These Quick 2 Minute Workouts Can Help Blast Away Man Boobs

Spring is in full bloom and the weather here is awesome. I just came back from a high intensity bicycle sprint down my local road, and I feel on top of the world!

A quick, 2-minute all out bicycle sprint can boost your testosterone levels and raise your metabolism for hours on end.

You might notice how sometimes you get this sudden urge to exercise. When you do, you should follow your instinct and just do it, quickly before the urge goes away.

If you’re already training regularly, and you’re worried about overtraining or interrupting your training schedule, there’s no need to do a full-blown hour-long workout when you get these urges.

Just do one single fun and challenging high intensity sprint that tests your limits.

Why Are Spontaneous Bursts Of Exercise Good For You?

Doing the occasional spontaneous workout, better resembles the lifestyle of our Paleolithic ancestor. Some of Paleolithic man’s workouts were planned (e.g. hunting for food), while others were not (e.g. being attacked by something from behind the bushes).

Nowadays, the attack from behind the bushes rarely ever happens, there are no spontaneous bursts of furious activity in our lives.

Nowadays, there are no hidden dangers that require sudden bursts of intense activity. Your body tries to make up for this by giving you sudden seemingly spontaneous urges to exercise.

For millions of years our bodies have evolved to EXPECT spontaneous bursts of activity. As I discuss in my program, Paleolithic HIIT, you optimize your testosterone levels and optimize your health when you give your mind and body the lifestyle it was DESIGNED to live.

Since nowadays we no longer have tigers jumping on us from behind long blades of grass, our bodies give us SUDDEN INSTINCTUAL URGES TO EXERCISE.

If you follow your instincts and give your body what it wants, you will boost your testosterone levels higher than after any regimented workout. Even if you’re just doing a single set.

But Not Just Any Exercise Will Do…

The most important thing is that you push yourself hard at an anaerobic pace, maybe even push yourself to your limits.

You make your body think your life is on the line, so you sprint like there’s no tomorrow.

The other important thing is the exercise should involve your whole body. If you think about it, almost any survival activity, whether you are running from a dangerous animal, fighting a rival, or hunting prey, involves using your whole body.

There’s little point in getting one of these urges to exercise and just doing a bunch of biceps curls. Though this is far better than doing no exercise at all (you WILL still benefit if you did biceps curls), you’d get much better results from doing something that stimulates your whole body, and especially involves your legs.

Do something that stimulates your whole body.

The best whole-body exercises that stimulate a survival activity are high intensity interval training sprint exercises.

You might do your sprint on a bicycle, you might do a running sprint down your road, a jump-roping sprint, a furious round on a heavy bag, or even do the Ultimate Man Boob Busting Exercise.

The Ultimate Man Boob Busting Exercise will take you longer than just a couple minutes, but you only need to do Phase 1, and that’s less than 10 minutes. More info on The Ultimate Man Boob Busting Exercise here:

What Makes These Sudden Urges To Exercise So Powerful?

Instinct is a powerful beast.

Your body gives you the urge to exercise, not just randomly out of the blue, but it does so when your body is primed to benefit most from exercise.

I got the urge to exercise this morning, because the night before I had gotten the best night’s sleep for a good few days. My hormones, muscles, fuel reserves, and brain, were all primed to benefit from a good burst of high intensity activity.

Sometimes you’ll get the urge to exercise when you watch a motivational video. Motivational videos can cause hormonal changes that prime you to benefit from exercise. One study on rugby players found that watching a motivational video before a training session resulted in:

  • Higher pre-workout free testosterone levels
  • Better workout performance
  • Higher post-workout free testosterone levels
  • Lower post-workout stress hormone (i.e. cortisol) levels

Other times it can happen when you’re feeling happy about something, when that girl you like at work agreed to go on a date with you, when you stand on the bathroom scale and realize you’ve lost weight, and random stuff like when you’re excited about the next episode of Game of Thrones (when on EARTH is that next season coming out again?).

Sometimes you get these urges to workout, seemingly out of the blue.

How To Make These Sudden Urges To Exercise Stronger And More Frequent

You’ll also notice that as you start on your regimented weekly training and fix up your diet, as your fitness increases, you grow more muscle, and your belly and man boobs start to shrink, you’ll get these random urges to exercise more and more often. Each urge will also be stronger.

This is because the less body fat you carry, the more muscle mass you have, and the more fit and trained you are, the more your body benefits from exercise. We know from scientific studies that trained high intensity athletes, like sprinters and weightlifers, get bigger testosterone boosts from their workouts than do untrained people.

The More You Trust The Urge, The More…

The more you trust the urge to exercise and submit to it, the stronger and more accurate the urge will get.

When you have a strong and accurate urge to exercise, you know 100% that this is one of those urges that will put your testosterone levels through the roof if you submit to it and go for that high intensity burst of exercise. The urge is so powerful that you almost can’t resist it.

However, at first, these urges might be vary faint, where you’re not too sure if you really want to exercise. They could also be completely wrong, where you start exercising, and you don’t really have the energy for it, you get injured, or you feel fatigued afterwards.

The urge to exercise is an instinct. I read a whole book on instinct, where the author explains how instinct is something you have to nurture over time. Sometimes your instincts will be wrong, and other times it will be right. But if you start TRUSTING your instinct today, over time you’ll find your instincts are right more and more of the time.

So at first, when you get these sudden spontaneous urges to exercise, give in to them and see what happens. Over time, as you submit to the urges more and more, they’ll become more accurate, more correct, stronger, and as you get fitter, you’ll benefit from these short bursts of activity (and from all your workouts) more and more, with bigger testosterone boosts, and bigger effects on losing those man boobs.

Focus on becoming a trained high intensity athlete. The more trained you become, the greater your ability to boost testosterone, and the greater your ability to blast away man boobs.

The best exercises to do when you get these urges to exercise, are the exercises I reveal in my program, Paleolithic HIIT. (The Ultimate Man Boob Busting Exercise is an option too, but that's just one exercise. Paleolithic HIIT gives you a wider range of exercises).

In Paleolithic HIIT, I give you a regimented HIIT training protocol for blasting away man boobs. When you start doing sprints Paleolithic HIIT-style, you’ll start getting these random urges to exercise more and more often.

Unlike with traditional cardio, Paleolithic HIIT will boost your muscle mass and prime your body to benefit more from exercise, where each exercise session gives you bigger and bigger testosterone boosts, to the point where losing body fat and losing man boobs gets easy.

Just wait till you start combining your regimented Paleolithic HIIT routine with the occasional sudden burst of high intensity activity when you submit to those instinctual urges to exercise. Your body will transform so quick, and your man boobs will go away so fast, you could easily have that beach-ready body before summer is over this year.

Summer is nearly here! If you want to enjoy a great body this summer, then the time to get started on your training is right now. Today.

The sun is out, people are already out there going to the beach and enjoying the great weather. But the good news is summer isn’t here yet, and if you get started today, you could lose your man boobs before summer is over, so you get to enjoy the great weather with a great body THIS YEAR, in 2017, not next year, not 10 years from now, but enjoy having a great body this year.

But the clock is ticking, the sun’s already here, so the only time to get started is right now.

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