What Kind of “Diet” Should You Be on to Lose Man Boobs?

I'm not gona pussy-foot around here.

You're never gona lose your man boobs on a low fat diet.

I've made that clear to you before.

Low fat means low testosterone, means your man boobs don't go away.

It ain't about reducing your calories by going low fat.

Losing man boobs isn't about calories, it's about HORMONES.

I keep saying “low carb”, “low carb”, “low carb”, but people sometimes misinterpret that by thinking they can go low carb, low fat, and high protein.

But your body isn't designed to derive a big portion of your calories from protein.

A high protein diet is not healthy.

Reducing your carbs and eating more LEAN meat like chicken breast, ain't gona cut it.

Heck, I just read a 1987 study published in the journal, Life Sciences, where researchers found that when men went from a high carb to a high protein diet, their testosterone levels went DOWN.

So going from high carb to high protein, could even make your man boobs BIGGER.

What people are afraid of saying, and the reason I say I'm not gona pussy foot around today, is that you need to go on a HIGH FAT diet.

People are afraid to say “high fat” because fat is associated with heart disease and obesity, but that's a whole loada bull.

The right sources of saturated fat not only boosts testosterone levels, it also PROTECTS you from heart disease and helps you LOSE body fat.

You don't have to make any compromises here.

You don't have to eat fat to boost your testosterone levels at the expense of getting fat and dying of heart disease.

Losing man boobs and getting healthy means it's “high fat”, “high fat”, “high fat” all the way.

If you want to lose your man boobs, you've got to embrace the FATS.

You've got to stop fearing the dietary fat.


The government has done a great job at instilling fat-phobia in all of us, by scaring us with lies about how dietary fat, especially the likes of saturated animal fat and cholesterol, make us fat and give us heart disease.

I wrote about why the anti-fat movement was a great big SHAM in the following article:


The latest studies are showing that the RIGHT sources of SATURATED fats are actually GOOD for you…

…that eating fat doesn't make you fat, and the right sources of saturated fats don't give you heart disease, but actually PROTECT you against heart disease.

Here are 3 of the BEST sources of saturated fat:

  • Animal fats, such as tallow, poultry fat, and lard, from organic pasture-raised animals.
  • Dairy (ghee, butter, cream) from organic grass-fed animals
  • Eggs from pasture-raised poultry.
  • Organic virgin coconut oil

It's important that any animal/dairy fats or eggs you have are from organic pasture-raised animals.

Organic is important because estrogenic chemicals like pesticides, used in non-organic animals, accumulate in the fat portion of the animal.

Pasture-raised means that an animal is given access to its natural diet. So that's grass-fed for cattle & sheep, and grass, greens, insects & worms for poultry. This ensures that important fat-soluble vitamins and other micronutrients are present in the animal's fat/dairy/eggs.

What's The Single Healthiest Source Of Saturated Fat?

From the research I've done, it seems that the single healthiest saturated fat I know of, is coconut oil.

The studies that exist SO FAR, show that good sources of animal fats, dairy, and eggs, don't give you heart disease, and don't make you fat.

They can help you lose weight indirectly by increasing satiety and replacing fattening carbs in your diet, but not so much directly.

But coconut oil is the only source of saturated fat that studies indicate ACTIVELY helps you REDUCE body fat, and actively PROTECTS you against heart disease.

I am more sure about the safety of coconut oil than I am about any other source of saturated fat.

If I had heart disease myself, I would happily eat all of the above fats, even though every top cardiologist I know is 100% against ALL saturated fats.

But if I had to advise someone ELSE with heart disease, the only saturated fat I would be 100% confident in advising them to take, would be coconut oil.

As far as the studies have shown thus far, coconut oil is the healthiest source of saturated fat around, and it's the only saturated fat that helps you ACTIVELY reduce body fat and actively fight heart disease.

So, if you want to lose man boobs AND be healthy and live longer, then start getting some coconut oil in your diet.

I advise you take some coconut oil capsules, which a lot of people find helps to suppress their appetite, gives them more energy, and helps them reduce their waistlines.

I also advise you get a tub of pure organic virgin coconut oil to use in your cooking and apply on your skin.

Remember, it's “high fat”, “high fat”, “high fat” all the way.

Just eat more of the right sources of fat, and you'll find your man boobs will get smaller, you'll feel healthier, you'll have more energy, and more sexual prowess.

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