What training methods help you to get rid of man boobs?

I recently finished playing this game called Starcraft II, the Heart of the Swarm. It’s one of those strategy games, and what’s really cool about it isn’t the gameplay, but the story.

The story in these Starcraft games is more detailed and complex than in most games, seeing as it was all created with the help of professional science fiction writers and artists.

The gameplay IS good, but it’s a strategy game, so you are controlling lots of tiny units from a birds-eye view. For me, the best thing about the game was the cinematics in-between the missions.

They were so realistic and movie-like, and the producers of the game really used these cinematics to build on the story.

There’s so much going on in the story, I won’t even attempt to cover it all.

Despite also being set far into the future, in a galaxy far far away, the Starcraft story beats the hell out of Star Wars any day.

Three important characters (among others) include Arcturus Mengsk, Sarah Kerrigan and Jim Raynor.

Arcturus Mengsk was the leader of a group called the ‘Sons of Korhal’, while Jim Raynor and his sweetheart Sarah Kerrigan were captains under Megnsk’s command.

Mengsk was on a mission to destroy the ruling human force at the time, called the ‘Confederacy'. He was a ruthless commander with no morals, and used a special device to draw a relentless parasitic race called the ‘Zerg’, upon the Confederacy world.

Mengsk used Sarah Kerrigan on this mission, which she completed reluctantly. Soon after Sarah's victory over the Confederacy, the Zerg started to attack Sarah's forces as well.

At this point, Mengsk withdrew his army and intentionally allowed Sarah to be consumed by the Zerg.

Jim Raynor (Sarah's Jim's sweetheart, remember) broke command and immediately started searching for Sarah, but he was too late.

After Sarah was taken by the Zerg, Jim formed his own group to rebel against Arcturus Mengsk’s newly most dominant force in the galaxy, renamed the ‘Dominion’.

The reason the Zerg attacked Sarah, was because they noticed her psychic abilities, and wanted to integrate her into the Zerg swarm.

Sarah's DNA was altered and she became part of the Zerg. She was actually made their leader and referred to from then on as the all-powerful ‘Queen of Blades’, who went on to destroy worlds, killing countless people in the process.

In Starcraft II, the Heart of the Swarm, you get to see another side of Sarah, after she regains her humanity, but still has control over the Zerg.

She is on a mission to rescue Jim Raynor, who is captured by Mengsk’s Dominion forces.

Now, I could go on and on about the story and how amazing I thought it was, but heck, you’re here to lose man boobs, and I’ve probably just gone a little too far in describing this seemingly totally unrelated story.

Here’s how this story relates to your goal for losing man boobs and sculpting a masculine physique that you will be proud of, one that will earn you the respect and admiration of your friends, family and colleagues.

Some of the best parts of the story in this game, were Sarah Kerrigan’s conversations with her unique Zerg evolution master, Abathur.

Abathur’s only goal is to enhance the Zerg, so they are perfectly adapted to the role they are required to perform.

Abathur talks a lot about being “efficient”, and mentions how there is no point in adapting the Zerg for multiple roles.

A zerg unit is either built for strength or speed, not both. It is either built for its defensive abilities, or its ability to attack an enemy. It’s either built to live in a cold climate, or a warm climate, never both.

If a zerg WAS adapted for two purposes, it would be inefficient, and not very good at either ability.

Now though we humans in real life aren’t the result of some alien creature’s genetic sequencing experiment, we do adapt to our environment.

Some of us are already born with certain abilities that others don’t have.

Some people can grow muscle more easily than others.

Some, like olympic gold medalist Usain Bolt, are built for speed, while others are built for endurance.

There are also those who are generalists, not built for any one particular thing.

I personally, am a generalist. I was never gifted in any one particular physical trait, be it speed, endurance, strength, or the ability to grow muscle.

I think my best trait is the ability to survive in a harsh environment where food is scarce – because my body is super-efficient at being able to store food as FAT.

It's no secret that in the modern Western environment where food is plentiful, this is one of the most undesirable genetic traits any of us can think of.

Were I a zerg, Abathur would toss me out and feed my remains to a better-adapted species. Thank God I’m not zerg.

The good news is, whether you are built for speed, endurance, strength, or storing fat, we humans have the God-given ability to change our genetic destiny.

With the right type of training, anyone can build muscle, anyone can train himself to run faster, anyone can become a better endurance athlete, anyone can become stronger.

What's important though, is that you know the type of adaptation you want, and give your body the right TYPE of training, the right TYPE of stimulus that will make it adapt in the way you want.

If you want to run faster and compete in the 100m Olympic sprint event, then you need to do speed training. Your training has to involve running FAST.

If you want to compete in marathons, then your training needs to involve running long distances.

If you want to compete in the Olympic weight-lifting event, then you need to train by lifting heavy things.

Like Abathur would recommend in Starcraft II, you need to specialize and get good at doing one thing.

If you (or even the most genetically gifted guy in the world) spent half your time training for marathons, and half your time doing speed training, you'd NEVER make the 100m Olympic finals, and you'd never win a marathon.

In the same way, if you spent half your time training in a way that helps get rid of your man boobs, and the other half training in a way that isn't really all that helpful, then your chances of ever losing your man boobs will be pretty slim.

But that begs the question…

What training methods DO help you to get rid of man boobs?

Should you train for speed? Train for endurance? Train for strength? Or train for something else?

In my years of trying, I've experimented with every form of training there is. I've found that pure strength training on its own is useless, and endurance training is actually HARMFUL in your efforts to lose man boobs.

Strength training can be brutally tough, but because of the low volume of work involved, and low time under tension, it's useless for burning fat, and useless for making essential hormonal changes that can help signal your body to burn chest fat.

With strength training, your muscles undergo something called ‘neuromuscular conditioning', where they become more efficient at contracting and working as a unit to produce greater force. This allows your muscles to get stronger without actually growing in size.

So you can strength-train yourself till you can take on an ox, but your body won't necessarily LOOK any more impressive than when you started out.

Endurance training doesn't work because the perfect adaptation for an endurance athlete is to have ample fat storage and tiny muscles.

People find it hard to believe when I tell them the best endurance athlete is a moderately chubby guy with tiny muscles.

This may make sense to you though, when I remind you that your body burns fat for fuel during an endurance event. In order to keep you running for hours on end, your body needs an ample supply of fat.

So when you signal your body to use fat DURING a workout, you also instruct your body to store as much fat as possible when you eat, so your body can prepare itself for your next workout where you will need MORE fat for fuel.

Endurance training makes your muscles SHRINK because endurance training is an aerobic activity. Unlike in ANaerobic activities, aerobic activities require that your muscles be supplied with as much blood-flow and oxygen as possible during the workout.

Here are a few of the many reasons why smaller muscles are more useful to a long distance runner:

  1. Smaller muscles having less bulk, use up far less energy when they are being used. For long distance running, your body needs to conserve as much energy as it can.
  2. Smaller muscles weigh less than larger muscles.
  3. Smaller muscle fibers have a larger surface area to volume ratio, which means they can receive a richer blood supply, with more efficient supply of oxygen and nutrients during a workout.

How many successful marathon runners have you seen with impressive muscles and a ripped physique?

You only need to look at pictures of the most successful marathon runners in the world – Paula Radcliffe, Evans Rutto, and Mizuki Noguchi.

All are thin and shriveled, with totally unimpressive physiques.

There are two types of training that I have found are extremely helpful when it comes to getting rid of man boobs.

I discuss the single most important type of training in my advanced training program for guys with man boobs, called the Chest Sculpting Blueprint.

Please remember, how you exercise is totally up to you. I'm just here to tell you about my experiences of what has worked, and worked really well – especially for busy people who don't have the time to dedicate their life to fitness.

If YOU are one of these people, then you'll be happy to know that your body has the God-given ability to adapt to different TYPES of exercise.

You really DON'T have to train for hours on end every day to lose your man boobs and build the body of your dreams. The only thing you need is to do the right TYPE of exercise – the type I talk about in the Chest Sculpting Blueprint.

When you exercise in the right WAY, you stimulate your body to adapt and transform itself while you rest, so all you really need is to train for a maximum of 1 hour, 3-4 days a week (I'm personally done in 20-30 minutes).

But remember, this only works if you do the right type of exercises. Just lifting random weights and doing the usual type of cardio everybody ELSE is doing, will really get you no-where unless you devote a huge chunk of your waking hours to fitness.

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  1. Hey Garry, I don’t know what exactly it is if its gyno or psuedo, I saw a doctor and he told me to get a chest scan the results showed that i had no mass in my chest. Unfortunately I still do not know what is causing the lumps under my chest. He said I shouldn’t worry about it saying that its common for people within the range of 16-17 or puberty to get this, but I’ve had this since grade five!!! I’ve got a body percentage fat of 11.5 and I’m almost 6 feet tall. Please help me out. To make matters worse I have puffy nipples they’ve gone down a bit but are still very visible. PLEASE HELP ME OUT


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