This Kind Of Diet Works Best For Losing Man Boobs

The kind of diet that works best for losing man boobs and also happens to work best for generalized body fat reduction, is a grain-free diet, where you avoid stuff like rice, pasta, cakes, biscuits and bread.

Why are grains bad if you want to lose man boobs?

Two reasons:

Grain Problem #1: Too carb-dense

Carbohydrates regulate the hormone insulin more than any other macronutrient.

Insulin is by far the most important fat storage hormone there is.

The more carbs you eat, the more insulin in your body. The more insulin in your body, the fatter you get.

Have you realized how ever since the low-fat movement in the late 1970's, the world has been getting fatter? That's because most of that fat has been replaced by carbs.

Low fat foods contain more carbs than do full fat foods.

When you sit down to eat a low fat meal, you're likely going to take in more carbs.

But carbohydrates do more than just make you fat.

They also give you man boobs via the following mechanisms:

Grain Problem #2: Contain toxic anti-nutrients like lectins, gluten and phytates

Anti-nutrients cause disease, and phytates in particular, make vitamins and minerals less bio-available.

A high vitamin and mineral profile in your diet plays an important role in helping to normalize your hormone levels, so you can get rid of your man boobs.


You should mostly stick to meat, fish, eggs, nuts and seeds for your fat and protein source, and fruits'n veggies for your good carbs, fiber and vitamins & minerals.

Most of the time, when you sit down to eat, you should have on your plate, a moderate amount of flesh (meat or fish), and a HUGE serving of vegetables.

When I sat down today to have one of my typical grain-free meals, here's what I had:

Lamb Chop And Kale

Ooooh this meal was delicious! Not much there, I know, but I wasn't very hungry. That lamb chop…. awwww wow! Got it fresh from a local farm, marinated it with some Bragg's amino's, black pepper and garlic granules. The greens are chopped kale — lovely stuff, just pop it on a pan, put a lid on and let it heat in its own steam (remember not to overcook your greens, as you'll lose most of the micronutrient benefits). Total cooking time: 15 mins. Cost of meal: 1.5 USD.

See how most of my plate is taken up by veggies?

(In all honesty, my vegetable portion should have been bigger (and preferably more varied), but I couldn't be bothered, and this is good enough.)

If I had to pit vegetables against meat, I would say vegetables are healthier. This is because veggies generally contain more vitamins and minerals and more fiber than meat/fish.

But for ideal health, and for the most effective man boob reduction, you'd include some flesh in there too. Because meat'n fish contain important fats and proteins that vegetables don't.

Studies show that vegetarians have lower testosterone levels than non-vegetarians, and I've had my fare share of vegetarian clients who have had trouble getting rid of man boobs because they couldn't up their testosterone.

So, what I want to get across to you today, is:

  1. Eat the flesh'n veg diet
  2. Have more veg on your plate than flesh

If you'd like more detailed dietary guidance on how to get rid of man boobs, you can pick up a copy of How To Lose Man Boobs Naturally here:

2 thoughts on “This Kind Of Diet Works Best For Losing Man Boobs”

  1. Great post.
    But the reality its nearly close to impossible to live on a low carb diet. For example I play soccer. Its extremely hard to perform on a low carb diet I tried it before and doesnt work. I think a healthy diet is a moderate carb diet. 100 – 200 grams a day is realistic. And for snacks is popcorn okay? air popped?

    Great articles though, love your stuff .

    • Hi Tyler, thanks for the comment.

      How much carbohydrate you consume depends on what you’re trying to achieve.

      If your focus is on performance in a physically demanding sport, then you’ll do better with a higher carb intake.

      If your focus is on body fat reduction and optimizing your hormones, then you’re better off cutting your carbs.

      I generally advise my clients to stick to consuming 50-100 grams of carbs a day for body fat reduction. Once they have lost most of the fat they want, I then switch them to 100 to 150 grams a day for maintenance.

      I would advise against popcorn. It’s largely full of empty calories, increases inflammation in your body, increases insulin resistance. Saying that, it doesn’t hurt to have a small amount occasionally when you’re watching a movie. Just be sure to pop your own popcorn and to pop it in a healthy fat like coconut oil or grass-fed ghee.


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