Try This Man Boob Shrinking Cream

Doctor Recommends Progesterone Cream

Did you know that there was a hormone you can rub on your skin to make your man boobs vanish?

Sounds like a scam, I know, but bear with me and I’ll show you all the science that proves that it’s true.

And unlike testosterone, this hormone doesn’t come with a barrage of different side-effects. 

Heck, use testosterone the wrong way and it can even make you GROW man boobs.

No, thankfully, if you use the right form of this hormone, you’ll experience ZERO side-effects, yet week after week you could see your man boobs shrink as you use this cream.

It’s an outrageous claim I know, but it’s not one of those things a snake oil salesman tries to sell you, where he claims you rub this magic cream onto your man boobs and your man boobs will vanish by tomorrow morning.

No, this hormone cream is the real deal, and the honest truth is it will take WEEKS for it to get rid of your man boobs.

But hey, better you lose your man boobs in a few weeks than not lose them at all, right?

This hormone is a precursor to testosterone, AND it opposes estrogen.

Since man boobs are caused by a combination of low testosterone and high estrogen, this hormone is the perfect thing to balance out those hormones and help you shrink your man boobs.

More and more doctors who are hip with non-pharmaceutical, natural forms of therapy, are now discovering the benefits of this hormone and using it to treat conditions in men caused by estrogen dominance, such as the male menopause (andropause), prostate enlargement, problems in the bedroom, and weight gain.

The hormone in question is…. [drum roll]…


I've seen progesterone work for a lot of guys with man boobs. Not just my clients, but a lot of guys online are talking about the man boob shrinking effect of this hormone.

Here are some examples:

Dan, Selden, New York, Age 41

“I did a test but stopped the DAA and continuing only with the Progesterone. Sure enough, my gynecomastia began to very quickly subside… This, along with my regimen above [weight training and intermittent fasting], has allowed me to drop 16lbs bringing my bodyfat from 23% down to 18%. My energy levels are through the roof, strength at the gym is greater than ever before, sex drive significantly enhanced, decreased gynecomastia, and sleep very much improved. Needless to say I feel like a new person. At 41, I'm feeling better than I felt when I was 25.”

John, Brazil, Age 63

“I saw some guys fixing all their problems by taking progesterone cream 10mg everyday so I decided to do the same… and then the good things started to happen in 3 days taking the cream. I started to wake up really refreshed, got morning erection, then my mood got excellent I've felt so depressed for so many years in this poison and then I got really happy with energy then my libido returned I even lost some weight, belly fat and gynecomastia I had prior to taking the cream.”

I've been experimenting with a new progesterone cream made by a company I trust. The manufacturer of this cream has been producing this cream since 1993 with the help of world renowned progesterone expert, the late Dr John Lee.

Having taken a close look at its list of all-natural ingredients, and the dose of progesterone, I can confirm this is currently the best progesterone cream there is for men.

You can pick it up here:

NB: This cream now has international shipping. You can get it in the US, Canada, the UK, Australia, and a few European countries. If your country isn't covered, then hit me an email and I'll put in a request. They're a small company and they listen to feedback from long-term customers like me.

Before you start using progesterone though, I highly recommend you read up on it and understand how it works. You can learn all the science behind how it works here:

A Word Of Warning About This Cream

When you get your hands on a bottle of this cream, keep in mind that you are not to apply it directly on your man boobs. 

See, that would be another snake oil salesman’s trick.

That’s not how this cream works, it doesn’t magically zap away the extra fat on your chest and abrakadabra-away those breast glands behind your nipples.

This is a scientifically verified hormone cream that can truly shrink your man boobs, but it works by balancing the hormones throughout your whole body.

This whole-body hormone effect is what really CAN shrink your man boobs.

For this whole-body effect, you have to apply the cream to areas of your body that have the following three properties:

  • Huge blood supply
  • Thin skin
  • Low levels of subcutaneous fat

You’ll find the perfect body areas to use this cream on, written on the back of the bottle.

Your man boobs have not a single one of the above properties, so please don’t apply the cream on your man boobs, it’ll be a waste of cream, and a waste of your hard earned money.

Give this cream a go and let me know how you get on.

Get it here:

Or just search “hewis progesterone” on

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