This Method Will Super-Charge Your HIIT Training

I've read a lot of positive, motivational, success-orientated stuff in my life. I know I should be positive about life, but sometimes I just can't help it.

Life is tough man. You have to work hard for anything you want to achieve. I've been working like a dog ever since I left college, and it sucks. Why can't we just click our fingers and have anything we want?

But you know what? As much as I might complain about hard work, I always know in the back of my mind, that hard work is necessary, and it SHOULD be necessary.

Imagine it was easy to make a million bucks overnight. Everyone would be doing it, and either money would lose its value, or that easy method everyone uses to make money would just stop working – because everyone would be doing it and there'd be too much competition.

Imagine it was easy to get a perfect beach-body with flat chest and 6-pack abs. Everyone would have it, and no-one would give a damn about anyone's physique.

The good things in life are hard to get, because they HAVE to be hard to get.

Losing man boobs and sculpting a manly chest isn't nearly as tough as most people think it is, but it's sure as hell harder than just clicking your fingers or popping a pill, and it sure as hell don't happen overnight.

I wish I could maintain my physique with zero exercise and on a diet of ice cream, butter croissants, and fast food. But that's not the way it works.

It does all get easier though, when you come to terms with the fact that all good things require hard work to achieve – it's the way of the world, and if you want results, you have to play by the rules of reality, by getting your hands dirty and doing some good old-fashioned hard work.

Anyway, on with today's post.

Today I want to tell you about a powerful method that will skyrocket the results you get with HIIT.

Here goes.

The good thing about HIIT is, if you do it right, you benefit from a nice post-exercise testosterone boost. This is one thing that makes HIIT way better than traditional steady state cardio when it comes to losing man boobs.

The TROUBLE with HIIT is that over time, as your body gets used to the exercise, the testosterone boost you get after exercise gets smaller and smaller.

In order to help you lose your man boobs, you have to experience consistently high testosterone boosts after exercise.

The secret to consistently high testosterone boosts is to keep improving your HIIT performance. You have to be sprinting faster and faster over time, pushing your body harder and harder.

Studies suggest that in 100m sprinters, post-exercise testosterone boosts are greatest in the FASTEST sprinters. The shorter the time they complete the race in, the greater the testosterone boost they experience.

This means that with HIIT, the post-exercise testosterone boost is directly related to performance.

So next time you do HIIT, make sure you take a stopwatch and time your sprints as accurately as you can. If you are sprinting from one tree to another in a park, you have to continually be trying to beat your previous times.

But what then happens when you reach a plateau? There inevitably comes a time, usually within the first few weeks, where you are no longer seeing any improvement in your performance. What do you do if this happens?

In my new program, called Paleolithic HIIT, I go into detail about how to prevent and avoid plateaus in your training, so you can continue to experience the chest-flattening effect of HIIT for as long as you keep training. I also show you how to blast through plateaus if you ever DO find yourself stuck in one.

WHEN Should You Do HIIT?

This is one of the questions I got asked yesterday by an awesome subscriber.

Here's the answer I gave him.

“I discuss this extensively in my new program on Paleolithic HIIT. If you were doing only HIIT, the best time to do it would be in the afternoon or evening, when your body is in a more anabolic state. Don't do it just before bed though, because you then wouldn't benefit from the many hours of increased post-exercise metabolism you get after doing HIIT, since your metabolism drops like a brick as soon as you go to sleep.

Despite that, what time of day you do HIIT really won't make or break your success. What's more important, is that you find something that fits your schedule. If it's most convenient for you to do HIIT in the morning, then do it in the morning. If it's most convenient in the afternoon, then do it in the afternoon. If you do it in the morning though, make sure you spend a little extra time warming up before you start your HIIT session.

If you are doing both HIIT AND weights, then I suggest separating out the two types of exercise. Don't do them one after the other. As a beginner to weights and HIIT, I suggest doing weights on one day, and HIIT the next day. So if you were doing weights on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, you'd do HIIT on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

As an advanced trainee on the other hand, when you start lifting heavier weights, and doing shorter, faster HIIT sprints, then you need to do both HIIT and weights on the same day in order to allow your central nervous system to recover. You do all of your high intensity activities in one day, then either rest or do low intensity work on the next day. In this case, you still separate out the two different types of workout by a good few hours, in order to allow your body to replenish its anaerobic capacity. So if you do HIIT in the morning, you'd do weights in the late afternoon or evening.”

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