Where I Do My Dips


Dips dips dips.

Do dips.

If you want to lose man boobs, do dips.

There's no better chest exercise than dips.

EMG studies show that the decline bench press activates more muscle fibers across the entire span of your pectoral muscles than the flat or incline bench press. And what is a dip but the most extreme of decline presses?

Plus with a dip you are pressing your entire bodyweight.

The dip is the upper body equivalent of the squat.

Plus the dip is a hell of a useful exercise, it's an extremely functional exercise that can get you out of countless tricky and dangerous situations.

I wrote previously about how I dipped myself out of a grave.

You have to dip when you climb a fence, dip when you climb a wall, dip when you climb onto a ledge or onto a tree branch.

Dips are useful, and your body is DESIGNED to respond to useful exercises.

When you do an exercise that's useful for survival in a physically harsh climate, your body responds by making you stronger, growing more muscle, burning more fat so you can move better, and boosting your health.

You usually don't need any special equipment to do dips.

At worst you'll need access to a dipping station. You can buy one or use one in your gym.

But I've always managed to find something I can use at home.

I did my first dips on my mom's kitchen worktop, where the worktop comes together at right-angles and forms a V-shape in the corner:

One of the best places to do dips is at the corner of a kitchen worktop. By pointing your fingers inwards, you get to more easily flare your elbows, and the flare in your elbows makes it so you hit your chest harder.

But I moved house last month and my new apartment has a straight kitchen with no worktop corner. It was a total bummer at first, but then I found this in my front balcony:

These railings in my front balcony are even better than a kitchen worktop. They're higher up, which means I can go down even further and maximize the stretch in my pecs at the bottom of the movement. It does suck when it's raining though.

It's perfect for doing dips, no dipping station can beat it.

When it comes to bodyweight training , you often just need a good look around your own home to find a spot where you can do your exercises.

Now, dips are powerful, but please don't expect dips ALONE to get rid of your man boobs.

It's important to combine dips with a whole body training regimen, and to combine that with a good diet and lifestyle regimen for losing man boobs.

I go into detail on how you can do bodyweight training to lose your man boobs in this program:


And you can learn about diet and lifestyle tactics for losing man boobs in How To Lose Man Boobs Naturally:


One cool thing about bodyweight training, is you can do it at home with zero or minimal equipment. You don't need to worry about people seeing your man boobs bouncing up and down in the gym.

I used to be shit-scared of gyms when I had man boobs, because there were often one or two REALLY hot women there and I'd be oh-so embarrassed about my man boobs.

But then I discovered this compression shirt that hid my man boobs well enough AND felt comfortable enough to exercise in, and I no longer feared going to the gym.

So you don't have to fear going to the gym any more. Get a Malx compression shirt and no-one at the gym will be able to see your man boobs.

But hey, I still prefer to do my bodyweight training at home. It saves me time and I'm a busy bee.

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