Try This Bodyweight Training Guide For Losing Man Boobs

I've recently been reading and following a bodyweight training protocol by world-renowned calisthenics gurus, the Kavadlo brothers.

It's a great whole-body training routine that will raise your testosterone levels, which could help you lose your man boobs.

What I like about this training regimen is it's absolutely BRUTAL on your legs.

If you want to lose your man boobs, your legs are the most important body part to train, because studies show that leg training results in by far the greatest testosterone release, and you need those testosterone boosts to stimulate your body to shrink those man boobs.

Where I advocate doing just ONE good compound leg exercise like the squat, to maximize testosterone release, the Kavadlo brothers in this book, recommend doing FOUR different leg exercises.

Since I'm currently going through this training regimen, I can see why doing 4 different leg exercises can be useful.

Each exercise stimulates your leg muscles in a different way from different angles. This not only results in better overall muscular development, but you'll also start to notice how you actually need these different types of movements in your daily life, it's incredibly useful.

The downside however, is that rather than take 30 to 40 minutes like my workouts do, the Kavadlo workout will take you anywhere from 40 to 60 minutes.

Another downside to the Kavadlo workout, is they don't incorporate the most powerful chest exercise, the almighty dips into their training regimen, they advocate doing push-ups instead. (Though they do talk about dips later in the book, I haven't gotten to that yet, lol I'm too busy following the workout).

To incorporate dips, you can either swap out push-ups with dips, or, to get the best of both worlds, you can do what I'm currently doing: the Kavadlo workout on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, and do dips and Paleolithic HIIT on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

You can check out their book here:

Remember though, none of this will be of any use if you don't have your diet in check.

Diet is 85% of the game when it comes to losing man boobs, and as tough as the Kavadlo workout is, you can train for months on end with almost zero results if you're not eating the right foods to shrink your man boobs and grow muscle.

For the best dietary tactics on losing man boobs, click here to check out How To Lose Man Boobs Naturally.

2 thoughts on “Try This Bodyweight Training Guide For Losing Man Boobs”

    • Hi Andrew,

      You’re right, my book focuses mostly on chest exercises and gives you a brief overview of exercises you can do for the rest of the body.

      The Kavadlo brothers’ book covers the whole body in detail, though doesn’t go into nearly as much detail on chest exercise progression like I do in my book.

      I’d advise you get started on the Kavadlo book, and pick up a copy of my book when you want to get more advanced with the chest.


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