Get Up’n Go Series: Why You Must Lose That Chest Fat – Your Life Depends On It

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Why You Must Lose Your Man Boobs

I've had man boobs with way too much chest fat for most of my life, and I know how they can take over your life and prevent you from living life to the fullest. There are few things that kill a man's self-image and confidence more than having a set of breasts.

Social and psychological studies have already found that just being fat means you miss out on the best jobs, the best relationships, and everything good that your short visit on this earth has to offer. As harsh as it sounds, the reality is that compared to ‘normal' folk, fat people are treated less favorably by their bosses, colleagues, partners, teachers, nurses, doctors, even their own parents.

Some of these studies, which compared fat people to skinny people wearing prosthetics to look fat, suggest it isn't because of the way you look that makes others mistreat you, but rather, it's all down to the way you feel about yourself. As a general rule, fat people have low self-esteem, low self-confidence and a poor self image.

Now if fat people have it that bad, how do you think man-boob suffers have it? As a fitness instructor, I work with both fat people and man boob sufferers, and I can tell you without a doubt that the fat guys with flat chests are insanely more confident than guys with man boobs. Man boob sufferers have some huge self-esteem issues.

These self-esteem issues can take over your life, and the scariest thing is a lot of guys don't even realize it.

Man boobs = Poor self confidence = Miserable life

After years of suffering, a lot of guys have just given in to believing that life is supposed to be miserable, that they're just not meant to live life like a rock star, not even meant to be happy and content. They forget that the only thing holding them back from achieving their goals and dreams in life is having self-confidence and a powerful, manly self-image.

Now there are many different methods for boosting your self-confidence. I'm very much into self-help, and before I managed to lose my man breasts I tried lots of different methods to boost my confidence. A lot of it worked really well. But the biggest change in my life came when I actually flattened out my chest. The biggest change came when I got rid of my man breasts and carved out a manly body. When you do this, when you get rid of your man boobs, confidence – and everything else in life – takes care of itself.

When you've lost your man boobs, you have no idea how much easier it is to ask for a raise, ask a girl out, have your way in social situations, and tell the teenagers dealing drugs outside your house at 2 am to ‘shut the f*&% up. Well, for that last one, it helps if you're also built like a brick, wearing a bullet-proof vest and preferably living next door to a police station.

Society treats ‘normal' people a whole different way, and when you become ‘normal' after years of suffering from man boobs, it can almost seem like everything in life is suddenly being handed to you on a silver platter.

Over the years I have helped many guys lose their man boobs. So many of these guys have told me that man boob reduction is the single most life-changing thing that has ever happened to them, more life-changing than winning the lottery, traveling the world, getting hitched, or becoming a father. There is just something very intimate about your own body and your own self-image, that nothing else even comes close.

Another common theme is most guys, after they lose their man boobs, look back and say “wow, I had no idea how much my life sucked before I lost my man boobs,” and “I always knew having a ‘normal' body would be cool, but I had no idea my life would change this much. If I had known before, then I would've taken proper action years ago.” After what I've seen in myself and in my clients, I've come to understand that if you have man boobs right now, then you have no idea how important it is for you to lose them.

Now of course, before we achieve a goal, we all have a vague idea of how life will be once we achieve that goal. With most things, reaching the goal is a bit of an anti-climax, but in the case of man boobs and chest fat reduction I'm willing to bet you are massively underestimating how much your life will change.

losing man boobs like climbing a mountain

Losing your man boobs can  be just as life-changing as that first time you climbed a mountain.

You can compare it to climbing a mountain for the first time in good weather. You know the view at the top will be amazing. The journey is long and hard, but you know it'll be worth-it when you get to the top, it's the only thing that keeps you going. But when you get to the top, suddenly you're knocked in the head with a whole new perspective on life itself, suddenly, all your problems, all your worries just fade away into complete utter insignificance as you look around and take in the view from on top of the world. It changes you as a person, and you realized that “wow, this shit is infinitely better than what I thought it would be”. THAT'S how you will feel when you lose your man boobs.

When you sort out your physique, everything around you changes.

So I hope you understand what I'm trying to get at here. Losing your man boobs is important. It has the potential to change your life – more than getting rich, more than meeting the girl of your dreams, and more than discovering Tony Robbins.

Don't treat losing man boobs as something on the side that you attend to when you have a bit of time. From what I've seen in my clients, you'll have the biggest chance of succeeding when you make losing man boobs the main focus of your life, when you mould everything else in your life around getting in shape and losing that excess chest fat. Decide to devote yourself fully because you understand how important it is to be confident in your self-image as a man. Go out of your way to eat better, exercise more, and to change your hormones.

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