Not only that, it will also boost your performance in every other exercise you do, and will help you perform better in life's other physical challenges.

Nowadays, since I started doing the Ultimate Man Boob Busting Exercise, no matter how heavy I am lifting on my other lifting days, no matter how fast I am pushing myself on my Paleolithic HIIT sessions, none of it feels all that tough any more.

All of my other exercises in the week are now a breeze—a walk in the park.

One quick 10-minute session of intense suffering a week has made every other workout so much easier to handle.

As well as making the rest of my week feel easier, doing the Ultimate Man Boob Busting Exercise once a week has actually increased my pain threshold, so I can push myself harder on my other workouts days.

I am now lifting heavier and sprinting faster than ever before, and it all seems easy thanks to the Ultimate Man Boob Busting Exercise.

The Ultimate Man Boob Busting Exercise will boost your pain threshold and make every other physical challenge in life seem easy in comparison.

So if you want something that will not only directly get rid of your man boobs, burn body fat and grow muscle by itself, but will enhance every other workout you do, then get started on the Ultimate Man Boob Busting Exercise today!

You Can Do It At Home—No Gym Membership Or Expensive Equipment Needed

The one piece of equipment you do need is a barbell with some weight plates.

With the Ultimate Man Boob Busting Exercise, all you need is a barbell. You can train from home, you don't need any expensive ongoing gym membership fees.

You can literally pick up that barbell at home right now and start pumping away at this exercise and start burning off those man boobs just a few minutes from now.

What I’ve done for you is I’ve gone ahead and written up a detailed report on exactly how to do the Ultimate Man Boob Busting Exercise.

In this report, you’ll discover…

  • What’s the single best exercise for boosting testosterone and losing man boobs? (Boost those T levels, and you’ll soon have that flat chest and great physique that will be the envy of all your friends)
  • Phase 1: Tear up those muscles & get the blood pouring in. (There’ll be so much muscle microtrauma, your body will spend the whole week burning extra fat from your chest to help repair those muscles).
  • Phase 2: A little-known yoga technique that pools lactate in your muscles. (This not only boosts testosterone, it also increases your pain threshold so you perform better in all of your other exercises. Hint: you must do this immediately after Phase 1 for it to work.).
  • The one thing you must do to ensure you keep seeing results with the ultimate man boob busting exercise. (Do this and your body will have no choice but to keep responding week after week, until your man boobs are gone, and even your abs are showing).
  • How to incorporate the Ultimate Man Boob Busting Exercise into your current training regimen. (It’s easy. Just switch it with this other exercise, and you’ll be on your way to the kind of body that gets people turning their heads when you walk by).

How Quickly Can You Expect To Start Seeing Results?

You’ll feel the testosterone boosting and metabolism boosting effects of this exercise instantly, the very first time you do the exercise.

Expect to feel energized, alert and aware. Some of my clients have even noticed a boost in libido from the very first workout.

Boosting testosterone also means you will likely enjoy better mood, a boost in confidence, better memory, better sleep, increased competitiveness, more dominant masculine behavior.

I wish I could tell you your man boobs and excess body fat would disappear instantly after your very first workout too, but any dummy knows that’s impossible.

It takes time for your body to undergo physical transformation. Everybody knows that.

Rest assured though, that the Ultimate Man Boob Busting Exercise will get those fat burning mechanisms into gear from as early as the second set of your very first workout.

You'll start to feel the benefits of the Ultimate Man Boob Busting Exercise immediately after your very first workout.

Your chest will start to flatten from your very first workout. You may not see these changes after your very first workout, but you will see your chest flatten sooner than you would with any other exercise you might be doing now.

And get this…

…if you are doing other exercises on other days of the week, the Ultimate Man Boob Busting Exercise—in the very first week of doing it—will help you perform better in those exercises.

Imagine the kind of body you’ll get when you can lift heavier and sprint faster than you ever could before.

If you’ve been struggling to lose man boobs for a while now and other exercises you’ve done haven’t given you the results you want, then maybe it’s time you tried something new.

The Ultimate Man Boob Busting Exercise is the kind of tough (but quick) workout that can shock your body into responding when nothing else seems to be working.

“But What If It Doesn't Get Rid Of My Man Boobs?”

In my experience as a personal trainer specializing in man boob reduction, the vast majority of guys with man boobs can get rid of man boobs naturally without ever needing surgery.

For the few guys who do end up needing surgery, at the very least, the Ultimate Man Boob Busting Exercise will make your chest smaller than it is now. It will also boost your pain threshold, boost your muscle growth, boost your strength, help you burn fat, boost your performance in all your other exercises, and give you all of the many benefits of being a high testosterone male.

To get started on this exercise just 30 seconds from now, click the button below and it’s yours for just $7.

Get it now while you’re still on this page, as I can’t guarantee this offer will still be here next time you visit this page.

That’s because this is a special introductory offer.

I want to get as many people started on this exercise as possible, so I can get their feedback.

Click the button below to get the full 23-page report on the Ultimate Man Boob Busting Exercise.

Do the exercise.

And let me know how you get on using the feedback link at the end of the book.

Ultimate Man Boob Busting Exercise
Garry Davidson

Your pal,

Garry Davidson

P.S. The Ultimate Man Boob Busting Exercise is one of the toughest exercises you will ever do. It will create a metabolic storm in your body, one that your body will spend the whole week recovering from, meaning your metabolism stays raised, and your body burns extra fat all week long.

Thankfully, the hardest part is over in less than 10 minutes, and you’ve only got to do the exercise once a week.

The question is, are you willing to bear 10 minutes of intense suffering a week to kick-start your body’s fat burner and activate your body’s chest-flattening mechanisms?

Are you willing to suffer for just 10 minutes a week (and mark my words, this exercise is very punishing, this is the only way its effects can last as long as a full week) to boost your performance in every exercise you do, to make every other physical challenge in your life seem easy in comparison, to make you stronger, leaner, more muscular; to have a better body, to look good in the mirror, and be able to enjoy the summer without man boobs?

If you don’t mind enduring a few short minutes of hardship a week, then the Ultimate Man Boob Busting Exercise may be just the thing for you.

If this sounds like your kind of thing, try it, and let me know how you get on.

Ultimate Man Boob Busting Exercise

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