This Training System FORCES You To Lean Down

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When you get the idea that you want to get good at bodyweight training, it FORCES you to lean down.

Can’t do a single full-depth dip? Lose a couple of pounds and it gets MUCH easier.

Can’t do more than three pull-ups? Lose a couple of pounds and you’ll find it easy to do four reps, five reps, and eventually more.

With weight training on the other hand, increasing your body mass can improve your leverage to lift an external load, regardless of whether that mass is comprised of fat or muscle. On the flip side, when you lose body fat, your lifts often go down. It’s demoralizing when your body is looking better because you’re losing fat, but your progress in the gym is going down or just not improving.

Bodyweight training forces you to lean down. The more lean you are, the better you get at moving your body against gravity.

With bodyweight training however, any superfluous body weight you're carrying will decrease your leverage and make your exercises more difficult by creating additional resistance. So the more body fat you lose, the better your performance during your workouts.

There's An Amazing Benefit To This At The Dinner Table…

If you want to lose man boobs and you find it difficult to control yourself at the dinner table, then being obsessed with bodyweight training gives you that extra ally that can help tip the scales in the man boobs battle. Want to get past that pull-up plateau? “Then maybe I’ll pass on that pizza, and go for the steak and salad instead”.

With weight training, it’s easy to get obsessed with lifting and muscle growth, and tell yourself you’ll cut down on the fat later. With bodyweight training, you either cut down on that fat right now, or you’re not getting anywhere with your training.

People who train with weights are either fat or lean, depending on how they are with their diets, but every single bodyweight training pro is lean and shredded, because they have to be lean if they want to be good at lifting their body against gravity.

This guy is proof you don't have to be lean to be good at lifting weights.

Notice how each and every one of these calisthenics pros is ripped. There are few fat people in the world who can do a one arm L-sit hang, especially not long enough to pose for a group photo.

Give bodyweight training a try. See if it’s something that you can develop a passion for. As they get better at bodyweight training, most of my clients love their new ability to move their body around better, they find it easy to develop a passion for this training style. Do this one thing—develop a passion for bodyweight training—and it’s only a matter of time before you have that great man boob-free body.

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