The Zero Willpower Eating System

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A lot of folks have been asking me about diet – meal plans, recipes, etc. for losing chest fat.

I'm actually working on diet at the moment, so I hope to have more help for you in the near future about what to eat, when to eat it, how to cook/prepare it, etc.

Meanwhile though, you are probably anxious to get started right away.

In case you haven't seen it, here's an old recipe I wrote about ages ago. I came up with this recipe myself, so you won't see it anywhere else:

Also, one of the best programs on diets for men that I've come across, is the Zero Willpower Eating System (ZWES).

What's cool about the ZWES is two things:

1. It eliminates willpower

You prepare everything in advance, and the food is delicious!

All of your meals are pre-prepared and packed into tupperware containers in your refrigerator.

So whenever you feel hungry, you simply take a tupperware container out and throw it in the microwave.

2. The food is easy to prepare – so it's designed for men!

There's no need to stock your shelves with a gazillion different spices and herbs, no need to grow fresh parsley in your garden, or any of that crap.

Just throw on some simple (yet delicious) marinade, and shove the meat/fish on the grill.


There are two problems with the ZWES:

1. It isn't purely low carb

The authors advise having brown rice, pasta, etc.

Here's what I've found…

If you follow the author's advice to the letter, you will still lose weight, and may even lose your man boobs. Even though grain-based carbs are involved, the recipes are still pretty healthy.

Also, the process of tucking away a small portion of semi-healthy food in a tupperware container, is enough to help change your physique – because it forces you to become disciplined with your food.

The idea is you have 5-6 small meals a day. You never get hungry, and you never eat too much, because your portions are predetermined. It's an excellent method, and it works!

However, you can throw your results into OVERDRIVE if you omit the grains (the rice and pasta), and simply increase your portion of vegetables and meat.

2. The ZWES is not sold separately

The ZWES comes with a detailed workout program called “Six Pack Shortcuts” by Mike Chang.

Six Pack Shortcuts is the main program, and the ZWES is a program on the side.

But this is not to say that the ZWES is a short, crap freebie program that can be fit into a short PDF booklet. It consists of 6 nutrition videos and 7 in-kitchen cooking videos, each anywhere from 10-40 minutes long.

Trust me when I tell you that the authors could have sold the ZWES alone, for $99. But they provide tremendous value by throwing it in for free with the entire Six Pack Shortcuts program.

In my opinion, the Six Pack Shortcuts training program is good, but it isn't brilliant. But I would advise you to buy the entire program, just to get access to the ZWES. Because the ZWES alone can change your life.

You can read a full, look-inside-review of the ZWES here:

Or you can order the Six Pack Shortcuts program (with ZWES included) here:

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