Discover A Simple Lifestyle Tweak That Can Tighten Up Puffy Nipples and Burn Half A Pound Of Fat From Each Man Boob In Less Than 8 Weeks!

I’d like to tell you about a method of man boob reduction that has nothing to do with diet and nothing to do with exercise. It’s a form of high intensity lifestyle change that can reprogram your genes much like the way high intensity exercise can, only it has nothing to do with exercise.

Intermittent Fasting For Fat Loss

This lifestyle tweak isn’t nearly as difficult as exercise, and it requires ZERO time investment. In fact, it will ADD more time to your day, and add more enjoyment to your life. It will allow you to eat more delicious food without feeling guilty, and while still losing weight and losing man boobs.

This method of losing man boobs is so easy, so covert, that no-one will know you’re doing it. Your friends and close family will see your man boobs shrink away, your belly flatten out, your double chin disappear – your entire physique transform – and they’ll be CLUELESS as to how you did it.

They’ll see you eat the same foods you’ve always eaten, even see you eat more seemingly unhealthy foods, and work out no more than you’ve always worked out (if at all), and yet achieve physique results that they could only dream of!


Next time your friends and family go to the beach, you’ll not only show up, but you’ll be standing there with a trim frame and a perfectly flat chest, eating a triple scoop of your favorite Ben & Jerry’s, while everyone crowds around you and asks you how you do it.

Now at this point you can leave them all awe-struck by lying to them and telling them it’s all about hard work and sweating it out at the gym, or, as you carefully place another spoonful of that tantalizing ice cream in your mouth and catch a glimpse of a hot girl checking you out as she walks by, you can tell them the truth, in which case it will seem so easy, they won’t believe you and wonder who this enigmatic friend/family member really is.

Either way your life will change, and depending on the time of day you are reading this, you can start to notice these changes as early as 14 to 36 hours from now.

So what is this secret lifestyle tweak that can flatten your chest, shed those extra pounds, and change your life so easily and so covertly without dieting and without even exercising?

Well it all started with two brothers – identical twins – who came to see me together about their man boobs. They were bought in by their dad who also had man boobs, and didn’t want his sons to go through the same misery in life that he did.

I remember it was a beautiful sunny morning, 7 years ago. The brothers were both very much alike – and not just in the way that they looked. Both had been bad students at school, both were shy and introverted, and both worked as food-preparers for a busy, small-town restaurant.

Recently, I met both brothers at a friend’s party.

They were still very much alike. Both were happily married. Both had 2 children. Both had gone on to become successful business men, each owning their own catering company.

But there was a difference. One of the brothers managed to lose a few pounds and look good wearing a jacket or sweater. The other had abs.

What Made The Difference?

Have you ever wondered what makes some people successful at reaching their physique goals, while others go on struggling for the rest of their lives? It isn’t always about genes, willpower or dedication. It isn’t that one person really wants to get lean and the other does not.

A lot of the times it’s based on shear luck and stumbling across a method that works for you.

See, 7 years ago I decided to do an experiment. I had just become a personal trainer and I was still testing the waters to see which methods worked for others and which did not.

I set one of the brothers, Paul, on a low calorie diet, and the other, Jim, on a non-diet, intermittent fasting protocol.

Paul was determined to lose his man boobs. He got started immediately with his low calorie diet, by counting calories, and eating no more than 2,300 calories a day. It wasn’t long before he had memorized how many calories were in every type of food. He prepared his meals in advance, and had perfectly calculated portions of calorie-counted food tucked away in the fridge in small tupperware containers.

Within 3 months, Paul had become as lean as he could ever hope to be. He lost his man boobs, and was enjoying his new life as a lean, handsome man. A few months later, he hooked up with his first ever girlfriend, who would later go on to become his wife.

Jim on the other hand, was a tough cookie. He loved his food and wasn’t too fussed about losing weight. I knew calorie-counting wouldn’t work for him, which is why I sent him on the intermittent fasting protocol. Though Jim lacked the will to lose weight, one thing he liked was a challenge. I challenged Jim, just twice a week, to see how long he could go without food.

Jim was to start his fast as early as possible before bed, and delay his breakfast as much as possible the next day. Seeing as 8 hours of his fast would be spent sleeping, this meant he could easily get in at least a 12 hour fast, and then aim to stretch it to as long as possible – to a maximum of anywhere between 16 and 24 hours.

Jim quickly fell in love with his new challenge. Though he wasn’t bothered about losing weight, these short bursts of intermittent fasting gave him a whole bunch of free time to enjoy his hobbies, while his brother slaved away in the kitchen preparing his meals.

Jim enjoyed the natural gastric band effect, where the stomach shrinks as a result of fasting – he found he could no longer handle as much food as he used to, even when he tried to force himself to over-eat.

The hormonal changes from intermittent fasting had naturally regulated Jim’s appetite, so on his eating days he no longer desired to eat as much as he used to.

Within 3 months, Jim also had become as lean as he could ever hope to be. Like Paul, Jim had lost his man boobs and managed to meet the love of his life, getting married only a month after his brother.


After marriage however, the two brothers found themselves on different paths.

Paul no longer had the time to prepare his own meals, and he couldn’t convince his wife to count his calories for him. With the stress of married life, and having to provide for his wife, and later, for his kids, Paul soon started to pile the weight back on. As his metabolism slowed with age, even though he got back to counting calories on and off, no matter how low his calories, Paul simply could not get below a certain weight.

Jim on the other hand, found intermittent fasting even easier after marriage. It gave him more time to spend with his wife and more time to spend playing with his kids. Studies show that your body has higher levels of growth hormone and testosterone during a short 16-24 hour fast, giving you more energy, more clarity of thought, and more strength. So Jim not only had more time on his hands without the burden of preparing and eating food all the time, he also had the strength, energy, and endurance a father needs to give to his children.


So today, Paul is fat and struggles to maintain his weight with his low-calorie diet, hiding his man boobs behind jackets and thick sweaters. Jim on the other hand, has taken intermittent fasting on as a hobby. He not only enjoys showing off his abs and perfectly flat chest, he also has a better relationship with his family, and a better life overall, with more free time, more energy, and more strength to get him through the day.

So What Is It About Intermittent Fasting That Makes It So Much More Powerful Than Low Calorie Dieting And Other Types Of Diet?

Intermittent fasting is so effective because it has a double whammy effect:

  1. It reprograms your genes so your body gets better at burning fat, and better at growing muscle.
  2. It regulates your appetite, so when you are not fasting, you eat less and eat healthier.

High Intensity Dieting

I like to look at intermittent fasting as a form of high intensity dieting. Intermittent fasting is to low calorie diets, what high intensity interval training is to steady state cardio.

We know that short bursts of high intensity training reprograms your genes to burn fat and grow muscle, while long duration steady state cardio has no such reprogramming effect.

In the same way, short bursts of eating nothing by fasting is far more intense than a grudgingly slow and boring low calorie diet that goes on for weeks and weeks on end. Fasting turns on genes and stimulates hormones and enzymes that a low calorie diet does not. We know for example, that growth hormone is not elevated in a low calorie diet, but is elevated in the fasted state.

The Natural Gastric Band Effect

Fasting for short periods of time, actively shrinks the size of your stomach, so you can handle less food when you are not fasting.

I tell all of my intermittent fasting clients to eat as much as they want on their non-fasting days. In every single case so far, they’ve ended up eating less than they normally would. They do this without using any willpower, and without feeling in any way deprived. They tell me they simply don’t feel like eating so much any more.

Not only will you willingly eat less, you’ll also have a new appreciation for healthy food.

If I gave you a huge stick of raw broccoli right now, would you eat it? I’m guessing you wouldn’t. I certainly wouldn’t. But imagine you were lost out in sea for two days with nothing to eat. You finally manage to swim to shore, and you are exhausted and starving. You look up, and sure enough, Garry Davidson is walking down the beach in your direction, holding that same stick of raw broccoli. Would you then not at least consider eating it? And do you think you might even enjoy it a little?

Though intermittent fasting isn’t nearly as extreme, it still has that effect. Going without food for over 12 hours will make you more willing to eat healthy food – even stuff that doesn’t normally taste so great. Knowing that you went through the trouble of fasting, will also make you more averse to eating unhealthy food.

Intermittent Fasting Is A Fun Challenge

I could go on and on about the benefits of intermittent fasting. When you look into it the way I have, you’ll see that it is something our bodies were designed to do – just like our bodies were designed to benefit from exercise, sleep, healthy food, and exposure to sunlight.

Intermittent fasting does a whole bunch of other things that low calorie dieting simply does not. It improves insulin sensitivity, reduces inflammation, reduces cholesterol and triglycerides, reduces blood pressure, reduces the risk of cancer, heart disease and stroke, increases your lifespan, and even enhances muscle growth.

What’s most important to me though, is that intermittent fasting is so easy to comply with, that I’d do it even if it had just the one single benefit of helping me to lose body fat.

Unlike with intermittent fasting, all types of diet require you to think about food all the time – what can you eat, what can’t you eat? When should you eat? How much should you eat? According to Brian Wansink’s book, “Mindless Eating”, we make as many as 200 food related choices every single day. Believe me when I say, that for most people, it is a relief to finally not have to think about food at all on those fasting days.

Admit it. Diets are hard work. You need to learn and do so much. You have to…

  • Constantly worry about what you can and can’t eat.
  • Always say “no” to food you love.
  • Feel guilty whenever you do eat something you like.
  • Say “no” to your favorite menu items when you go out to eat with your friends in restaurants.
  • Learn to cook new recipes, which usually end up tasting horrible, and takes up a whole bunch of your time.
  • Spend lots of money on expensive, healthy food.
  • Feel like crap when you go on vacation and can’t keep up with your special meal requirements.

Whatever you do with traditional diets, it’s like your’e damned either way. Either you eat healthy and feel like crap because you can’t eat what everyone else is eating. Or you do eat what everyone else is eating, and you feel like crap because you cheated and you have to make up for it later.

With intermittent fasting, you don’t have to worry about any of these problems…

  • You never worry about what you can and can’t eat. You simply say “no” to food for a few extra hours twice a week.
  • No more feeling guilty. Fasting lets you earn the right to eat whatever you like when you are not fasting.
  • You can choose to go out on your non-fasting days, so you can order whatever you like on the menu.
  • There’s no need to learn any new recipes, you save a whole bunch of time by not cooking and not eating on your fasting days, plus you save a whole bunch of money.
  • No special meal requirements when you go on vacation – intermittent fasting is easy to do wherever you go.

As my client Mark tells me:

“Fasting is one choice I make at the beginning of the day “I am not eating today” and the rest is easy.”

My clients and I find intermittent fasting an incredibly liberating experience. Those two days of fasting in the week are the most productive days we have. Without the hassle of having to cook, prepare and eat food all the time, you have so much more free time, and can focus so much more on your work, or whatever else you might be doing.

As if that wasn’t enough, those fasting days really enrich your non-fasting days as well. Those short periods of deprivation make you appreciate food so much more. Food tastes more delicious after you have fasted. You no longer have to go to new, exotic and expensive restaurants to satisfy your need for good tasting food, nor do you have to pig out on fast food. After an 18 hour fast, a simple serving of egg and beans on toast will seem to burst with more flavor in your mouth than you can handle.

So, if you’re looking for a fun, enjoyable way to lose man boobs, lose body fat, boost muscle growth, improve your health and increase your lifespan; a method that adds more time to your life, makes life more enjoyable, saves you money, and makes you appreciate food more, then you should definitely give intermittent fasting a go.

To help you along, I’ve compiled a quick guide where I share with you my own personal discoveries with intermittent fasting. This is more than just a guide that covers the basics of intermittent fasting – you can get that kind of information anywhere. In this unique guide, I reveal secrets that no-one else is talking about – methods that will boost your results and make intermittent fasting easier than you ever imagined it could be.

Have you ever wondered if there exists a weight loss method that was as easy as popping a pill, and yet totally natural, free, and without side-effects? Well intermittent fasting isn't as easy as popping a pill. But done correctly, it's the one natural fat loss method that gets close to being as easy.

But remember, it only works if you do it properly. Like with all weight loss methods, most people fail miserably when they try intermittent fasting. Without doing it the way I show you, you may as well get back to your usual yo-yo dieting with low calories, boring food, and tons of exercise that gets you no-where.

Here's how my program will make sure you succeed and get the body you want just a few weeks from now:

On pages 30-31, I reveal a sneaky method that kills hunger (without breaking your fast), and can help you extend your fast by several hours, without getting hungry. And no, it isn’t some wish-washy meditation or pressure-point rubbish. This method will force your body to convert fat into glucose, thereby increasing your blood sugar levels and kicking hunger to the curb.

On pages 25 to 26, I discuss how you can lose man boobs with intermittent fasting. Throughout the book, I discuss what my experiences are, of the best fasting practices for losing man boobs – how long you should fast for (p16), when you should fast (p28), how often you should fast (p19), and how to train if you are fasting (p22-24). You won’t get this intermittent fasting advice for man boobs in any other book.

On pages 30-32, I recount my story of my longest ever fast of 36 hours, and how I did it with ease, while barely getting hungry. With intermittent fasting, you never need to fast longer than 24 hours, but it doesn’t hurt to challenge yourself and push past your boundaries every now and then. If you can handle a 36 hour fast, then this just makes those 24 hour fasts that much easier.

However, unless you have the willpower of a buddhist monk, a 36 hour fast, or even a 24 hour fast, is too much for most people to handle doing regularly. Though fasting for as little as 12 hours has been shown to be of great benefit, you get far more benefit from 16 hour fasts, even more benefits from 18 hour fasts, and by far the most benefits from 24 hour fasts. If you want to do 24 hour fasts with ease, then you’ll want to hear my story of my 36 hour fast, and how I did it with barely any hunger. I used two sneaky tactics, which made this epic long fast just as easy as a regular 16-hour fast.

Wait, what? 16 hour fasts are easy? Yes, I show you how you can fast for 16 hours, without even feeling like you’re fasting (p28).

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