Two Short Sentences That Will Transform Your Body

I'm going through some more of Vince Gironda's material.

If you don't already know from my previous mentions of him, Vince Gironda was the Beethoven of the body sculpting world.

Just as Beethoven was ahead of his time in the world of music, so was Vince ahead of his time in the world of body sculpting.

People used to laugh about Vince's advice back in the 60's, and now the latest science is finding more and more that he was right all along.

One piece of advice I came across from Vince today, was in one of his older books, called “Blueprint For The Bodybuilder”.

Here, Vince summed up what is perhaps the single most important piece of advice when it comes to transforming your body, and he did it in two sentences.

Here's what he said:

“Carbohydrates build fat–never muscle! Protein builds muscle tissue and can also be used for energy, so why use carbohydrates???”

The fact is, you don’t NEED to consume carbohydrates, because your liver can easily manufacture them.

What you DO need from your diet, is plenty of protein and plenty of healthy sources of fat.

If you are overweight with or without man boobs, the single biggest most powerful most important piece of advice I can give you is this.

  1. Make a list of all of the sugars and starchy carbs in your diet.

Most starchy carbs come from grains like rice, cereals, and flour-based products like pasta, bread, cakes, cookies etc. Potatoes are also a source of starchy carbs.

  1. Eliminate those starchy carbs from your diet one by one.

Let me give you an example.

I used to eat a lot of RICE back when I was fat with man boobs.

Sure, I was eating a lot of other bad carbs, but rice was my biggest vice.

  • Then I discovered cauliflower rice as a great non-starchy alternative to rice and I let go of rice completely. This alone took me from 210 lbs. to 187 lbs very quickly.
  • Then I found low carb replacements for toast and baked beans for breakfast and lost more weight (I also often skipped breakfast with intermittent fasting).
  • Then I found low carb replacements for the cookies and cakes I was having with my tea.
  • Then I found low carb replacements for potatoes and lost more weight.

I replaced one starchy food after another and before I knew it I was as lean as I wanted to be.

This was after 25 years of being fat. I tried year after year using the conventional approach of trying to eat less and doing lots of cardio, but the fat would never budge.

Losing weight like this was nearly effortless, there was almost no willpower involved, and I didn’t feel one bit restricted.

Today I am 100% satisfied with my meals, I don’t feel one bit deprived.

  • Compare this to the conventional weight loss approach, where you are constantly having to live on cold rabbit food, while watching everyone else at home sitting down to eat delicious warm meals that are forbidden for you.
  • Compare this to constantly having to wake up in the morning while everyone else is in bed, so you can go for your hour-long morning run.

With conventional weight loss methods you constantly feel deprived, you are always hungry, you never feel satisfied, and you are constantly working hard with your workouts and seeing barely any results for all your efforts.

With my approach on the other hand, losing weight and losing man boobs is so easy, you’ll be lean and flat chested before you know it, and you’ll look back and wonder why you ever found it so difficult. You’ll kick yourself for not having gotten started sooner.

The key is finding delicious high fat high protein replacements for your favorite carbs in your diet.

To help you find suitable replacements, I’ve come up with 5 grain substitute recipes to replace some very common high carb foods most of us consume regularly in the West. You can check them out here:

Remember: don’t suddenly replace ALL of the grains in your diet.

Do it one at a time.

Replace one grain, and only work on replacing the second one after you are 100% used to and 100% comfortable with the first replacement.

This way you minimize the need for willpower, there is minimal stress, and it makes it so much more like you will stick to the change in the long-run.

Losing weight and losing man boobs is all about long-term and permanent lifestyle changes.

I’ve also come up with 5 recipes that are not grain-substitutes, but rather, TASTE substitutes.

These low carb recipes, in my opinion, taste better than the best pizza you’ve ever had. It’s so full of flavor, yet unlike with pizza, rather than make you GROW man boobs, they contain special man boob shrinking spices that will REDUCE the size of your chest and help you lose weight.

Check them out here:

2 thoughts on “Two Short Sentences That Will Transform Your Body”

  1. Hi Gary,
    I have recently been diagnosed with beginning Osteoporosis. I’m 85 years old. Some diets for this condition call for sweet potatoes. Is this a wise choice? Thank you.

    • Hi Frank

      Sweet potatoes are an excellent choice of food, they are packed with healthful micronutrients. Please feel free to eat them, but just don’t overdo it because they are still carbohydrate dense.

      I’m no expert on osteoporosis, but I do know that the best foods for strengthening your bones are dark green leafy vegetables, the likes of spinach, romaine lettuce, collard greens, kale, and broccoli. I would also take a vitamin D supplement, especially if you don’t get much sun exposure.


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