Why Deodorants Can Grow Your Man Boobs And What To Do About It

There was a time when I wouldn't leave the house without plastering my armpits with layer upon layer of anti-perspirant, so my colleagues and clients at work wouldn't faint from my underarm stink.

But then I started to learn about how man boobs are caused by excess estrogens in the body, and how…

Estrogenic Chemicals From Cosmetics Are Absorbed Through Your Skin, Where They Enter Your Blood Stream Directly

I learned that estrogen exposure through the SKIN can be worse than CONSUMING estrogenic chemicals with your food and water, because it bypasses metabolism by the liver.

For women receiving estrogen hormone therapy, it's well known that 50 micrograms of estradiol given transdermally (i.e. topically applied on the skin) provides the same therapeutic effect as 1,000 to 2,000 micrograms (1–2 mg) of estradiol given orally.

So the effect of the transdermal route is up to 40 times more potent!

It so happens that…

Most Underarm Deodorants And Anti-Perspirants Contain Estrogens That Seep Through The Skin In Your Armpits, And Can Make Your Man Boobs GROW

The skin under your armpits is particularly porous, which means estrogens are absorbed more readily there than they are elsewhere on your body.

Your armpits are also very CLOSE to your man boobs, which means more of the estrogens from your deodorant/anti-perspirant are likely to accumulate in your man boobs.

So it's clear that if you have man boobs, you must stop using conventional deodorants and anti-perspirants under your armpits, but…

What Then Do You Do On A Hot Day To Prevent That Rotten Stink Under Those Pits?

I don't know about you, but when I'm wearing a white shirt, it gets so gunky under those pits that I get disgusting YELLOW stains on my shirt.

Well, I have the perfect all-natural solution:- wear a yellow shirt!

No, just kidding, I've got something better.

See, I've been using this natural deodorant alternative for many years now, and I can vouch from personal experience that it keeps odors at bay for several DAYS for me.

Before I discovered this alternative, I tried a bunch of different natural alternatives that didn't work. I tried applying natural antibacterial agents under my armpits, such as olive oil, coconut oil, and apple cider vinegar.

However, their effects never lasted more than a few hours. I tried washing my armpits with soap regularly throughout the day, but I quickly learned that this wasn't practical.

In the end, I discovered the perfect solution for me: crystal deodorant sticks.

Made from pure potassium alum, a naturally occurring antibacterial mineral salt, I've discovered that a single application can make me odor-free for several days without a shower.

Crystal deodorant stones work by leaving an invisible layer of antibacterial mineral salts on your skin. These kill bacteria that are already present and reduce already existing odors, but they work best when you apply them when your armpits are clean, straight after a shower.

After you've dried yourself from your shower, you simply wet the stone with some water and roll it over your skin. I like to use it under my armpits and in the folds between my legs.

One thing crystal deodorants don't do is stop you from sweating. This may be a problem for some, because you may not want sweaty armpit marks on your shirt. However, sweating is a natural process that you shouldn't try to stop. Using a crystal deodorant will at least make sure that sweat stain is clear, as opposed to a bacteria tainted yellow color, and that it isn't accompanied with a god-awful stink.

How To Find A Good Crystal Deodorant Stick

When buying a crystal deodorant stick, make sure there are no fragrances or other additives in the ingredients list. It should contain potassium alum and nothing else.

Crystal deodorant sticks that only contain potassium alum include Crystal (U.S., Canada, U.K.), Thai (U.S., Canada, U.K.), Nakd (U.S. only), and Salt of the Earth (U.K. only).

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