What Brand Of Whey Protein Do I Use?

A lot of guys have been asking me what specific brand of whey protein they should take.

Which brand you pick is a BIG deal.

Picking the right brand of whey could mean the difference between you seeing NO results from your training, to seeing those extra pounds and those man boobs slide off bit by bit every week.

Today I want to tell you about one particular brand of whey that has worked very well for me.

It's not the ONLY good brand out there, but it's one of few brands that are of high enough quality to really get you results with your training.

What Makes This Particular Brand Of Whey So Good?

I've been through a few big name brands of whey in my day, and this one beats the others I've tried hands down.

One way to tell a good quality whey from a bad quality whey, is to examine the powder close-up.

A poor quality one will seem grainy and heavy because it's combined with unnecessary additives and filler ingredients.

With a good-quality whey, you will instantly notice just how light, pure, and fluffy it is.

The particular brand of whey I'm going to reveal to you today, is as light and fluffy as it gets.

If you look at the ingredients list, you'll see that it doesn't contain any artificial additives. In fact it only contains ONE ingredient – whey.

Judging by the results I've gotten with it, this is a high quality whey that's incredibly good at making its way into your muscles.

Real Quality Whey That Builds Muscle, Burns Fat, Shrinks Man Boobs, AND Boosts Your Health, Energy And Immune System.

Whey Protein

Before I bought this product, I was a little skeptical of something another reviewer had said:

“You can actually feel it working in your body, giving you more energy.”

But I soon realized he was totally right.

Where a poor quality whey can leave you feeling bloated and heavy after a workout, a good quality whey like this one leaves you feeling more energized.

Let me tell you why.

This brand of whey is cold-processed without acid or bleach. This keeps healthful bioactive sub fractions in whey intact.

These sub fractions, the likes of alpha and beta-lactalbumin, bovine serum albumin, and glycomacropeptide (don't worry about pronouncing that one), help boost your immune system, regulate your appetite, and regulate your energy levels.

So a good quality whey like this one, can not only help you grow muscle, lose weight, and lose man boobs, it can also help boost your energy levels and boost your health as well.

Beware Of Bad Forms Of Whey Like This One. (More Expensive Isn't Always Better.)

One of my customers recently asked me about a particular brand of whey isolate that looks very good on paper, and even has lots of great reviews on Amazon.

You can check it out here, but don't buy it:


Notice how it has good ratings and it's expensive as hell.

This whey isolate is filtered so thoroughly, that they managed to remove all carbs and all fats, so the manufacturers can boast a zero carb, zero fat, pure whey isolate with no lactose.

What they DON'T mention though, is that the only way to remove ALL carbs and all fats from whey is through the harsh process of ion exchange filtration.

Not only does ion filtration use harmful industrial-grade chemicals, it also uses high temperatures, which leads to the protein being denatured (damaged). And worst of all, with ion exchange filtration you lose whey's unique healthful bioactive sub fractions.

To make things worse, despite using a cheap-ass filtration method, this whey is expensive as hell!

A quick word of advice: don't judge a whey protein by the review star rating. Actually go in and READ the reviews and see what people are talking about. You'll notice with whey, the VAST majority of reviews are about flavor and consistency.

Since you are not drinking whey for the flavor or consistency, but instead drinking it to help you build muscle, burn fat and lose man boobs, you can ignore most reviews.

It's better to judge a whey protein by the filtration method, the source of the whey, lack of artificial additives, and reviews that talk about results and ingredients.

Whether you've taken whey before, or this is your first time considering it, I highly recommend you try a high quality blend of whey that comes in its natural form, with all the unique healthful benefits of whey still intact.

So what's this good whey I want to tell you about today? The one that's raw and cold processed, and has given me results notably better than other popular, often more expensive brands of whey?

Well, here it is:


Other Good Things About This Brand Of Whey

  • From grass-fed cows that have not been treated with recombinant bovine growth hormone (rBGH).
  • Organic and non-GMO
  • From Jersey cows. Jersey and Guernsey cows are the two Channel Island cows, and Channel Island cows are known to produce the healthiest cow's milk in the world.
  • Unlike many commercial whey protein brands that have additional amino acids included to give you the full spectrum of essential amino acids, this brand only has the amino acids inherent to whey protein.

Now I don't know about you, but I prefer to have a more NATURAL blend of amino acids that's selected by mother nature, rather than an artificial blend put together by some supplement company.

You can get this quality, natural blend of whey here:

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13 thoughts on “What Brand Of Whey Protein Do I Use?”

  1. Garry

    Thanks for investigating my protein powder, I was shocked about some of the ingredients that may have a cancerous affect.

    Since I cured myself of diabetes, I still remain conscious of new products and their sugar content.

    Because I am in Japan soon heading for Hong Kong, I have to wait until I get into the states to order this product because of hackers steeling cc information.

    I am doing your heavy, medium, and light volume workout program, M,W, and F. Been with you since I believe 2012, after almost 4 years, I now incorporate a HIIT session on T, and TH with the weekends off.

    Have lost a lot of the man boobs, but still carry muscle in that area, so I am trying to flatten them out. Tumeric does get rid of the puffiness around the nipple.

    Still not showing a ripped six pack, but I have no belly. Increasing my squats both back and front to produce more testosterone. I remember you saying it likes to eat fat.

    I used to take testosterone boosters, in fact my urologist had me on androgel/testim, until I found out that these synthetic hormones cause prostrate enlargement and cancer. When I told him I am coming off of them, he said all testosterone boosters are 90% filtered by your liver so your wasting your money. I think he was mad I wasn’t going to continue his hormone therapy. Needless to say I have told him of your program over the years and he is amazed. He tried to give me love muscle pills, viagra, etc, I said I don’t need them.

    So it’s been years that I have been off all these meds, including cholesterol medicine, my blood work is perfect.

    However, with that said, one thing about pilots, we’re over achievers. Besides exercise and diet, is there a testosterone supplement that will boost the free testosterone that you recommend?

    Retiring this November after 29 years with FedEx, 22 with the Navy. Going to give private flying lessons and volunteer flying VETS and children to hospitals when needed absolutely free. I just put a deposit on this aircraft, check it out on goggle, “Raptor Aircraft “.

    Recently and many times in the past people get mad at me when I tell them my age, many think I am between 48-55. Some get ugly because they say I am lying.

    Thanks again for all you have done for all of us men out here. I mentioned to you before, that you should do a version adaptable for women. Many women have asked how I stay fit. I lent my ipad to one lady and she loved it especially on how sugars are dangerous and that this could be the answer to breast cancer.

    Just a thought, thanks again. Check the plane out, it has a 3500 mile range on it and I can teach you how to fly in this aircraft!


    • Hi Ed, thanks for getting in touch. Wow, that’s a very inspiring read, mind if I send it out to my email list? Meh I’m gona send it out anyway, just let me know if you object :)

      Be careful with increasing the weight on those squats. Lower back injuries often come out of the blue, even when you have perfect form. If you’re worried about your back, let me know and I’ll tell you about bodyweight squats that can give you some great results minus the potential for crippling and often-permanent lower back injuries.

      If you want abs, then cut out those grains and sugars completely. You might also consider limiting (though not eliminating) your fruit intake.

      Regarding testosterone supplements, did you read David Mill’s post on my site? Here it is:


      Feel free to ask David a question in the comments section of the above post. He posts some very helpful and detailed responses.

      I did check out the Raptor Aircraft, and it looks amazing! I’d love to take flying lessons one day.

      A version of my program for women? It’s definitely a good idea, since my methods are just as good for women as they are for men. In fact, women would benefit even more, since they tend to focus more on cardio than do men, and they also waste a lot of time and effort on low calorie, low fat diets and lifting pink sissy dumbbells in the gym. I have actually written out versions of some of my books in unisex format. Let me know if you’d like a copy to hand out to people you know.

      Thanks so much for the update Ed.

      Till next time,

  2. 1. Why not the grass-fed whey protein isolate?
    2. Why isolate and not concentrate?
    3. What does 90 percent mean for this product?

    • 1. Grass-feddedness mostly affects the non-protein portion of milk. The array of proteins you get in whey is the same whether the animal is grass fed or non grass fed. So I don’t think grass fed isolate is worth the extra expense. Raw grass-fed milk, butter and cream on the other hand, is a different story.

      2. Isolate contains more protein and less milk residue than concentrate. This means fewer fats and less casein, which both slow down the absorption of whey. It means fewer breast growth promoting hormones if the milk is made from commercially bread dairy cows. It also means less lactose.

      3. 90 percent protein :).

      Update 2018-11-13: I now recommend raw whey concentrate from organic grass-fed cows. Whey isolate has its benefits, but being highly processed, it’s more removed from nature than whey concentrate. If the whey concentrate is raw, organic, and grass-fed, then there’s no need to worry about the hormones in the milk residues.

  3. The whey isolate product I am currently using is
    Bluebonnet Whey Protein Isolate. I was just curious if
    you’re familiar with that product, and your thoughts.
    Thanks so much,

    • Hi Jeff

      Yup, that’s another good one. It’s cold processed, uses cross flow microfiltration, and doesn’t have any artificial additives.

      One problem with it though, is its protein content isn’t very impressive compared to other isolates. If you look at the nutritional profile, it gives 26 grams of protein per 31 gram serving, which means it’s less than 84% protein.

      But it’s still a great source of undenatured protein and I highly recommend it.

  4. Hi Garry,

    I’m a vegetarian and have been taking a whey protein supplement for years as my primary source of protein. I take two scoops, around 60 grams, per day. So I was alarmed when I came across this passage in your book:

    “Milk contains some of the most insulinogenic amino acids – valine, isoleucine, leucine and lysine. These amino acids are highest in whey protein.”

    I switched to plant-based protein but they similar levels of these amino acids as most whey proteins. I was relieved though to find this article and a whey protein you recommend. I’ve tried it now and am very happy with it but I’m still a little concerned about the insulinogenic impact you mention. How serious is it relative to other foods containing small amounts of carbohydrates? Is relying on whey protein setting me back?

    I’m not sure I want start eating fatty cuts of meat but I’d like to know if my progress is being handicapped by being a vegetarian.

    Thanks, Tom

    • Hey Tom

      Protein is insulinogenic, and it’s one of the reasons why most of your calories should come from fat. But that’s no reason to avoid protein completely. The good thing about protein, is that it causes glucagon release from your body too. Glucagon acts against insulin and negates many of its harmful effects. Carbs on the other hand, cause no glucagon release, and what makes carbs particularly bad is they are the only macronutrient that cause unopposed insulin secretion.

      If you are vegetarian, then your protein sources are limited, and I would highly recommend taking a good whey protein supplement.


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