Why You Are MEANT To Fast Intermittently

Did you know that intermittent fasting is something your body was MEANT to do?

In a 1988 study on intermittent fasting, the authors said something very powerful. They said,

“Although 5 d of fasting might be considered unphysiological, fasting for 12-24 h is common for most animal species and primitive man.”1

Archeological studies show that man was at his most robust back in the Paleolithic era, over 10,000 years ago.

That's when man lived his natural lifestyle, where he hunted his own food and ate from the wild.

The Paleolithic era was the time when our genes were formed, and studies show that when we do things the way Paleolithic man did them, our genes respond favorably by burning fat, boosting testosterone, boosting muscle growth, and fighting disease.

A lot of my advice for losing man boobs comes from a combination of imitating the Paleolithic lifestyle and studying the science to ensure these methods help boost testosterone and reduce estrogen, so your man boobs go away.

Intermittent fasting is one of those things our bodies expect us to do, and when we do it, all the studies show that it helps boost your health, helps burn fat, makes you stronger, and makes you live longer.

The above study mentioned how fasting for 12-24 hours was common for primitive man.

Think about it for a second.

You're in the Paleolithic era. There are no grocery stores. There are no restaurants, no fast food outlets.

You have to HUNT for your food, or forage vegetables from the wild.

Procuring food takes work, and I can imagine there were times when the hunt went wrong and food came a little late, or Paleolithic man just couldn't be bothered to hunt, and decided to go hungry a while.

Maybe a gust of wind just blew the roof of his house away, and he has to fix that before he can eat.

So every now and then, Paleolithic man would be FORCED to fast.

  • That’s why when we fast intermittently to emulate Paleolithic man’s eating pattern, we are aligning ourselves with nature.
  • When we sprint to emulate the hunt, we are aligning ourselves with nature.
  • When we eat mostly meat, fish, eggs, wild vegetables, nuts and seeds like Paleolithic man did, instead of processed food, junk food, and grain-based carbs, we are aligning ourselves with nature.

A lot of what I advise you to do to lose man boobs involves aligning yourself with nature, and I always check to make sure the science behind it is sound.

So the method of losing man boobs that I want to highlight today, is intermittent fasting. You were MEANT to do it, and the science does show that you boost your health by doing it, and I know from experience that it does help you lose man boobs.

So start fasting intermittently right away, and see how it transforms your health and your body.

In my guide on intermittent fasting, you’ll learn secrets of intermittent fasting that make it easy to do and make it far more effective for getting rid of man boobs.

One powerful tip for making intermittent fasting more effective, is the Indian spice turmeric. Turmeric adds a serious boost to the results you get from intermittent fasting.

Both intermittent fasting and turmeric reduce body fat by…

  • reducing blood sugar levels,
  • boosting insulin sensitivity,
  • reducing inflammation in your body.

Turmeric has the added benefit of being a strong estrogen blocker, and protects your testes from injury by all the chemicals we are exposed to, thereby helping maintain testosterone levels.

This means combining turmeric with intermittent fasting will make your intermittent fasting efforts more successful at specifically getting rid of man boobs.

So do what your body was meant to do, get started on these unique intermittent fasting techniques right away, you’ll find them here:


And get started on a good turmeric supplement like this one:


If I had to choose between intermittent fasting and turmeric, I’d choose intermittent fasting, because as powerful as turmeric is, lifestyle changes beat supplements every time. But heck, popping some turmeric capsules takes almost zero effort, so there’s no reason why you can’t enjoy the augmented benefits of both.

Plus where intermittent fasting merely SHRINKS fat cells, studies show turmeric makes fat cells undergo programmed cell death (a process called “apoptosis”)2.

When you shrink a fat cell, it can always grow back. When you kill it, it’s gone forever.

So by killing fat cells with turmeric, it just makes it that much less likely you’ll ever gain the fat back.

So if you want more PERMANENT results, then combine your intermittent fasting with a good turmeric supplement.


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