4 Reasons Why Turmeric Can Help You Lose Man Boobs

There are a whole load of scammy “gynecomastia” pills on the internet that cost an arm and a leg in monthly fees. I tried them all and not a single one delivered on its promise.

In the end, what worked were a few inexpensive, all-natural supplements that are known to reduce the effects of the female hormone estrogen on the body. Of these, the most powerful I've discovered so far is the Indian spice turmeric.

4 Reasons Why Turmeric Can Help You Lose Man Boobs

Reason #1: It blocks estrogen on a cellular level.

Curcumin from turmeric has more evidence-based literature supporting its use against cancer than any other nutrient. One of the many ways it beats cancer is by blocking estrogen. In fact, studies show that turmeric is just as powerful as (if not more powerful than) the medical drug tamoxifen at blocking estrogen, and it does so without any toxic side-effects.

Tamoxifen is the number one medical drug for reducing male breasts, and it's very effective. If turmeric is at least just as powerful as tamoxifen at blocking estrogen, then it's a no-brainer that it will help you lose man boobs.

Reason #2: It makes your liver better at metabolizing and excreting estrogen from your body.

Your liver deactivates more than 50% of the estrogens in your body. Curcumin in turmeric reverses liver damage and maximizes liver health, making your liver better at removing estrogen from your body.

Reason #3: Turmeric is a powerful anti-inflammatory agent.

You could lose your man boobs if all you did was focus on reducing chronic inflammation in your body. Inflammation is linked to a high estrogen to testosterone ratio, the very thing that causes man boobs.

Chronic inflammation will stop you from losing your man boobs.

Studies show that inflammation can reduce testosterone production both at the level of the brain (where you get that first signal for testosterone production) and at the level of the testes (where testosterone is actually produced).

Reason #4: Turmeric reduces insulin resistance.

If you are insulin resistant, then you have high levels of insulin floating around in your blood. Insulin and testosterone are created from the same building-blocks, which means when one of these hormones is high, the other is low. Studies show a direct link between insulin resistance and testosterone. The more insulin resistant you are, the lower your testosterone levels.

By reducing insulin resistance, turmeric reduces circulating insulin levels, which not only helps you to lose weight, but also helps boost testosterone, thereby helping you get rid of your man boobs.

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