Whey Protein For Man Boobs – To Take Or Not To Take?

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Whey protein is a byproduct of cheesemaking, and hence comes from milk.

If you want to lose man boobs, then you want to avoid milk like the plague.

Dairy milk accounts for about 80 percent of estrogen consumed through the human diet.

The only form of milk that MAY be helpful is RAW milk (i.e. milk that isn't pasteurized) from organic grass-fed cows.

But even then, it depends on the breed of cow, and whether or not the cow was milked during pregnancy (milk from pregnant cows contains 33 times as much estrogen as milk from non-pregnant cows).

Studies have shown that drinking commercial milk leads to increased estrogen levels in the body and decreased testosterone levels.

So What About Whey Protein?

Most of the hormones in milk are contained in the fat portion of the milk.

Since whey protein is mostly the protein in milk with most of the fat removed, it's safe to say that whey protein contains very little estrogen… but it depends…

You either want to take a whey protein isolate, or a high quality whey protein concentrate.

Whey isolate is far higher in protein than concentrate, ranging from 90% protein and up, with whey concentrate having anywhere between 29% and 89% protein. The remainder is milk residue–mostly fat and the milk carbohydrate lactose.

You either want to take a whey isolate to avoid milk residue, or you want to take a whey concentrate that's made from raw organic grass-fed milk, so the milk portion of the whey is healthy and won't make your man boobs grow.

I would opt for the high quality whey concentrate, because it's more natural and contains more healthful micronutrients and the protein itself is less tampered with.

Could Whey Protein Actually Help Get Rid Of Man Boobs?

A good quality whey will help boost muscle growth, which will lead to greater testosterone boosts from your workouts over time.

This means that at the very least, whey protein will indirectly help you lose your man boobs.

But whey can also directly help you lose your man boobs.

One study showed that taking whey protein along with a resistance training protocol, actually decreases estrogen, giving you a high testosterone to estrogen ratio.

If this is true, it means whey protein can DIRECTLY help you to lose your man boobs.

So yes, do take whey protein with your workouts.

What's The Best Way To Take Your Whey?


Is it best to take whey protein with milk or with water?

Mix it with water, NOT WITH MILK. Commercial store bought milk grows man boobs.

The great Vince Gironda advised taking protein shake with water, because the protein gets into your bloodstream and into your muscles much quicker that way. The fat and other proteins like casein in milk, slow down the absorption of whey.

Studies show that the best time to take protein shake is immediately after a workout.

Watch Out For Nasty Chemicals In Your Whey

Make sure you get the right brand of whey too. A poor quality blend filled with artificial additives won't do you much good.

Here are some chemicals/additives to watch out for.

  • Aspartame is an artificial sweetener that causes brain damage (it's a known neurotoxin) and reduces testosterone in the long-run. It's also a known carcinogen.
  • Sucralose is another common artificial sweetener used in protein shakes. There are reports that sucralose causes cancer.
  • Acesulfame Potassium or Acesulfame K is another popular artificial sweetener used in protein shakes. It causes insulin spikes and contains, methylene chloride, a known carcinogen.

The idea is to get a pure whey concentrate that contains just the ONE ingredient: whey concentrate, with no added ingredients.

Avoid the flavored stuff–ditch the vanilla, strawberry, chocolate and banana flavored whey. Just get the plain unflavored unsweetened variety.

This stuff won't taste good, nor will it taste bad. It will have a neutral taste, i.e. won't taste like anything.

But hey, you're not downing whey to satisfy your taste buds, you're drinking the stuff to build muscle, lose fat, and get rid of your man boobs, so you can wear a t-shirt without looking like you're a female Baywatch star.

Don't lose sight of what you're trying to achieve here.

I personally like to flavor whey myself by throwing it into a blender with water, a banana, and maybe some cocoa powder.

This works out whey better ^_^.

If your main goal is to reduce body fat however, you might want to skip the banana.

The Best Quality Whey

Whey protein is filtered to separate the protein from the fats and the carbs in milk.

The best whey proteins are full of highly bioactive peptides called “sub fractions” that give you a wide range of health benefits.

These sub fractions boost your immune system, help fight cancer, support good gut bacteria, regulate energy production, regulate food intake, help strengthen bones, and more.

With the old, cheaper method of ion exchange filtration, you lose these bioactive sub factions that are unique to whey.

Ion exchange filtration involves using potentially harmful industrial-grade chemicals. It also uses high temperatures, which leads to the protein being denatured (damaged).

good brand of whey is filtered using the more modern method of cross flow micro filtration.

Cross flow micro filtration gives you the highest level of undenatured protein, doesn't use any chemicals, and also leaves bioactive subfractions intact.

When I switched from one of the big name brands that use ion exchange filtration to a much better less-known brand that uses cold-processing, I noticed a remarkable improvement in my results.

I grew more muscle, lost more fat, and felt better.

And now I know why.

Do you take whey protein? Has it helped you grow muscle, burn fat or lose man boobs? Let us know your experience with whey by posting a comment in the comments box below.